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Voile Holiday Boutique 2011 Released.

I had assumed that Stardoll had abandoned all seasonal stores, from the likes of Tingeling Halloween Couture. The quantity of the store has declined. If I remember correctly, last year we had the store filled with mannequins with an equal amount of floors.

There’s not a lot of candy displayed, but there are a few toffees amongst the hard-boiled sweets. I don’t know about you but I think the Purple Organza Structural Gown is so pleasing to the eyes. However I think we’ll see many dolls alike wearing this dress with heels and a silver clutch in the left hand – it would be a challenge in attempting to layer. So some of the items may look drab and a little lacking, but they are great items for layering. The Black Severe Cut Gown reminds me of Hilary from the Dragons’ Den.

I always remember the fantastic accessories that accompanied the long gowns and sparkly skirts. This year it is noticeable that the store is quite bare. The shoes and berets are favourable but there’s nothing there to really feast upon.



Unsure whether or not I will attempt to write Stardoll Through The Years – 2011. Last year’s post nearly chewed my fingers. I will however do a 2011 Picture post, as one of my new years resolutions is to kick this blog up the backside and start discussing things in real life I am actually interested in. Stardoll is still there but sometimes there is just nothing  left to say.


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Stardoll Through The Years – 2010


2010 has been one of the most controversial years of Stardoll history. From the dramatic change of Stardoll’s website layout to the scandal of the “Italian Mafia”. From new stores such as Amy Claire to the Chanel Tribute Store. Here I am going to discuss previous updates and changes on Stardoll from January of 2010 right to December.


The first animal of Stardoll Cares about Endangered Species was released. At the time I was so excited, I was hoping for a Giant Panda or a Seal animal for one of the months. Well my wish nearly came true when the Red Panda was released later on in the year. It was a great project for Stardoll, there was little discussion box where Stardoll users could discuss ways to save the animal and Animal clubs. This is what I wrote in January at the time of this update:

So I can’t wait for the next year for all the animals, another good thing is you get a free Gorilla in your suite and you get to discuss on how to save the animal. Of course all the answers are the same because every animal in the wild is endangered for the same reasons. Habitat loss, food, killing for their fur and we all wonder why this has happened . . . it’s because of us selfish humans! So at least we can try and help these poor animals some why or another, donating to charities, joining organizations ect. ect. but it was nice of stardoll to create this monthly sort of thing and I’m really glad they did!

Also during January, Stardoll released six Superstar Hairstyles. The first of it’s kind! I remember being very excited about this update, and also Non-Superstars becoming angry at Stardoll and their was a lot of bickering on clubs.

It’s hard to believe that these hairstyles are almost a year old. It was a refreshing update at the time, since Stardoll had not added new hairstyles to our Medoll Editor. Suddenly all the Superstars were wearing these Hairstyles at the time.

With Stardoll’s partnership with Childline, the Moodi Wear store was released to United Kingdom members only. All items were designed by Stardoll users themselves.

Here were the January Hotbuys, not a great bunch if you ask me.


Stardoll reached over 50 million members during this month and decided to hand out Freebies as usual.

Credit goes to Stardoll’s Most Wanted:

A new stores were added to Starplaza, Amy Claire and Je t’aime.

Before Stardoll had added the Amy Claire store to Stardoll, I had never heard of the brand before. I loved the simplicity of the clothes although I only ever bought 2 items.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day Stardoll released another store, Je t’aime. I wasn’t too impressed with the store and prices, there were 3-5 floors of this store and I only ever bought 1 item.

On February the 15th, this strangely appeared on Stardoll’s homepage when there was no Limited Edition Released:

Turns out that Stardoll were sending messages to users who had bought items from the previous Limited Edition collection. Stardoll claimed these were “gifts” to say Thank You for buying Limited Edition, well it isn’t much of a gift is you are making them pay 175 Stardollars.

(Credit goes to Underneath Stardoll and Stardoll’s Most Wanted)

Then in February Stylein was released and I was pretty ticked off by the amount of Limited Amount of Time Stores and Stylein was only going to be staying in Starplaza for a week or so. This is what I said at the time.

Compared to the rest of the stores, Stylein is my favourite so far along with Amy Claire. Although they are part of Stylein they look like they should be in with Bisou store clothing. Not really expensive although $10 and $12 for a dress is a teeny bit pricey for some people. I only bought 1 outfit and that’s the grey cardigan and dress and gloves and tights. I’m not too sure I like the Draped Black Dress and the shoes for me are horrible. Sadly tomorrow is it’s last day out, and hopefully if you miss it you can find them in Starbazaar ridiculously priced at $60 or something stupid like that.

What really amazes me is that people expect for people to buy some of their old junk for $60 or more. I see last month’s hotbuys up for $60 all the time, I can find tons of people who sell them for their orginal price.

After Stylein is gone what will be next? Fashionable? I just think stardoll should give up with the limited time offer and start making some decent priced clothes in normal stores or introduce a new store where everything is decently priced. I waste so many stardollars buying pieces of rubbish that are totally overpriced. It’s hard to go through a month where $200 gets me by everything even with the $50 of Play & Earn.

The February Hotbuys. One of my favourite months of Hotbuys due to the Military Jacket and the Black Bow.


There was a noticeable Play & Earn Update. Before this update, we had to play Stardoll games in order to receive Play & Earn Stardollars, then Stardoll decided to change P & E to what it is today.

This is what I wrote about this update at the time.

I couldn’t wait for this to finally appear, as spending 3 minutes every single day on stardoll trying to win every stardollar I could on the mini-games. I’m sad to see the games go, as it actually really helped me with my geography skills. I’d never thought I could learn the whole map of Europe and Asia before, and I did! So at least stardoll has helped me with something at least . . .

Probably stardoll added this new update so everyone was more involved with voting for covergirl, album ect. because may be people were getting bored with all this voting, and I sure was! But I can just imagine those bribing covergirls on the club posts . .

“Vote for me for Covergirl 5/5- Get a chance to win 1 month code and win 1 stardollar for yourself if you vote!”.

This Covergirl game is sure getting really boring with all the begging, bribing, moaning, cheating ect. but I will cover that topic on another post.

The first Play & Earn Collectible was given out and also the Doll House

At the time I thought every month Stardoll would be giving us furniture for out little doll house, little did I know I was completely wrong.

On March 29th the Spring Collection of Limited Edition was released. I remember this was the time where I started to really buy into Limited Edition, before I would only buy one or two items but looking at the spoilers – I noticed that there were so many items that I wanted and that I just had to buy them!

March’s Hotbuys were also another one of my favourite months, I still regret not buying some of those items.


At the beginning of April, Stardoll decided to update the Homepage. The outfit scheme was introduced, beforehand you were just left with a plain Medoll.

I wasn’t too impressed by the outfits or the Medolls for that matter.

Also Stardoll updated the layout of Hairstyles and laid them out into categories.

At the time I was too worried thinking about Stardoll updating the entire Medoll Editor again rather than focussing on my Youtube videos.

The recycling feature was added to Stardoll. Something that we had never seen on Stardoll before.

A new Antidote collection was released. One of the poorest collections in my eyes.

This is what I said at the time.

The new Antidote collection was released on the 28th of April. I wasn’t online at that time and I hadn’t found out until yesterday and the majority of all the clothes were gone. I wasn’t disappointed, the collection in my eyes was absolute rubbish. When I got the e-mail from stardoll about Japanese based “Kawaii” collection on stardoll, I was so excited. I’m a lover of anime and manga and I’ve done many projects and talks about Japan at school. I thought it was going to have Gothic Lolita  and other clothing like that but it had nothing of the kind. It was all wishy-washy t-shirts and jeans that looked deformed and dresses that looked nice but to me, weren’t “Kawaii” (cute). Luckily Antidote is a lot cheaper than Limited Edition and wasn’t so overpriced as LE.

One of my least favourite collections as I’m not a big fan of bright coloured outfits.


At the beginning of the month, Stardoll gave us a little introduction to Stardoll TV and I had a lot to say about it.

But TV on the internet? It just doesn’t work, TV is television – which isn’t for laptops and computers. They should have come up with a better name, it’s just wrong in my personal opinion. I spent more time waiting for the stupid video to load than watching the video itself. The concept of the programme is pretty great but that presenter just gets on my nerves and plus Stardoll isn’t all full of English speakers, so what about the others? Is there special videos for polish, mandarin, Japanese, French and many other speakers? It’s nice getting everyone on stardoll involved but I think it’s only people from the UK getting to do makeovers/challenging their bff’s etc..

I won’t be entering any of the little competitions as I’d hate to be on that “television” show and plus I wouldn’t want the whole of Stardoll to see what I look like in real life, I like a lot of privacy. But it is nice watching people on the internet making fools of themselves.

I actually thought Stardoll was doing some good here, until I reached the Starplaza and they were selling all the pixel versions of the presenters clothes! And the sad thing is that only 1 item was non-superstar! I would never pay $7 for a pair of leggings or a silly tank top, the clothes are hardly even nice.

A new collection of Amy Claire was released. I was confused why Stardoll re-released the Red Maxi Dress yet just changed the colour to Yellow, when you could buy the Design yourself in StarDesign Fashion. Overall, I wasn’t impressed at all by this collection.

This is what I said at the time.

At first, I thought in this post I would heavily criticise Stardoll.com for doing this. It’s bad enough having all the clothes in Starplaza sky rocketing in prices. Usually was only about $7 for one superstar dress and now it’s up to $15-$20! But now I see this will stop scamming and hacking, I’ve seen loads of first collection DKNY up for okay-ish prices on Starbazar, usually I see people bidding for up 1000′s of stardollars. Instead of Stardoll getting $1 from all your Starbazar sales, they now own 10% commission, which is really the only thing I can criticise here. If you sell any piece of clothing for $500, you only get $450- meaning stardoll get your $50 which to be honest is ridiculous! Why should we be charged for selling things in our Starbazar? It should just be a simple transaction between two users.

The new Miss Sixty Collection was released and I wasn’t too impressed with the prices. I was still missing DKNY as it left the month before.

Stardoll managed to reach over 60 Million Members and we received some freebies as per usual.

May’s Hotbuys included one of my favourite items on Stardoll, the Pink Bow Hat.


The first Tribute Store was released.

This is what I wrote at the time.

I was really excited since Chanel is my favourite fashion brand ever since I did a personal project about the life of Coco Chanel at school. They have amazing dresses, which are sadly only for Superstars yet again (no surprise). It really is a beautiful collection and I think my favourite store of the year. The only downside is the prices, one dress is $30. I spent $65 stardollars and I only bought a dress and a handbag. The cheapest item you can buy is a $9 sash or a $10 Metal Cuff. The most expensive item is a $40 dress. I think this was a great idea by Stardoll although it seems more of an LE collection, to be honest, without the ridiculous prices. Not a big fan of all the clogs but I love all the bags and dresses, fingers crossed there will be a small sale- like there is for Amy Claire when the store is about to close and it is one of those limited-amount-of-time stores.

Stardoll’s Hot Summer Blowout showed how low Stardoll would go to gain money.

So in order to receive a piece of the jigsaw, you had to spend 200 Stardollars a week for a month. Altogether that was 800 Stardollars. You would need £20 to receive the gift, which was only an Interior.

Also there was a Summer Pass. Very similar to the Holiday pass.

Stardoll released a Swimline Range in Starplaza named Splash.

At the time I thought it was over-priced rubbish, a whole swimsuit was 22 Stardollars, and I still think it was over-priced rubbish.

Stardoll released the Penthouse feature, and for the first month it was priced at 149 Stardollars.

The Summer Limited Edition was released on June the 7th, and it was one of my favourite collections of LE.

A new range of make-up was released, what we know as Luxe today.

I wasn’t really bought into the idea of buying a tub of glitter for quite a lot of stardollars, and I still feel the same way today.

Then Stardoll released the second batch of Superstar Hairstyles.

Credit goes to Fashion and Gossip of Stardoll.

At the time I thought they were amazing, but after a while they did get pretty boring and the next set of Superstar hairstyles were a lot better.

The first collection of Super Supreme was released on the 22nd of June. It is like the Limited Edition/Antidote of Suite Items. Sadly I missed this collection but I would have loved to own one of the little Samurai girls.

Three different Tribute stores were released. Diane Von Furstenburg, Just Cavali and Sonia Rykeil. The prices were quite high for Inspired Designer items but some of the designs were amazing, especially from the the Sonia Rykeil collection. I loved the Head Bows, some people are paying huge amounts for the original White and Black Bows, which is pretty crazy considering they were released this year and were 12 Stardollars in Starplaza.

To advertise the Shrek Forever After film, a store was released inspired by Shrek characters. The prices weren’t too bad and the majority of items were Non-Superstars.

One of my least favourite month of Hotbuys.

June was definitely the month of spending.


The fifth Tribute store was PPQ London of Mayfair. I still liked the collection but it wasn’t my favourite.

Stardoll have us a little sneak peak of the Big Makeover.

If only we knew what was in store for us . .

A new collection of Antidote was released. It wasn’t as great as the first ever collection of Antidote but the Striped Bubble Hem Skirt is one of my favourite items.

One of the biggest moments in Stardoll History, the Big Stardoll Makeover. Here are some Old and new comparisons.

People made such a massive deal about this and now look, nobody even talks about it. It was so frustrating on having people on the Official Stardoll Blog telling people it took over an hour on how to find the Log Off Button or how they couldn’t find the Covergirl of the day. People were planning to boycott Stardoll and all sorts, the day Stardoll.com was updated. I thought it was very immature, you don’t insult the layout of a site on the first day. Remember when you first joined Stardoll? How long did it take you to navigate on your own on the website? Not a day. So after all the chaotic mess I decided to create my own Guide around Stardoll and it was featured on Stardoll’s Front page the day after.

Oh how it became such a burden. I made a small comment on the post about people complaining and moaning and I have seriously never been sent so many foul fuelled comments on my time on Stardoll. Luckily it was removed from the Front Page after a couple of days and thankfully the attention died down.

To promote the Cats & Dogs Revenge of Kitty Galore film, Stardoll released a store dedicated to our beloved virtual pets on Stardoll.

Another Make-up brand was released this year. The first real brand released ever since Sephora left in 2009. I’m not a big fan of the eye-shadows as the have a very low opacity but I love the Peony Blush.

On the last day of July, Stardoll reached the goal of over 70 million members.

As per usual, we received some cheap looking freebies.

The July Hotbuys weren’t my favourite month.


On the 3rd of August our favourite Stardoll Staff member became Covergirl.

This caused outrage on clubs and people started rumours about Stardoll “fixing” the Covergirl scheme. Well I think that was pretty far fetched, so here was my theory.

My theory is that beforehand (before the big Stardoll Makeover 2010) Callie’s Covergirl stars were turned off but due to the new Makeover everything was refreshed and her stars were turned on for some reason. I haven’t yet been able to find out how to turn your stars on or off. Any ways when you become a new member it says Callie.Stardoll has viewed your page. New members click on her profile, don’t know any better and rate her 5 stars. Thousands of people join Stardoll every day so that means quite a lot of votes. But that’s just what I think.

The new accessory store Sunny Bunny was also released at the beginning of August. Being a lover of all things cute, I went into hyperdrive. Everyone had been waiting for more contact lenses for some time and who can’t resist onigiri? They taste great too.

The second collection of Super Supreme was released featuring a mini-Michael Jackson, Trnasformers, Cats and Dogs.

During the month of August a panic arose around AskPaulinaGirls (The original APG, before it was deleted).

This is an explanation I wrote about the scandal at the time.

Recently last night word got round Stardoll Clubs that there was going to be an invasion on Stardoll.com on Monday from a website called 4chan. There was a Facebook Event called Attack Stardoll.com claiming that they were going to invade Stardoll. People say that the people behind this are from 4chan but it didn’t say anywhere on the Facebook event that they were from the website. There was a massive panic on most of the clubs I went to, especially on AskPaulinaGirls. It got pretty tiring, people kept on asking the same questions and people putting their accounts on lockdown.

People took this too far and started getting scared if people were going to track them etc. and it got a little too much. Guess what happened. Nothing.

Another Tribute Store was released, this time it was Herve Leger. A great collection although very pricey as basically all the items in the store were dresses.

Stardoll sent out a message to almost everyone, we would receive a free Inspired By Alexander McQueen dress if we completed a survey. People got frustrated as the dress was never given out, and you had to contact Stardoll. I don’t know what happened about the survey to this day.

The spoiler of Miss Stardoll World was posted on the Official Stardoll Blog.

It was everything that I thought it was going to be. The Ultimate Covergirl with bribing and broadcasts included.

The Ramadan Calendar was released, celebrating the Islam month of fasting. It was wonderful of Stardoll to finally bring in some culture to the website.

A new store was added to Stardoll, IdentiTee. This is what I said at the time.

This looks like such a disappointment. It looks like a careless effort from Stardoll, if I am to be honest. But at least more than half of the store is for Non-Superstars. I’m not going to even consider buying any of the clothing, some Stardoll Designers could probably make even better versions with Stardesign. The only one that seems okay-ish to me is the Geek Girl t-shirt but I still think it would be a waste of $2 stardollars.

A couple of days later, a new floor was added to IdentiTee

More information was released about the mysterious Miss Stardoll World contest

Stardoll announced on the Official Stardoll Blog that only certain countries were allowed to participate. Anger arose around Stardoll as member’s countries weren’t chosen. This is what I said about this at the time.

As I said before on my other post when the Spoiler was revealed, if us members are going to choose who will win, the broadcast queue  will be massive, probably those who really want to win this will spend over $6000 stardollars on broadcast. Also bribery will be involved, instead of the usual Rare DKNY- there will probably Real Celeb Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen clothing. It’ll be a sorry sight to see on Stardoll, but I’m sure girls out there would do anything for that Sash and Crown.

But if Stardoll choose the members themselves then of course people who did not get chosen will think it’s unfair and it was all set up.

Now I know what the competiton is really about, I really don’t stand a chance. I thought it was just going to be about Medoll’s and doing other community things on Stardoll, but they’re judging us on our Suites and Fashion etc. so of course the people who really are going to get through are those who spend hundreds of stardollars decorating their Suites and Medoll’s.

Stardoll realised their mistake and introduced the idea of a WildCard competition on Twitter, Facebook and a Stardoll contest. Everyone was allowed to participate in Miss Stardoll World on the 17th of August.

Another floor was added to the PPQ store. This is what I said at the time.

I saw most of the collection in the spoilers yesterday, and know I’ve found out that it’s part of the PPQ Tribute Collection I am a little bit disappointed. I mean have you seen the terrible graphics on the Alba Shortsuit and BebiTop? The whole entire collection is over priced, I mean at least in the other tribute stores the graphics are up to scratch but this is just terrible. The Efia Green Frills Dress and the Kali Dress are the only things I would really buy. In the spoilers I saw the Rafma skirt and thought it would only be $8-$10 stardollars so I would buy it, but now I know it’s $26 stardollars I don’t think it’s worth that ridiculous amount.

The Miss Stardoll World store was released.

It was very disappointing that Stardoll basically made all the items Superstar, everyone thought Miss Stardoll World was for everyone on Stardoll.

Stardoll updated the Superstar Badges (There was no Diamonds yet).

Here is a small sentence I wrote about the update at the time.

It’s a bit too big really, I feel like it’s just giving a big middle finger to the Non-Superstars.

A new floor was added to the Sunny Bunny store.

Another Tribute store joined Starplaza, inspired by the famous TV series and movie Sex & the City.

Stardoll gave the Stardoll Royalty Club a sneak peek of when the Autumn Limited Edition collection would be released, this was leaked on Stardoll Blogs and then the whole of Stardoll knew.

Unlike other collections of Limited Edition, the floors were released every day. I think Stardoll realised this wasn’t a good idea as people already found the other clothes using the Search Tab on Starplaza and they didn’t carry on with this idea when the Winter collection was released.

The August Hotbuys included one of my favourite items in my Stardoll wardrobe, the Black/Gold Blazer.


Stardoll announced that the Ask Paulina Girls club was closing down.

This is what I said at the time.

I think it’s really sad that Stardoll is deleting the club. I always visit APG every now and then when I’m bored because the users there seemed nice and friendly. Not saying any other clubs weren’t, there were fewer members on APG than OriginalClub and so therefore the discussions and topics didn’t go by that fast.

Stardoll announced a partnership with publisher Random House and together they created Mortal Kiss, an online book of a fight against evil which was later conquered by the power of love.

Stardoll then released another Tribute Store based on Couture designs by major fashion houses including Chanel, Christian Dior and Elie Saab.

It included some of the most expensive items in Starplaza that was not Antidote or Limited Edition. When Couture Tribute left Starplaza, Stardoll didn’t even think to put the store on Sale.

A Mortal Kiss store was released.

This is what I said about the collection at the time.

The Mortal Kiss store was released yesterday. I think it’s great that Stardoll decided to make the first two floors for non-superstars. To be honest I don’t really like the exclusive floor for Superstars because I actually prefer the Non-Superstars clothing. In my eyes, Mortal Kiss seemed like a cold, miserable place and I really don’t think this collection really suits it. I mean who wears high-heeled stilettos when there is a snow storm? The only outfit in the store that I think really suits Mortal Kiss is the Luxury Lumberjack Coat on the second floor.

Stardoll released a new Suite Item store in Starplaza called Glow. The prices are reasonable and everyone who was running for Covergirl wanted that Covergirl Neon Sign.

Thankfully we said goodbye to Stardoll Pals near the end of September. I was never too impressed with paying 70 Stardollars for basically a Medoll Mannequin that you couldn’t change.

A new store was released, again I wasn’t impressed by Stardoll’s efforts. The first floor was New York and I just didn’t see it. This is what I wrote at the time.

Absolutely disappointment with Stardoll’s lazy effort. New york? Pfttt, all those clothes could easily be in Bisou or Fudge. Over-priced pieces of rubbish. Only items I like are the Printed Stonewash Jeans and Faux Leather Skirt. May be the Soft Pink Under-dress which is overshadowed by the Net Dress. This does not show me the style of New York at all, more like they’ve just picked a few outfits from a few folk in the street in the middle of any city/town in the world and decided to brand it with New York.

During the course of September, 3 more floors to the Front Row store based on the 4 cities of Fashion. New York, London, Paris and Milan.

This was Geek Gamer heaven. Stardoll released another Suite Item store in Starplaza called GameZone. It includes PacMan Chairs and a Robotic Panda. When the store was released I was determined to create a room inspired by GameZone but sadly, being as I am and never decorating my Suite – it never happened.

Stardoll released this year’s Tingeling Halloween Couture on the 30th of September. Ever since 2009’s were being sold for hundreds of Stardollars, people were snapping up this year’s items faster than you can say Rare. Thankfully Stardoll included some Non-Superstar items into the collection.

September’s Hotbuys is probably one of my favourite Hotbuys month of 2010 and it included an item that we would have never expected, an Umbrella. I also love the Black Leather Jacket.


Stardoll released a Non-Superstar only item store in Starplaza after Kohl’s left, this store was name Wild Candy.

It’s great that Stardoll finally decided to replace Kohl’s with Wild Candy. Even though Wild Candy is slightly more expensive- it has a lot of better graphics. I even mistook some of the dresses for only Superstars! Favourite picks have to be the Butterfly necklace, Heart Print Clutch and White/Black Tube Dress (reminds me of a Giant Panda). Even though some of the prices are a bit expensive for Non-Superstars, you can easily save up your $1 Stardollar of Play & Earn to buy one dress. I really prefer the First floor than to the second.

Stardoll released the Opera October Mystery. We received gifts everyday we logged online and each day that went by a letter would be added to a code that lead us to the Mystery.

To celebrate 10th of October 2010 Stardoll decided to give us “Free” 10 Stardollars. This wasn’t really “free”. Stardoll let us have 10 Stardollars of our Play & Earn instead of the regular 5 Stardollars.

Stardoll updated the statuses of members of Stardoll Royalty. Thus creating three divisions on Stardoll. Non-Superstar, Superstar and Royalty. Instead of having a Golden Badge, members were given a Blue Diamond. Stardoll jazzed up the idea of Royalty, that it was only given to creative and unique members. Well that isn’t true. It is given to those who either top-up or by a year’s membership, either gradually or in one payment.

Miss Stardoll World finalists were announced for each chosen country, and the reception wasn’t great. People were, to say the least, disappointed with Stardoll’s choices.

Stardoll released the first Suite Item Tribute Store, Inspired by Louise Bourgeois. Sort of scary with the gigantic spiders.

Stardoll released the Harajuku campaign for UK members. The re-vamped the previous Harajuku club and released outfits based on the Harajuku Dolls almost every fortnight.

Stardoll released the 3rd collection of Sunny Bunny. One of the best collections so far as it included piercings and clip-on fringes.

Finally, after a month of patience the Opera October Mystery was finally revealed. If you received all 4 of the Animal Music Boxes you received a free Interior.

Stardoll reached over 80 million members on the 30th of October, sadly Stardoll only let us receive one freebie and the rest we had to pay for. Also they created a scheme of paying us half of our stardollars back. Here was an explanation I wrote at the time.

So just say you spent $10 Stardollars, you would get $5 Stardollars back. If you spent $36 stardollars, you would get $18 Stardollars back. If you spent $80 Stardollars, you would get $40 Stardollars back. If you spent $100 Stardollars, you would still get $40 Stardollars back (as 80 Stardollars is the maximum). Stardoll is being nice, but not being too nice. I like the idea, I think it’s a lot more practical than the stupid Lottery Dresses they released a year ago (or longer than that). It caused an outcry of scamming and thousands of Staradollars (Probably £20 in real life) for one dress. Pretty stupid if you ask me, but it’s up to people to choose what they want to spend their (and their parent’s) money.

The October Hotbuys was my favourite month all year. Simply because we received the Pink Top for only 1 stardollar ;).


On the 1st of November Stardoll released the National Covergirl contest. Here is what I wrote at the time.

Great update by Stardoll, I have to admit. Lot’s of members who spend thousands of stardollars on broadcasting and they don’t even place on the Top 5 for Covergirl, so this will give everyone something to strive for. I would rather win National Covergirl than Covergirl, if I am to be honest. I prefer the trophy as well:

So basically these trophies symbolises winning Covergirl in your country.

Stardoll released a new store, Palazzo.

This is what I wrote at the time.

To be honest I actually prefer the Suite items than to the clothes. I love the Marble Staircase, although I’m not much of a Suite Decorator so I’m a bit reluctant to buy it. The Yellow Skirt and Tube top are gorgeous but I’m not a fan of heavy layering and there’s so little you can do with the outfit (in my eyes).

Some items are for Non-Superstar, but all the shoes are from Tingeling. Could Stardoll not find the effort to create 3 pairs of shoes for the store?

The Stardoll finalists were announced. For me the magic of the contest wore off, it was becoming plainly obvious on who was going to win.

On the 15th of November I was placed 10th on the Catwalk, then on the following day I was National Covergirl of Great Britain. It made my year on Stardoll. Sorry if I added that there, but this is my summary of my thoughts and views on 2010.

Also on the same day, the Winter Limited Edition collection was released.

The day after Limited Edition was released, Stardoll announced a new store coming to Starplaza – an Otherworld. This is what I said at the time.

The store isn’t that expensive, but there are lots of items so if you were to buy the whole entire set it might be very costly. The fantasia-inspired outfits looks amazing, I am in love with the Waist White Roses and both of the Sheer Body Suits but really Stardoll, I’m sure everyone can agree that we want those hairstyles!

The Suite Decorations are gorgeous, although I wish we could see them in SuiteShop so it would be easier to see them in full-scale but it’s great for Non-Suite Decorators like myself as all the pieces of Decor fit together and you can complete a whole entire room with only the Other World Decor.

Stardoll created another Pass, this time it was for the Seasonal Holiday – Holiday Pass. It was a very good bargain, and I hope Stardoll continue with these kinds of schemes in 2011.

Stardoll also released a new batch of Superstar Hairstyles.

I wasn’t too sure of some of the hairstyles, one of the hairstyles reminds me of Cousin It.

Stardoll then released new Animal items in the Palazzo store. Here is what I wrote at the time.

Palazzo? More like Palazoo.

It was a nice update for Stardoll to add animals to the store, giving it a more luxurious feel. Although I wouldn’t like the thought of a Cheetah on a leash (Animal-Cruelty perhaps?). I like the look of the Diamond snake although for afar it looks like just an ordinary scarf or Boa feathers. I would buy the Falcon although I wouldn’t perch it on my shoulder, I’d probably just sit it on a tree. But I adore the Peacock Bag.

Thank you Stardoll for the ultimate rip-off. We need to spend $500 Stardollars to receive 12 average looking gifts? I only like gifts 10 and 12, trust Stardoll to put the nicest clothes at the top. I wonder why they used the Limited Edition Interior?

To be honest I think Stardoll is using Black Friday as an excuse to grab our virtual pennies. I wouldn’t mind if the majority of the clothes/accessories actually looked decent.

There is finally “Make-up” for Non-Superstars and the majority of accessory items are for Non-Superstars as well and can be easily bought using Play & Earn. I love the new eye-lashes, perfect for extravagant make-up and I hope to include them into a few tutorials. I’m not sure if I could create a make-up tutorial based around the eye-shadow but we’ll see ;) . I love the bow accessories so much and jewellery is beautiful, a lot better than the previous collections.

Now about the clothes . . . What was Stardoll thinking? I thought Sunny Bunny was meant to be inspired by Lolita style? This is just blehh . . . The only things I bought from the clothes store were the 2 pairs of Knee High Socks. The wigs are perfect, although I am not going to buy them until Stardoll has figured out the glitch as the wigs are far too small.

To promote the release of the Burlesque movie, Stardoll released the Burlesque store just for the UK.

My second favourite month of Hotbuys, I found it hilarious when I seen the Ugg boots.


The anual Stardoll Holiday Calendar was released. Everyone was excited at the thought of maybe receiving 25 stardollars, similar to last year.

Stardoll re-vamped the Starplaza to celebrate the holidays.

The last Endangered Species was released, the Prizzly Bear. From January to December Stardoll introduced new endangered animals that I had never heard of, such as Aye Aye. They also showcased endangered animals we hear about all the time on the news such as Gorillas and Organutans.

Stardoll released the Voile Holiday Boutique and I was fairly disappointed. Thankfully Stardoll added a few floors afterwards and we weren’t let down.

If you had bought items from the previous 3 collections of Limited Edition you were given pendants from Stardoll, however a glitch appeared and people received multiple pendants.

Sadly the so-call “Italian Mafia” returned to Stardoll and threatened to hack many well known users of Stardoll.

Stardoll's Italian Black Mafia's list

Suddenly there was a massive boom in Italian Mafia accounts all trying to scare other users. Sadly the “Italian” mafia didn’t return their promises of hacking so many accounts and the situation died down.

A new expensive jewellery store was released in Starplaza. With it’s very expensive prices, it didn’t go down a storm.

Stardoll updated our Suites and the way we Rotate and Move items and clothes. This wasn’t a great update either, I still feel that their is a constant lag and that my Medoll is stuck in a Word Document.

The first Miss Stardoll World was crowned and Perilice2 received the most votes. Although their was speculation of Stardoll fixing the vote as when the finalists were announced she received the Miss Stardoll World crown. Suddenly this was fixed and then she won MSW. Coincidence or a fix? That’s up to you.

Stardoll re-introduced the 12 Days of Dresses for 2010. They originally created this idea in 2009 yet they released the dresses all in one day, unlike this year – which were released everyday. Each dress costs 25 Stardollars, some are well worth the money, while others . . aren’t that great in all honesty.


Stardoll decided to let the Non-Superstar use the Starbazaar feature. Sadly Non-Superstars can’t sell their own items, only buy items from Superstar users. Even though with that sad factor, this came as sign that Stardoll is trying to change the equality of their members.

Stardoll released a new collection of Super Supereme on the 17th of December. Probably their best collection yet, creating miniature dolls of very well known faces such as Rihanna, Twlight Males, Justin Beiber and Coco Chanel.

Stardoll released a new floor of Sunny Bunny Kloz and the accessory store. This is what I said at the time.

I’m not a big fan of Sunny Bunny Kloz. I like the Floral and Triple Bow Dresses but they are quite pricey at 19 Stardollars and 25 Stardollars each. It’s a shame that these dresses are for Superstars only, hopefully non-superstars can buy these dresses when people sell them in Starbazaar in the future.

It was a big improvement from the last Sunny Bunny Kloz store.

Stardoll released another batch of Superstar Hairstyles.

Stardoll also released another competition Party Planner. Which sounded very boring.

Stardoll also added a Camera feature to our Suites, previously we could only capture photos when in Parties.

To promote Willow Smith’s Single, Whip My Hair, Stardoll released a Whip My Hair accessory store, including hair extensions and crystals.

Stardoll released a free Iphone App, Fashion Spin. It was a big disappointment, you cannot sign into your Stardoll account – you are just dressing up a random Medoll.

There was a new floor added to the PPQ store.

This year on Stardoll has been a whirlwind, lets just hope 2011 will be a good year.




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