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Limited Edition Holiday Collection 2011 Spoilers?

Not all these items will be within the next collection. Every year other spoilers are included that are not from LE, but you can mostly tell they’re from LE by the quality and style of the graphic.

All of these are LE items.

The fluffy collar, black belt and the Green long-sleeved top both have a small imprinted LE logo. I think it looks great from an accessory point of view – the black hairband and golden roses are my favourites – but I’m just not too keen on the clothing. The Green outfit reminds me of Poison Ivy, but taken by the colour scheme it does seem very festive and seasonal.

I hope the collection is released this week, if not it may be out by this coming Monday. Stack up on your Stardollars if you’re hoping to snag a piece.

In the meanwhile, there are still a small batch of Antidote. I am certain they have stated previously that a new Antidote collection will not be released until this collection has sold out. Pity.


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First Issue of Simplicity Magazine

Click here to visit: http://simplicitymagazine.blogspot.com/

Simplicity magazine is run by Gossipgirl1997. and is the team’s first issue.

Back in December Gossipgirl1997. asked if I would like to be the Covergirl for the magazine, she has some amazing questions for me to ask – especially the last one.

I hope to see the next season’s issue soon ūüėČ



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Antidote Collection Released.

The store has now been released.

Stardoll has slightly restored my faith in Antidote, the previous collections weren’t up to the standards if you ask me.

As well as simple/edgy clothing, the Suite items are pretty decent although I’m not sure I would pay 100 Stardollars just for one swinging lamp.

Cheapest Suite item and overall item is the Clip Metal Hangers at 10 Stardollars.

Cheapest wearable item is the Platform boots at 25 Stardollars.

Most expensive items are the One Should Dress and Swinging Lamp at 100 Stardollars.

For the first time ever I got No.1 of two items.

I’m not really that interested in the numbers but I just thought it was pretty cool to share. I know some people really strive to buy the first items when they are released but I think you should just be happy you got some Antidote/LE in the first place – some people can’t afford the high amount of Stardollars.

There’s always this debate on whether or not LE and Antidote is worth the money. I personally, don’t buy LE or Antidote because it is “Limited” or it’s sort of “Rare”, but I think they are the best items graphically and I¬†genuinely¬†like the items.¬†¬†LE and Antidote might not be to people’s tastes, fair enough – we all have our own opinions.

Really looks like Stardoll didn’t put much effort in the packaging like they usually do with Antidote/LE.

The first item to sell out was the One Shoulder Dress.





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New Winter Dot Collection 2010

I received this in my inbox, I have never been so excited for a Dot make-up collection before:

Seriously Stardoll? When you are creating advertisements I wouldn’t use just one eye-shadow smeared all over the eyelids, make it more interesting.

I love this collection, far more than previous collections – probably because it included my favourite colours.

My favourite items are Orchid Ice Lipstick, Melting Ice Eye Pencil, Pink Legacy Blush and Night Light Shadestick.

Hopefully I will include them in my future tutorials, talking of tutorials I still need to create my next tutorial ;).



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Winter 2010 Limited Edition is Released!

It was an okay collection, not the best.

I bought 12 items, although the 2 main items I wanted to buy – the black and white strapless dress and the Black Fur Shrug/Cardigan were the first items sold out but hopefully I can buy them in Starbazaar once they are sellable.

The most expensive item was the Exposed Zip Hero Bodycon at $250 Stardollars while the cheapest was the Feather Shoulder Collar at $35 Stardollars.

The graphics are really improving with Limited Edition and I liked the theme of Black, Red, White and Purple although I’d prefer if there were more skirts and accessories than lots of dresses.

Sorry if I haven’t been posting as I said I would, I wasn’t expecting National Covergirl and I had to do a couple of things for an hour. It took me over an hour to reply to 7 pages of my guestbook, I always have a policy of returning people’s votes so I think that took up the majority of my time. I still have to accept all the 200+ Friend Requests, which will be a fun task.

I will be hopefully posting tomorrow, I’m not going to start working on my Northern Lights tutorial until Friday or the weekend.




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Winter Season of Limited Edition Spoilers 2010

I’ve organised everything into Dresses/Tops/Jackets and Shrugs/Handbags/Shoes.

I can see this collection being very expensive as Dresses usually got 170SD to 250SD. Hopefully they’ll be released by 3.00pm G.M.T time as that’s when they’re usually released.




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Stardoll Medoll Changes Coming Soon? Winking Medolls?

I was just around Stardoll when I seen this advertisement for the new jewellery for the Splendid store in Starplaza:

I know the nose and mouth are in our Medoll Editor (I used the same features for my Disney tutorial) and with the Medoll Editor survey asking about adding new features, will this be the future of our Medolls?

It seems strange that Stardoll have released this exotic flower/insect jewelerry collection, considering that in the North Hemi-sphere -where the majority of Stardoll members live- is in the winter/autumn season. Did Stardoll want to bring some Summer sunshine into our online lives? Did they think it was all becoming dark and gothic after the Fallen Angel Collections? Just something that confuses me.

I wouldn’t mind winking Medolls, I’m sure I suggested that on a Stardoll Royalty topic. It would be great if our Medolls would wave or wink if someone clicked on our suite. As a Hi or a “Hello Welcome to My Suite” message.




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