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New Year 2012 Popshop Floors Released.

In the UK we use the New Year as an excuse to consume intolerable amounts of poison down our bellies. On Stardoll we open up a decor store. Only joking.

 There are a lot of items within the two floors that can be easily placed within floors with no association with the new year. I think that’s lovely. I really like the interior, perhaps not enough to buy it, but nevertheless I tried searching for it within the Suiteshop to no avail. We’re a big fan of windows on Stardoll, I have to admit, and these are a slightly variation from that of the New York floors. That being the window is slightly open. The Bowler Lamps are adorable, if they came with portable moustaches too.

Altogether I do not honestly think it blends well together as an entity together. However, counting each item individually, I am sure they will brighten many suite rooms. I try my hardest to write these decor posts, but being extremely non-enthusiastic over my suite decorations I cannot say much.


Thanks for the NCG today, and once again, apologies to those who were campaigning on the day. One more thing, I think someone has bloody well cracked it! Thank goodness, I never thought we’d get there after numerous posts on the Starblog.



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New Opulence Collection Released in Starplaza.

It’s the height of Stardoll luxury. Oh boy do those price tags make my voice croak.

Once in a blue moon will I attempt to decorate my suite, so to place my opinion out there is like whispering in a stadium of ten thousand. However just because one does not necessarily delve into the field of decorating, does not mean they cannot appreciate the hard work that is evidently placed into these graphics.

So for all those cake lovers, chess enthusiasts, jewel haulers and bathroom loungers – you’s are in for a real treat. Being the immature git, I sat and had a little chortle over the “Golden Throne”. They’ve used an object from everyone’s daily lives and taken a classic spin on it. If we cannot have a golden throne of our own, then why not treat our dolls to one?

The colour scheme just screams splendour and extravagance, from the Chelyabinsk Staircase to the Pillars. I probably won’t buy anything in the future, but if I had a few spare stardollars in my little pouch and an interest in decorating, I am sure you could find a piece of Opulence to fit at least two of your rooms.



Tests this week so this blog maybe a bit lacking plus I am ever so drained of energy and motivation. Sorry to all the chaps on Chat, I just do not feel like talking.

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New Suite Rooms & Password Warnings.

I’m seriously not bothered by this. This is – after all – optional and I don’t think anybody would be really interested in buying these rooms unless Suite decorating is what they enjoy most. The prices are extremely high but Stardoll possibly knows that the majority of the big suite decorators are willing to spend a large amount of real life money online. I don’t think this is targeted at everyone and there’s nothing really to it – nothing to whine and moan about here.

If you wanted all the rooms available on Stardoll you would have to spend 893 Stardollars which is an enormous amount of money just to pay for 14 virtual rooms.

While I was updating my password (never realised how uncomfortable it would be discussing this topic), this warning appeared.

Wow Stardoll. You’ve impressed me today. I hope people actually read it as so many naive and vulnerable members have fallen for the “I’m an Employee of Stardoll” hack and the “Callie.Stardoll is my sister” lie and the “Add Callie on MSN” scandal. It’s ridiculous.

The quarantine idea is just brilliant although I change my password just about everyday I’m online so – to everyone – you have to make sure you plan to change your password when it is convenient as you don’t want to have your account in quarantine for the majority of the time.

I changed my password and tried to sell an item and it actually worked. There must be other features of Starbazaar that will be blocked I guess.

Password making is fun because you can just make up a whole load of mumbo jumbo (that’s easy to remember). I’m weird like that. Try it someday.



Sorry for boring posts today – my excuse is that I’m tired 🙂


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New Stardoll Feature: Fullscreen Suite Mode

Posted on the Official Blog of Stardoll.

Full Screen Preview

Ever wish you could see every detail of your Suite? To make your Suite as large as your computer screen?  Now you can view your Stardoll Suite in Full Screen mode! 

Simply click on the Full Screen button at the bottom right hand corner of your Suite (located just above your Save Suite button).  And when you’re done viewing it in Full Screen mode, click the button again, or press ESC.

Modern and convenient!

Well I’ve had a little browse through this new feature and three words:  A bit slow.

First room I went to visit was my main room with the wardrobe. The room contains 292 items and it took just under half a minute to load. Imagine how long it would take to load a room with over 1000 items? It is very common among large Suite decorators and I’m sure this update was targeted at themselves.

It looks exactly the same in full-screen mode, just a bit enlarged that’s all. Which I guess is a good thing.

Other than that this full-screen mode was perfectly fine, I don’t think I’ll be using it in the future though since I am clearly not big on decorating my Suite. It isn’t entirely full-screen as there is a long stripe of white at the bottom but I suppose Stardoll had to make sure everything was in proportion.



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New Suite Updates

So to accommodate the new Beach Villa update Stardoll has rearranged our Suite Tab layout.

Now the Recycle, Camera and Save in Album features are at the bottom of the tab in a neat row. This seems more fitting and also a little bit more productive. That’s the only drastic change, along with the miniature Suite layout. At first I thought my Penthouse had disappeared – until I clicked on the title My Suite 

Now the Penthouse and also the new Beach Villa are separated from our ordinary rooms. It’s more of a hassle but it only takes two small clicks to get there.

On the note of the Beach Villa – I’ll post about it later tonight. Stuff to do. Unsure whether to buy it or not. 

Along with the changed Suite tab layout there is a new feature which Stardoll likes to call “Drag and Drop”. This is where you can take any item in one room and transfer it into another without the hassle of placing it on your Medoll and then switching rooms.

The item turns transparent when it is about to be moved. Example shown with Mr.Panda

These aren’t big drastic changes but make our Suites a lot more convenient and making things slightly more quicker. People in Royalty have been discussing the idea of making our Medolls walk but wasn’t Stardoll build upon the idea of Paperdolls? I don’t think Paperdolls have the ability to walk . . . plus it would become like something along the lines of Club Penguins expect we aren’t multi-coloured penguins. That would be a lovely sight to see haha.




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New Stardoll Store: Fantasy Hotel

Store can be found under the Decor tab in Starplaza

I think the graphics this time round look amazing. A shame about the prices but hotels are very expensive these days. I’m sure someone in our little virtual world will end up creating an entire Suite based about the concept of a hotel – that would just look amazing. Even though I am not a Suite decorator myself – I can’t wait to see others.

The biggest stand out for me is the Vue Su Mer Window as I think it looks stunning, I wouldn’t buy it instantly due to its heavy tag of 25 Stardollars. The biggest let down is the Grand Lit Bed – if someone send that to me without the label I would think it was something else. The graphic looks extremely poor shading and highlight – but maybe I just see it that way because it’s alone and not furnished properly.

The most expensive item is the 39 Stardollar Statues Inspired by Saint Phalle and the cheapest item is the Croissant for 20 Starcoins (Woth 2 Stardollars).

Expensive interiors available in SuiteShop.

I like the items and interiors but I’m slightly reluctant to buy anything because of the prices. Somehow I think everyone is saving all their stardollars for the Beach Villa.



Forgot to mention – Sunny Bunny Sale is over.


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Beach Villa – Coming Soon

If you have logged in, you probably would have watched this video.

Image courtesy of Underneath Stardoll – I took the snapshot at the wrong time haha. 

I’m not so excited about this. I’m guessing it is somewhere along the lines of the Penthouse but I’m not sure where the Beach Villa part is going to come in. It could just change the structure of our house and add a Beach room, an entrance or something like it but again I stress, we have to wait and see.

So this was the secret mystery behind the two messages. It wasn’t much of a let down and I think this is mostly due to the way it was told through video format. If it was just another plain message then yes, I would probably criticise Stardoll but hey – they created a successful animation in getting a message across in a new fun way that we haven’t really seen before.

The Penthouse was on offer when it was first released, I wonder how much this will cost . .




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