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A Few March Updates; April Hotbuys, Epiphany Eggs, Sunny Bunny. Next Tutorial?

There’s probably so much more than those listed above.

No calendar this month because I’m knackered and everyone else is doing it so there’s basically no point. 

April isn’t the strongest we’ve seen to be perfectly honest. The first item to catch my eyes were the Mid Boots – which seem appear to be very stubby in my opinion. Other than the Pleather Skirt, Jacket and Leggings everything else seems a little washed out and bland in comparison. I think it’s a big challenge to create an outfit with various Hotbuys items because they always scream,”Look at me! Look at me!” before anything else. After looking at April’s bunch and studying them for a little longer I kind of just went, “Meh.” It’s plainly obvious that Stardoll understands that members will lick up anything with a Hotbuys label on it (good or bad), so I am unsure whether or not to call this a half-assed effort or just a bad selection of items. I would really like to say something more positive about April, however what I truly want is those hairstyles.

Somehow these candy-coated diamond-encrusted eggs remind me those made by the Fabergé company. Why not, instead of spending your pennies buying a real yummy chocolate egg, you can instead purchase one at the expense of your dolly to add something sweet to your suite? It is a wonderful idea, however I don’t feel that there is any reason for me to go purchase one right now in Starplaza. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it! Spending 30 Stardollars on a perfectly printed egg seems a bit of waste to me if all it’s going to do is sit on a table or lie next to my old Pet-a-porter dog. A great update for those who really want to get into Easter festivities and dedicate an entire room to do so – but for I feel no need. A nice little update and a great use of the Epiphany name, however it’s just not for me and neither are the prices.

There’s nothing like a little Sunny Bunny to brighten your day.

It’s always an exciting moment when a new collection is on the horizon. It’s unconventional, tacky and a lot less sparkly than Epiphany however it still remains as one of my favourite stores. Stardoll have packed the new floors with interesting hair-pieces and *squeal* BOWS! The little creature jewellery pieces are nice too  . . Great for themed wacky outfits or an eight-year-old. I think my favourite items were the Floral Headpiece and Turquoise Diadem. Yes, they are a lot simpler than all the other items and aren’t the show-pieces of the new collection, but I love them all the same. I begin to wonder if Sunny Bunny and other jewellery stores will lose their appeal if StarDesign items are beginning to become more popular. Stardoll’s designs have more finesse to them, however with StarDesign the possibilities are, almost, endless.



It’s been a while since my Youtube page has actually seen some work. Thanks to the majority of folks who have been waiting patiently for a new tutorial – I’ve spoken to quite a few on Chat these past few weeks. I am off school for now, so fingers crossed this blog and the Youtube channel will see some form of activity before I get into my exam schedule.

It’s all recorded and I may add another face in the next hour or so. I have previously expressed that I would like to create a K-Pop inspired make-up tutorial. I know it’s the beginning of spring (for the northern-hemisphere) and the new Dot collection has been released, but when I have spoken to folks about the videos the same two topics come up.

1. Please use items currently within Starplaza

2. Please make it cheap to recreate – i.e Don’t use twenty different items again

Celebrity inspired tutorials are a little differ from the usual ones as although it’s all about the make-up, I would have to say that the face makes up 85% of it. Park Bom’s (from 2NE1) isn’t anything new, but I tried as best as I could to at least make the doll look somehow like her. The second look is inspired by the make-up from Miss A’s Touch MV – I loved it so much! A nice way to perk up a plain black look.

Hopefully something will appear on Youtube tonight.



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New Sunny Bunny Kloz and Accessory Floors

I love all the bows! The eye-patches were a strange sight to see but I might incorporate them into a tutorial in the future. With this future store, after my Christmas tutorial and maybe the tutorial after that – I will definitely be hoping to create a Lolita Inspired tutorial. Maybe split it up in to 2 different sections Gothic Lolita and Sweet Lolita. I could have some fun with that.

The Unrequited love accessories really remind me of a necklace I have myself. Don’t you find it strange when you see things on Stardoll that you have/seen in real life? ;).

I’m not a big fan of Sunny Bunny Kloz. I like the Floral and Triple Bow Dresses but they are quite pricey at 19 Stardollars and 25 Stardollars each. It’s a shame that these dresses are for Superstars only, hopefully non-superstars can buy these dresses when people sell them in Starbazaar in the future.

Stardoll, I’m still waiting for those adorable skirts that you posted in the Kloz spoilers a while back . .




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Stardoll’s Recent Poll- Comparing Jewellery Stores.

This just confused me.

Why is Stardoll comparing two totally different stores?

Did they just add the Sunny Bunny Option because they needed a Third question? They should have added “Nice but a bit expensive”.



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New Sunny Bunny Floor in Starplaza

This really annoyed me . . I was finding all the spoilers taking snapshots individually 47 times , I finally finished the Dot Spoilers, then I seen someone with the Sunny Bunny Bow so I checked the store and there they were. All for nothing . .

Favourite Products have to be the Giant Panda Ears and Earrings and Charm. Also the Fake Lashes, I think everyone was waiting for wearable eye-lashes. But altogether the Black eyelashes cost $20! I love the Star Eye Sticks, really reminds me of Kiss (The Rock Band, teenagers probably recognise them from Glee in the Lady Gaga Tribute episode). I love this store more than the last one.

At the moment I can’t check the eye-contacts but I prefer the last collection’s but I like the Red normal eye-contacts (not the snake slit ones).



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Sunny Bunny- New Collection from Users Ideas


(Link will open a new window)

So on the Official Stardoll Blog they are asking us members what we would like to see in the next collection of the Sunny Bunny Store. So click on the link above and start sending your ideas, because you never know they actually might appear in the store!

I personally would like to see Giant panda items and Headphones. May be like these:

Something Kawaii!

People on the comments section are asking for make-up for non-superstars, but Sunny Bunny appears to be an accessories store, not a make-up store unlike Dot and Luxe. But we never know, Stardoll might change their minds . .



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identiTee – New store on Stardoll

Very cheesy title for this store.

Link to the Stardoll Blog:


I can’t find any spoilers yet, but I will update this post when I find some. Hopefully it will be released tomorrow or on Saturday and I think it should be for Non-Superstars, even though a few items from Sunny Bunny were Non-Superstar, I think they deserved a few more.



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Sunny Bunny & Super Supreme Stores Out!

So Stardoll decided to release both stores on the same day. Sunny Bunny earlier today, and Super Supreme later in the day.

I saw the banner for the Sunny Bunny store on the Stardoll Billboard  and I have to say . .  WHAT? To me that doll was supposed to look like a Lolita but failed miserably.

I think it was supposed to look something like this:

But ended up, somehow looking like this:

That doll looks dreadful, they should have given her a Lolita-like dress and plus seriously they should have had a few other models because that doll is just wearing too much! But that’s just my opinion.

The new Super Supreme Store was released. The Thriller Michael Jackson Doll was first to sell out costing $75 Stardollars.

I’ve decided not to buy anything, just because nothing really caught my eye plus if I bought a doll I wouldn’t know where to place it in my Suite since I’m not a big fan of decorating.



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