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New Youtube Video: Futuristic Insp. Stardoll Make-up Tutorial.

With the outlandish first look I just had to make something a little more wearable. Sadly the make-up limit was driving me crazy. It is almost becoming impossible to create eye make-up for two eyes. When it happens I have to resort into using the Starpoint hairstyle into covering the other eye. As always, if you do not have any of the make-up featured then substitute for other products that you currently own.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

I don’t know what is going to happen to this blog from now on. I’ll probably just be writing weekly and logging into Stardoll when I can be bothered.



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New Youtube Video: Stardoll Lunar & Solar Eclipse Make-up Tutorial.

I didn’t want the tutorial to be cheesy, but Total Eclipse of the Heart was just begging to be placed in the video. I thought we would stay old school and play a little Bark at the Moon.

I would say it was a difficult task creating these two looks as I had no references for either of them – except from two pictures of a lunar and solar eclipse. It is easier with animals, such as the previous tutorial, because they have prints and so forth, but I just had to work with what I had. Every time I attempted to search on Google “Eclipse make-up” some random Twilight pictures would appear *sigh*. I ended up basing the looks on the colours of the eclipse instead.

Close ups.

Fairly simple and everyone with the right make-up can give it a twirl.

I have been waiting to use the lipstick highlight technique for a very long time now, as it only suits a matter of looks. I first created a while back when I made Tinypic makeovers with Black & Red, but I had failed to re-create it.

I hope you’s enjoyed this simple little tutorial. I promise that next week’s will be a festive tutorial, I’m leaving the Futuristic video for another time.

Lately a large amount of members have been asking me for all kinds of Medoll makeovers. Apologies, but I just do not see the point in spending hours creating tutorials and then to go and place them on other dolls – it kind of defeats the purpose.

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New Stardoll Make-up Tutorial: Animal Magnetism

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

I actually forgot how editing three different clips could differ from only two. The Scorpion look is the easiest of them all. I chose Black & Red (reference picture had a red stinger) although you can choose any dark and lighter colour as you wish. The same goes towards the Leopard print liner. You can create a modern twist and instead use blues or pinks etc.

Rumour has it that LE is being released tomorrow. So far all those who wish to snag a piece, the collection in the past has usually been released between 1-3pm GMT. If you want to stack up on Stardollars the now is a good time due to the deals that are currently on offer.


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Stardoll Vampire & Demon Make-up Halloween Tutorial

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

I was struggling with the title of the last look, switching between She-Devil and Demon. In the end it’s some sort of Halloween look, just up to your own interpretation of it. I did not get the lips where I wanted them yesterday during recordings – they should end up looking like this:

It is definitely similar to blending as it only looks “right” from a distant view.

I created the second look for a competition, but I thought I needed a Halloween tutorial that spelled out “Halloween” and I think it bodes well with the Vampire look. I provided an alternative as I’ve been waiting to use that lip “technique” since last year when I posted the results from the Youtube competition results. Days go by so fast.




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♫You’re The One That I Want!♫

New tutorial on its way.


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New Youtube Video: Stardoll Sweet & Gothic Lolita Make-up Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed watching the tutorial! It was a joy to make as I was receiving Stardoll make-up advice from an older relative (who doesn’t even know what the website actually is) through Skype during the recordings, which has never happened before.

You cannot see the double flick in the video that clearly – so here’s a large image.

I’ve always wanted to make a Sweet and Gothic Lolita tutorial, it’s gone all mouldy at the top of my tutorial-to-do list. It was a struggle not to go down the Porcelain Doll/Gyaru route again. A few months ago I spotted a lot of Medolls with lenses underneath their eyes – it isn’t something I just came up with – so I took inspiration from that. I will be making a Manga Eyes tutorial during the course of the Halloween series. I hope this year that more Halloween videos will be produced – I only managed a tiny four in 2010.


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New Video on the Works.

I am starting the Halloween series early. The Starpoint hairstyle just popped up at the right time.


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