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Merry Christmas – (& A New Tutorial)!

And with the new tutorial . .

Just for laughs, here’s the last year’s. Looking back I think the Winter Wonderland look has been one of my favourites.

This year instead of waiting up until midnight for Father Christmas I’m working. Oh how time flies by. I really wanted to get five looks nailed into one video, but because of the strict deadline  I couldn’t finish the tutorial the way I wanted to. All three looks are incredibly simple – and I think they can be easily worn in different seasons.

I am not that kind of person who really goes all out for Christmas. To be honest, I hate turkey. As my family is not religious, when I was younger I just used to see the festive period of the year as a way of getting any toy I wanted. Although as I have gotten older and siblings have left the nest and there’s only me around, I see it as a lovely time of year to stuff yourself full of food and enjoy each other’s company for one night. I know once I am in my twenties I won’t have that comfort around me. It is a sad thought as it’s not great to think of yourself growing some distance between your family and yourself, but it’s the horrible truth – actually some teenagers might be grateful to leave their parents.

I also look forward to the Doctor Who Christmas specials. They are always a delightful treat at 7pm.

Have a great day folks!



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New Youtube Video: Stardoll Lunar & Solar Eclipse Make-up Tutorial.

I didn’t want the tutorial to be cheesy, but Total Eclipse of the Heart was just begging to be placed in the video. I thought we would stay old school and play a little Bark at the Moon.

I would say it was a difficult task creating these two looks as I had no references for either of them – except from two pictures of a lunar and solar eclipse. It is easier with animals, such as the previous tutorial, because they have prints and so forth, but I just had to work with what I had. Every time I attempted to search on Google “Eclipse make-up” some random Twilight pictures would appear *sigh*. I ended up basing the looks on the colours of the eclipse instead.

Close ups.

Fairly simple and everyone with the right make-up can give it a twirl.

I have been waiting to use the lipstick highlight technique for a very long time now, as it only suits a matter of looks. I first created a while back when I made Tinypic makeovers with Black & Red, but I had failed to re-create it.

I hope you’s enjoyed this simple little tutorial. I promise that next week’s will be a festive tutorial, I’m leaving the Futuristic video for another time.

Lately a large amount of members have been asking me for all kinds of Medoll makeovers. Apologies, but I just do not see the point in spending hours creating tutorials and then to go and place them on other dolls – it kind of defeats the purpose.

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New Stardoll Make-up Tutorial: Animal Magnetism

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

I actually forgot how editing three different clips could differ from only two. The Scorpion look is the easiest of them all. I chose Black & Red (reference picture had a red stinger) although you can choose any dark and lighter colour as you wish. The same goes towards the Leopard print liner. You can create a modern twist and instead use blues or pinks etc.

Rumour has it that LE is being released tomorrow. So far all those who wish to snag a piece, the collection in the past has usually been released between 1-3pm GMT. If you want to stack up on Stardollars the now is a good time due to the deals that are currently on offer.


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Stardoll Vampire & Demon Make-up Halloween Tutorial

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

I was struggling with the title of the last look, switching between She-Devil and Demon. In the end it’s some sort of Halloween look, just up to your own interpretation of it. I did not get the lips where I wanted them yesterday during recordings – they should end up looking like this:

It is definitely similar to blending as it only looks “right” from a distant view.

I created the second look for a competition, but I thought I needed a Halloween tutorial that spelled out “Halloween” and I think it bodes well with the Vampire look. I provided an alternative as I’ve been waiting to use that lip “technique” since last year when I posted the results from the Youtube competition results. Days go by so fast.




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Stardoll MAC Me Over Make-up Tutorial – In collaboration with Sa…gataki

In collaboration with Sa…gataki from UnderneathStardoll. I hope you enjoy the tutorial!


A massive thank you to Sa…gataki for being so patient. We got in contact for a second collaboration just when I reached HK, then I was off into China and I lost all connection to the Youtube and Blogger world. This was a little different from the E.T tutorial as I was allowed to create three looks of my own, while Sa…gataki did the other remaining three.

People have requested more realistic tutorials in the past and with the inspirations Sa…gataki provided it seemed like a perfect opportunity to do so. I see it as very simplistic and a simple guide to those who are beginning to experiment with blending various eye-shadows. I tried to keep the amount of products I used low due to the feedback I received two days ago. The looks are supposed to be slightly messy, so I wouldn’t get too fussed over not getting the shape or form right. The dolls aren’t perfectly defined or well matched, just to give an insight into what the real world is really like. Not everyone has a thin heart-shaped face with protruding cheekbones and deep-set eyes or a doll-like complexion.

Collaborations are fun to complete, but they take a lot of effort from both sides. I believe in not committing to too many collabs with people because it’s important to get the work you want done first. It takes a lot of preparation if a video takes 3-5 hours to create on average.


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Stardoll Halloween Grease Inspired Make-up Tutorial

This is something less horrific than your ordinary Halloween costume.

Olivia Newton John has quite deep-set eyes, so I tried something new with the eye-shadow below the brows to attempt to re-create this feature. The Pink Ladies look was mainly inspired by Frenchie, but I didn’t want to go straight into a classic 70’s look and so I took the “Pink” in “Pink Ladies” quite literally. They are mainly based upon simplistic blending.

Here’s my attempt at creating a Sandy outfit. Excuse the Medoll.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!


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New Youtube Video: A Clockwork Orange & Bellatrix Lestrange Inspired Stardoll Make-up Tutorial

Here’s the quick tutorial. All the information is in the description of the video. I decided against trying to replicate Helena Bonham Carter’s face so I instead just altered the make-up altogether. The Bellatrix Lestrange concept was suggested by -Avery-

If you want an idea of Alex’s costume then I attempted to create one myself. Please excuse the Medoll – I was not signed into Stardoll.

Could not find a Bowler’s hat and instead had to use the closest thing there was – a top hat.

I have watched clips of the film and it is extremely violent. I’d encourage everyone to read the novel, not the film adaptation. For all those who do not know who Alex DeLarge is: He is a fictional character in the novel A Clockwork Orange written by Anthony Burgess. He hangs around with his “droogs”, rapes underage children, listens to Beethoven and loves a cup of milk plus (that’s drugged milk to you and me).




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