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New Youtube Video: Stardoll Lunar & Solar Eclipse Make-up Tutorial.

I didn’t want the tutorial to be cheesy, but Total Eclipse of the Heart was just begging to be placed in the video. I thought we would stay old school and play a little Bark at the Moon.

I would say it was a difficult task creating these two looks as I had no references for either of them – except from two pictures of a lunar and solar eclipse. It is easier with animals, such as the previous tutorial, because they have prints and so forth, but I just had to work with what I had. Every time I attempted to search on Google “Eclipse make-up” some random Twilight pictures would appear *sigh*. I ended up basing the looks on the colours of the eclipse instead.

Close ups.

Fairly simple and everyone with the right make-up can give it a twirl.

I have been waiting to use the lipstick highlight technique for a very long time now, as it only suits a matter of looks. I first created a while back when I made Tinypic makeovers with Black & Red, but I had failed to re-create it.

I hope you’s enjoyed this simple little tutorial. I promise that next week’s will be a festive tutorial, I’m leaving the Futuristic video for another time.

Lately a large amount of members have been asking me for all kinds of Medoll makeovers. Apologies, but I just do not see the point in spending hours creating tutorials and then to go and place them on other dolls – it kind of defeats the purpose.


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Tutorial Sneak Peek


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New Tutorial Sneak Peeks!

I am still in the recording process, but hopefully I can get this tutorial uploaded for everyone tonight.

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Stardoll “Trouble Maker” Inspired [Quick,Simple & Easy] Make-up Tutorial.

I have been addicted to Korean Pop for a while now. Not just Girls’ Generation, I hasten to add. I’m not going to nag on about it because I know how extremely irritating it is. I’ve seen the chaos of SHINee that trails on my friend’s Facebook walls, much to their annoyance. I was excited to view the MV for “Trouble Maker” after the dramatic performance at the MAMA 2011 ceremony. So here is a small and very simple make-up look inspired by one of many HyunA’s looks within the MV.

This is not the actual MV, but I was almost falling off my chair watching this reaction video.

Disclose the fact that the Medoll looks nothing like HyunA. This is not a lookalike tutorial.

The eye make-up only requires three products. Black Kohl Liner, Black Liquid Liner and Black Eye-shadow – which can all be found in Starplaza as I type. Altogether it accumulates to 14 Stardollars. I believe there is so much more you do with three products that just applying everything all over.

First step: Apply Black Kohl Liner around the outer corners of the eye and half of the waterline.

Second step: Apply Liquid Liner around the previous placement of the Black Kohl Liner and a thin line across the entire waterline. I did not include this within the screenshots – but also apply around the upper lashline. As below.

Third step: Apply Black Eye-shadow around and below the entire outer corners within a thin layer. This is supposed to be a light coating.

Fourth step: Apply more Black eye-shadow around the Kohl liner along the waterline and the outer corners of the eye in only a few small strokes.

A little more advanced look

Treat it as an almost “under wing” After reading the previous steps, I hope this set is far more self explanatory.

No, it isn’t the greatest make-up look in the world. After reading the comments I received from the Starblog, where I think members are far more brutally honest over the quality of videos, and people spoke of “She needs to be careful. Not everyone has the same amount of make-up” or something along the lines of that particular phrase. So I’ve been trying to come up with new ways of creating of noticeable yet simple make-up look with a small range of make-up to little success.

This will not be turned into a video format as I do not believe it requires to be shown on such a media. Snapshots seems fitting to go together with a simplistic make-up look.

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New Youtube Video: Stardoll Sweet & Gothic Lolita Make-up Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed watching the tutorial! It was a joy to make as I was receiving Stardoll make-up advice from an older relative (who doesn’t even know what the website actually is) through Skype during the recordings, which has never happened before.

You cannot see the double flick in the video that clearly – so here’s a large image.

I’ve always wanted to make a Sweet and Gothic Lolita tutorial, it’s gone all mouldy at the top of my tutorial-to-do list. It was a struggle not to go down the Porcelain Doll/Gyaru route again. A few months ago I spotted a lot of Medolls with lenses underneath their eyes – it isn’t something I just came up with – so I took inspiration from that. I will be making a Manga Eyes tutorial during the course of the Halloween series. I hope this year that more Halloween videos will be produced – I only managed a tiny four in 2010.


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New Shake It Up Store.

Cheap and Cheerful are the only two words that I can use to describe the new Shake It Up Store. I don’t know if it’s only available to view by UK members only (as Shake It Up is currently a UK campaign on Stardoll) although if you cannot view the store in Starplaza, just try Starplaza search.

There are some amazing bargains within this store. A dress for 2 Stardollars! That is a rare occurrence in Starplaza these days. The most expensive item is a 104 Starcoin Cropped Jacket. I don’t like the whole holey concept of clothing, just not my kind of thing. It would be amazing if Stardoll let us rip our own jeans and denim jackets.

The foot wear is very practical for dancing, although I doubt our Medolls will be moving in such a way any time soon. Lots of people have suggested to Stardoll to create different poses and positions of our Medoll in the Royalty club – some even want a Club Penguin-type system. I think that would kind of ruin the “Paperdoll” experience. Off topic there.




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Exact reasons why I didn’t upload my Barcode

(Click to enlarge)

I was thinking about giving my code out even though the majority of Stardoll blogs have already uploaded a few barcodes but this has completely changed my mind.



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