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Stardoll isn’t “greedy”?

Yes you read correctly. I said it. Isn’t.

We hear this phrase over and over again every time some new deal or store is released.

“Stardoll is greedy. They only want our money!”

Well if nobody hasn’t noticed yet – their purpose is to make money. Y’know, the green kind.

This has been discussed everywhere from blogs to magazines to clubs. Basically it’s everywhere. As much as we are entitled to our own opinion it is favoured that we have to base our criticism on fact. Just like every business around the world Stardoll must have suffered from the global economy deteriorating. Obviously with the prices you must keep in mind that they have to add Tax as well.

With more members joining Stardoll this means more staff have to be employed to help the large community and therefore more money has to be made to pump back into the website in order to pay for people’s salaries. I’m not sure on the percentage of how many paying members there are on Stardoll but I don’t need to look at a pie-chart to know that the majority of members on this website are Non-Superstars.

Sometimes I think that as members we are far too critical of Stardoll. We call them a whole bunch of words from “stupid” to “greedy” and another separate list of words that I wouldn’t wish to repeat. Obviously Stardoll aren’t “stupid” if you are still logging onto this website and they’re earning hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Greedy? How can we determine this?

Like everything in our supermarket aisles – prices went up.

Food price inflation in selected economies (food consumed at home)

Taken from Dailymail

This affects almost every household in the country. With more money having to be spent on food, the less disposable income they will have. Therefore meaning Stardoll will be most likely to see a decline in membership and top-up sales.

Stardoll have to make a profit somehow and it is likely they’d have to increase prices. Of course they cannot go back to the days of 2006 where £1.50 would give you 22 Stardollars (according to my old transactions). Now if we think back to the prices in Shop – the relative ancestor of Starplaza – were pretty low as a Hotbuys Corsetto and a Patchwork bag cost me 14 Stardollars altogether.

I’ve just randomly taken the most recent Hotbuys top and a bag and look at that amount.

Obviously things have changed since then and this is not an accurate reading. Ever since Stardoll has noticed how much members buy into the whole “Hotbuys” label idea they’ve been raking up the prices like there’s no tomorrow. And obviously that’s me over-exaggerating.

You see when discussing on these kind of topics we all have a tendency to over exaggerate and put a large amount of emphasis on one negative thing rather than look at all the other factors that are right in front of our eyes.

Although when thinking about that, Starplaza prices have risen for a reason. If Stardoll are providing us with more Stardollars in our membership deals then obviously they’ll want to rake up the amount of Stardollars we pay in Starplaza, or else all hell will break loose.

If someone gave me one thousand stardollars back in 2006 then I could have probably bought almost every single item in Shop. Therein lies the problem. If Stardoll provide too much Stardollars then that means there will be a big loss in earnings as no-one will ever need to have weekly top-ups. Sure more people would be willing to pay for membership if they receive a lot more but it wouldn’t make up for all the lost money in top-ups.

So Stardoll aren’t rising the prices just for the sake of it. They are smart adults.

They know certain members will buy into the entire idea of a Tribute store and therefore will make these items a little more pricey to make them seem “extra special”. They know certain members will support the idea of costly Limited Edition clothing and pets. If they take advantage of this does that make them evil? Not in my opinion. Just because they have a young target market doesn’t mean they have to go soft. Like all tween-aimed websites such as Build-a-bear factory and Club Penguin, they are out there for the money and they’ll discreetly try to ooze out your pennies from your purse through fancy room decorations or new modern clothing for your avatar.

It’s like Simon Cowell taking advantage of the new music market for tweens, just look at Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus and how that’s propelled their careers. Now there is a big market in the music industry for tweens and teenagers and now there’s rumours he’s signed up that 12 year old kid from Britain’s Got Talent (by the looks of it this year, it clearly has very little) and also a young girl from America’s Got Talent who sings opera. He knows there’s a big market out there for talented kids and he knows that there’s lots of money to be made there. Not exactly the same as Stardoll but you get the point.

It’s exactly the same with the Royalty club. Now when I first joined Royalty nobody cared (just about a year ago), nobody was really willing to buy so much membership – or whatever the requirements were – to be a part of the club. When the diamond icon came along people were joining by the pound. There were certainly a few people I knew at the time who would just buy a year’s membership for the sake of having a diamond. This probably made Stardoll happy.

Now obviously I don’t have a university degree in business and I’m not authorised to really make a comment about Stardoll’s financial state since I’m only fourteen but what I can say is that people need to start turning on their common sense and realise that Stardoll is a business, it is there to solely to make money. It probably didn’t start off that way but it’s what happens when big corporations start funding small independent websites.

Stardoll obviously knows that there is a large mass of discontent running through their members and just recently there has been a noticeable difference, as if they are trying to be as generous as they can. Just look at the Non-Superstar deal, for £1 they can have one month membership and fifty stardollars. Not too bad.

What I think people need to understand that Stardoll cannot create special updates or deals in which they’ll lose lots of profit such as the suggestion of giving out rares as prizes or handing out free membership to everyone. It just isn’t economical. I’m sure Stardoll would be happy to create such updates if that meant more members buying membership but it wouldn’t work that way since the math wouldn’t add up.

I’ve heard this very recently and a lot of people have been discussing this.

“Stardoll are earning $…. million a year. Isn’t that enough?”

Okay if nobody understands the basic foundations of a business or even making money then we’re all doomed. Nobody sets out with the plan of making so much money then stopping afterwards. They are going to squeeze as much money out of this as they can. For all we known Stardoll could be in debt (doubt it’s true though, just a scenario). Plus it’s what they are earning, not profits.

I don’t want to start up a big debate or an argument but what I would like to finally say that this website is still standing because people are pumping money into it. They cannot just survive on endorsements or advertisements alone as that would bring them no profit. This is what life and business is all about. It’s tough and it’s difficult to get your head around it when you’re young  but we’ll all (hopefully) fully understand this when we’re a lot older.

We’re just members so how can we fully say “Stardoll is greedy”? Of course we have the right to criticise but not just purely on the fact that prises have risen. I found it difficult to save stardollars in 2006 and I still find it so in 2011 – nothing has changed. Stardoll cannot revert back to its older self (post on that another day).

I’m not an expert or someone in the know etc. but I’m expressing my opinion on such matters. I don’t want to start up a big debate and that was never my intentions but I just hope people caught the message of this post. This is hardly correct in any sense it all, it’s just me pulling bits and pieces together and making something of a post. I mean seriously, food prices rising made Stardoll rise their’s? Don’t think so. So don’t take this too seriously, please. Have a nice day.



Apologies for not posting yesterday. I went off to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and it was amazing. Definitely recommend to go see it and not just because it involves a Giant Panda named Po. Hilarious as well as touching, I can assure you I had tears rolling down my cheeks through several moments of the film. I’m a sensitive creature when it comes to motivational movies like this.

This is my last post for this week as I’m off to Heathrow tomorrow and then LAX airport. My first trip to the West of the globe, all my travels have been to the East (strange). I’m just going to leave this blog stale for then so I will see you next Monday. I might make a post about my trip since I don’t keep a journal or diary in real life. You always forget the special little things. Stardoll blogs should just be more than stating new updates or which “elite” is currently dating another. It should hold that sense of personal value to the writer/writers, not just based on the amount of followers or visitors you have. Shame that’s very rare these days.

Interview I did with Wested6 – Thank you again!




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Stardoll: There is no quick fix.

As Stardoll members and as a community as a whole, we’ve created so many chainmails, scams and hacks that the list seems endless. We’re always clinging onto the hope of an easy and faster way to earn Stardollars, Membership, Administration Editing, Starpoints and even a reputation.

Let us have a look at an example here. I picked this one out as it was only uploaded four days ago.

We’re all so obsessed with the idea of things such as the non-existent Employee Code, which in itself explains what the majority of members desire; a way to control the amounts of your stardollars, editing your starpoints, editing the Stardoll website and finding other users’ passwords. Says a lot doesn’t it? We all want to be able to control our accounts, to shape and mould it into whatever form we’d like it to be. In reality this wouldn’t work because you would gradually become tired with what your life has become and it is exactly the same with Stardoll.

If you could control your account what would you do? Go around stealing peoples’ accounts, stealing rares, buying rares by the pound, receiving Starpoint rewards in under two seconds flat, writing in the Stardoll Blog about ridiculous topics – basically abuse the cheat for your own personal again. I hate to remind everyone but it doesn’t exist any ways so there is no point getting your hopes up. This is just a scenario.

You’ll become easily bored, you would have nothing to do if you had all the rares on Stardoll, all the Stardollars you wanted and all the Starpoint rewards achieved. Nobody would want to be your friend after you’ve stolen all those accounts. Stardoll would have probably deleted your own personal account. You wouldn’t be welcomed back to the site. So would it be all worth it?

The answer is no. The point of Starpoints is to learn patience. To learn that not everything comes with your parent’s credit card. To learn how real life works out. When you are appointed to a new position in any career, you do not get there by just presenting yourself in one mere interview. You are evaluated. Starpoints act like a promotion. You put in so much work and you will receive a bonus then quickly move onto your next target.

Stardollars are there to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees. Play & Earn acts like Job Seekers Allowance (United Kingdom members know what I’m talking about), where adults are paid if they are currently unemployed and have no income who seeking employment. Obviously the other ways we earn Stardollars (i.e. purchasing them through several methods) isn’t very realistic at all. It’s also just a way of the Stardoll company to earn money.

Superstar Membership isn’t there to learn anything. Again, it is something for the company itself to gain from.

You cannot go cheat your way through life. It’s merely impossible and if there was such a way, then you will probably end up in prison for the rest of your life. It is exactly the same way with Stardoll. You cannot cheat your way through the system because then you have taken the website back to its basics. Where is the communication? People will just look at you in disgust and send hateful messages. Would that be worth all the stardollars and starpoints? You would lose all your remaining friends since you probably tried to hack them all. Would that be worth all the Rares?

You would be left with nothing is what I’m trying to say. You’d be left with nothing but your heavy Stardollar purse, your monstrous Starpoint Tree and your infinitive Membership. Plus real Stardoll employees would be on your tail – deactivate your account at the least.

Then if you try to explain to someone what I have written about above and if they were so desperate for the “code” they’d probably say something along the lines of,

“I’d use it for the greater good”.

You might but if you pass this on then it is likely others will abuse it and will probably blow your cover.

So if you crave for the existence of the Employee Code so much, think about what the consequences and long-term effects may be.

Some people see that the Employee Code wouldn’t be worth it or they do not know of its “existence”, so they stick to Chainmails. There’s nothing like spamming.

(Since it doesn’t actually exist. It is just a fixation of our dollys minds and a cheap hack)

You can be reported for Chainmails, I’m not sure what the punishments are but I suppose if you continue doing so for a long period of time you’ll probably end up with your account deleted.

People assume that just by posting one comment in several clubs you will be rewarded with 9000 Stardollars? It is amusing to see that it is the majority of younger/newer members of Stardoll.com who participate in Chainmailing. If receiving thousands of Stardollars only takes a couple of posts then why isn’t everyone doing so? Does common sense not exist anymore?

Also the If-you-do-not-post-this-you-or-your-close-relative-may-die. I remember this from Twitter – I have never seen a tombstone engraved with the words:

Died from not sending a chainmail

Even though Stardoll send out a warning every time you contact them not to hand our your password people still do it! Then they try to blame Stardoll. You were the one that put your account in danger, not the website. I know a few people who have fallen for these hacks and scams and even some who have fallen for it twice.

People have to stop being so naive. There are no cheats on Stardoll. Face the facts. If cheats existed on Stardoll then there would be no purpose. I’m not talking about money for Stardoll the company itself, I’m talking about members. We’d all alienate each other!

Members are not all going to believe this. People still cling on to the thought of these ridiculous hacks and scams, begging for a way to achieve a solution to their thirst of Stardollars and Membership. It’s very sad yet true. I suppose these scams will never go away – not with the target market of Stardoll members being so young and a lack of awareness.

If you are a member of Stardoll just to achieve Virtual Money, Membership and Fame then you’ve come to the wrong place. It is likely that you will end up scammed out of your own money, hacked out of your own account and left with no friends (If previously you had any online Stardoll).

There is no way to achieve thousands of Stardollars in a quick second or achieve thousands of Starpoints within a blink of an eye. You yourself have to be able to put the time, money and effort into your own account. Not some “code” or chainmail.

The hacks and scams are just a representation of us members. Fame hungry, money grabbing, rare craving,  account stealing people. And I haven’t even gotten to Stardoll the company yet.



I hope people don’t take these scenarios literally. Now that would be awkward.


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Stardoll 100 Million Memembers – Thanks (No, not really)

I was so excited when I logged in today. Thinking “Wow, Stardoll are really going all out this time!”.

I scroll down the Spotlight page and how many members do I see?

Not even 100 Million Members yet and Stardoll have decided to do the whole sha-bang already. Patience Stardoll . . .

Well let us discuss the offers.

Three out of Four of these celebration offers and “gifts” – we ourselves have to pay for. Even the free Stardollars are only for a 48 hour period. Nobody can enter the lottery without purchasing. The other free 100 Stardollars only benefits those who are purchasing. The Year Membership only benefits (persuades too) those who are purchasing. Are we seeing a pattern here?

How misleading is this message?

They make it sound like if you buy a one month top-up then you’ll receive all the gifts. Nope. You have to purchase a one year membership (Oh and did Stardoll mention that you receive an extra 100 days?! -.-) to receive all 13 gifts. Great going Stardoll, real good start to this massive celebration.




Sorry for the short post – no time 😦


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New Mouths in Beauty Parlor – Superstar Only

After all this wait for these lips and trying them on my own Medoll – I’m not too fond of them in all honesty.

They are something I would use for a Make-up tutorial, but not something I would wear on my own Medoll. I’m just slightly disappointed – I thought they would look a lot better on my Medoll than on the Mannequins.



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New Beauty Parlor Updates- Zoom!

I love Stardoll, that’s official. After years of waiting for the Zoom button to return, it has and with vengeance.

Also they have added new features including Superstar only Face Shapes and Eyes plus several of the old Noses have returned.

I love the winking eyes and the tears although personally, I do not think I would wear them on my own Medoll.

Also I am sure the limits on make-up have changed/increased, I tried to add eye-shadow to my Aurora make-up and it applied- beforehand it had reached its limit and I could no longer apply any more eye-shadow.

Amazing updates although I am doubtful of the Superstar only Medoll Features. Stardoll are probably going to use these Medoll updates as another way of selling Superstar membership.




Also thank you to Laurenhorse for the tip in the comments ;).


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50% Stardollars Back and Returned Stardollars

I’m sure everyone has received this message in their Mail inboxes.

I thought this offer was only released after Limited Edition collections have all sold out.

Also, if any of my subscribers (to this blog) the Mysterious Case of Stardollars was solved. I completely forgot about the 90 Million Members deal and the returned Stardollars. Thankfully Stardoll have returned the Stardollars on the right day, if I strictly recall on the 80 Million Members achievement the stardollars were returned a little later than promised.



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Racism on Stardoll- NonSuperstar and Superstar??

I was on other blogs reading new posts and many have been talking about the First Issue of Rage Magazine. I like viewing these magazines for the amazing graphics people create, I don’t normally read the articles as such – even though I really should- but this title caught my eye.

The words in highlighted in speech-marks really caught my attention. Racism is such a global problem and to think you could compare Non-Superstars and Superstars with that was shocking, really shocking. I was appalled. That was until I read the article.

The writer is right, people do discriminate against each other just because they do not have the same opportunities as others online. When I visit one of the top clubs on Stardoll there is always some sort of argument over the equality of Non-Superstar members. People always say the same things:

“We pay for what we get”

“Non-Superstars get the worst clothes and we have to live with Play & Earn”.

etc. if you’ve read it once, you’ve read it all before.

After the Starbazaar update I could see Stardoll slightly trying to balance the equality between members, it must be very difficult for a global company on updating things like these when all over the world there are recessions and unemployment levels are on the rise – meaning parents cannot afford to buy membership for their children or for themselves. I have a theory that Stardoll is trying to make Stardoll a fairer place but they can’t do so with a big hole in their profits/budget.

Updates take a long time to come into use, that Medoll Editor Survey was released on the 30th of October 2010 and it is only now that we have seen the new updated Beauty Parlor.

I’m just a teenager, I don’t know how to run a business or anything of the sort so I can’t make a fair judgement on whether or not Stardoll are doing the right thing. It’s easy to complain about the treatment of Non-Superstar members and other Stardoll updates in general but we should always remind ourselves that we do not know what is behind the scenes and also there maybe other complications to new updates in which Stardoll staff really have to examine.

 Telling Stardoll that they should make it a fairer place and how people aren’t getting enough opportunities isn’t going to help them in any way. When dealing with a problem you don’t constantly complain about it,  instead suggest solutions.

There is always going to be this debate and I don’t think it will ever end soon. I’m sure other websites also have debates like these such as Runescape, Club Penguin and Roi-World.

I know people talk about how prices have risen and it is difficult to afford to buy Superstar membership now although this is just our online Dollyworld. Think about all those adults who are redundant, they have no income whatsoever and find it hard to even pay for the electricity bills to heat their homes. Or those drivers who have to deal with the petrol price rise (Which right now is a massive issue occurring in Britain), people are now frightened that Bus and Taxi fares will rise so that no one will use these important services. Those are huge problems and compared to Stardoll, Stardoll’s price rising is really nothing. We don’t need Superstar membership to live, although we do need to pay our electricity bills to keep up warm during freezing Winter temperatures.

I think this teaches us a good lesson, as teenagers we don’t normally think about these topics. I know some of my friends who’d rather discuss how attractive some male is than global issues. Although this ongoing debate on Stardoll is kind of preparing us for adult life. There is always going to be inequality and discrimination somewhere, whether or not it is online, at school or in the workplace. It is something in our lives that we have to deal with at some point or another.

Although back to the original point of this post, with racism you cannot choose which ethnic minority you are from. With Stardoll you are paying for it yourself, you have a choice to make on whether or not you want to spend money online. I don’t think Stardoll is discriminating against Non-Superstars, they have to make their money somehow, although yes – Stardoll is unfair but that’s something we cannot change if we constantly keep complaining.

If Stardoll were to introduce a new way for Non-Superstars to gain Stardollars other than Play & Earn or to win competition then I think people would be a lot happier. I see these survey sites online several times a day, maybe Stardoll could create a system where you have to work for free membership or stardollars – not just by voting for Covergirl etc. something like being online for 4 days in a week for such a certain amount of time or being an active member for a certain amount of time or infuse these rewards with Starpoint packages.

I know in the magazine article they were discussing discrimination against users not Stardoll itself but I just thought I would jump on the other wagon for the majority of this post.

I know some people on Stardoll think it’s okay to have a bash at another member, to call them names or bully them. Leaving nasty comments as such or telling all their friends about some certain person and how they are “stupid” and “ugly” and a whole bunch of names under the sun. I’ve spoken to a lot of people about this debate on whether or not Stardoll is fair/unfair and for the majority of the time it is a mature discussion although on certain on occasions I meet some extremely rude people who call me things like a female dog just for stating my opinion on a certain matter. Calling me wrong and stupid just because I thought it was supposed to be a discussion. No one is wrong when talking about things like these, it’s all based upon someone’s opinion and I don’t think someone can be shouted at just for saying what they feel. Even if you don’t agree I think you should still treat someone with a little respect.

I get comments almost every week on my guestbook from some new member of Stardoll telling me to quit or that I’m ugly, stupid, a female dog and other cursed names. I know people don’t agree with me, it’s inevitable. Although when you are having a debate or a discussion calling someone such names just because you don’t like their opinion is just not right.

I think all this discrimination against other users is because of the jealously or ignorance of some users. I know a lot of people who have quite a large amount of dislike towards others who have more opportunities as them or some who think because they have bought an online membership they can go round treating others like they are beneath them. That’s something I’ll never understand. Although I can understand where Non-Superstars are very angry and that’s something I haven’t really experienced myself, for the large majority of my time on Stardoll I have been Superstar and I’m not afraid to admit that. I would be angry myself if I wasn’t given the same opportunities as others if I had been a long-term member of Stardoll. Although with all this anger you shouldn’t direct it to innocent members and mock them. If anyone can remember my Things That Annoy Me Part 2 post where I was having a discussion and this girl was completely rude and obnoxious to others because they had Superstar membership in which she didn’t and calling people certain names when all they did was state their opinion.

It just fascinates me, Stardoll is becoming somewhat of a microcosm of today’s world in talking about equality among people. I get tired all the time of the constant issues that are always brought back up time after time when people don’t think to suggest on ways to improve our day-today lives online.

I don’t know someone specifically who only accepts Superstar friend requests or members who have the best dress sense. That is pretty wrong and quite idiotic since this is just an online site. You should accept those who you truly can communicate with and talk to instead those who have just pretty pixels.

I can understand what the writer of that magazine article means on discrimination on Stardoll. I’ve seen some clubs on Stardoll were you can only be Stardoll Royalty to join or you can only be Superstar to join and I just think that it is a shame that we are limiting people on what they can or cannot join.

There is always going to be ignorant members on this site and it’s something that we just have to put at the back of our minds and carry on as you cannot try to change someone’s attitude without them realising themselves that what they are saying/doing isn’t mannerly.




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