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New Antidote Collection Released.

If this was ever branded as Limited Edition – no matter what the designs were – at least one third of the collection would be close to selling out by now. It is true that almost every member identifies LE as the more desired brand. Surprisingly enough, this Antidote collection seems reasonably priced – in comparison to previous collections and other limited edition stores. None of the items reach over 100 Stardollars. So I wouldn’t be afraid to say that almost all Superstars could afford one piece of Antidote – if they save their Starcoins.

When it comes down to limited edition tagged stores, the cheapest items – most likely sunglasses- sell out the fastest. I did not reach the laptop that early, but by the time I had arrived only one item had sold out. This was the Banded Black Pleather Boots. They wouldn’t be something I would personally buy, but it’s understandable. A “cheap” versatile pair of Antidote boots for 35 Stardollars isn’t too bad at all. The sunglasses have been left practically untouched. Another popular item was the Blue Long Extensions. It has just sold out as I am writing. I bought them myself, mainly because they do remind me of a certain Vocaloid. Side-tracking here.. I did create a make-up tutorial which was unreleased. I should really find the clip and get it edited.

I think Stardoll has hit a mark by producing the store’s background as purchasable interior – as they have done with LE in the past. I was tempted to buy the carousel, however I know nothing will ever become of it. My favourite item has to be the Kitty Cat Purse. So adorable! Overall it isn’t such a bad job. Graphics-wise I think some of the items could have been produced a little better, but I think the main shocker was the price tags. I have to say, some of these items are being sold for Tribute prices. Perhaps Stardoll learnt their lesson? Selling a pair of drawers for 100 Stardollars will not guarantee anything. Lets just hope this one sells out in time . .





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New IdentiTee & Basics Decor Released in Starplaza.

I have been away from the laptop for just under a week and arrive online to see this. Okay, so it’s a little different. These are not pieces I would force my own little doll to wear, but kudos to Stardoll for just trying something a little different. They cannot forever produce Dior inspired floor length gowns or Gucci Tributes – I think that would become very tedious. I think the only one-piece suit I’ve ever owned was when I was an infant. They’re very popular in the UK for lounging in at the weekends, but that is all I know.

Altogether there are eight one-pieces, all in a wide variation of styles and also paired with accommodating slippers. At 15 Stardollars a pop, it does not convince me to go out and buy one. However the bunnies one-piece reminds me a lot like Cinnamorrol – despite being a dog.

Picture source: kaboodle.com

Furniture that is available for everyone! Rejoice! Of course this isn’t going to be something extravagant – hence Basics in the title – however I think they’ve done the job well. I have to admit, the prices are a little steep here and there. Being a non-enthusiastic decorator I would have no clue what to do with these items, but I’m sure those talented members out there will figure out to do some jazzy things.


Yes I am still alive. Regarding the recent posts and messages I have been receiving: I am not leaving. I’ve just recently become tired of the entire entity that is Stardoll – and all magical things that it contains. Beforehand I used to treat Stardoll as a daily commitment, but now I will just decide to log in whenever I can or want to.


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Apologies. New Splendid Released.

On another note, aside from my short departure, Splendid has been injected with some head gear! I have been longingly waiting for some Stardoll-made hairbands for some time now. I am a big fan of the stuff in real life – mainly in the field of bows – and they’re a great way to add some finishing touches to an outfit or doll. Especially in make-up tutorials. However, I would not stick just any gear on my doll if it did not suit the theme or outfit. That’s just me.

I love the two vield headbands. I don’t think we’ve seen anything like it since one of the very old Hotbuys. The Diamond Headbands are nice cheap alternatives to the very expensive Epiphany Diamond Tiara. My favourite is the Flower Drop Headwear. It is simplistic yet oozes delicacy and purity. I like the new batch, pardon the Sapphire Headwear.

Prices range from 5 Stardollars to 7 Stardollars, and also between 76 to 78 Starcoins.


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New Glam ‘R Us.

Correct me if I am wrong, but has the store also had a re-vamp?

We haven’t seen a new batch of Glamorous for some time now – I think perhaps since summer – so it is refreshing to see the store being injected with some new life and better quality of items. The new batch mainly consists of big and bold Tribal-like jewellery.

It has that essence of Epiphany, however the prices are far more lighter. Some of the earrings are absolutely massive, so much so that I want to grab my lobes and squeal. Only kidding. There are a few creepy-crawlie items, some of which I would actually be prepared to wear. Items like this would bode well with heavy make-up – I’m thinking more along the lines of the Leopard Print Liner tutorial. I would see the necklaces being used a centre-piece within an outfit or the starter point. I made this outfit within a couple of minutes using the Stud Rubin Necklace.

Might change my doll’s outfit after this . .

Overall a nice new boost to the declining/half-dead store that once was Glam ‘R Us. Ten out of the twenty-one items are tagged with Starcoins, which isn’t too bad at all.


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Voile Holiday Boutique 2011 Released.

I had assumed that Stardoll had abandoned all seasonal stores, from the likes of Tingeling Halloween Couture. The quantity of the store has declined. If I remember correctly, last year we had the store filled with mannequins with an equal amount of floors.

There’s not a lot of candy displayed, but there are a few toffees amongst the hard-boiled sweets. I don’t know about you but I think the Purple Organza Structural Gown is so pleasing to the eyes. However I think we’ll see many dolls alike wearing this dress with heels and a silver clutch in the left hand – it would be a challenge in attempting to layer. So some of the items may look drab and a little lacking, but they are great items for layering. The Black Severe Cut Gown reminds me of Hilary from the Dragons’ Den.

I always remember the fantastic accessories that accompanied the long gowns and sparkly skirts. This year it is noticeable that the store is quite bare. The shoes and berets are favourable but there’s nothing there to really feast upon.



Unsure whether or not I will attempt to write Stardoll Through The Years – 2011. Last year’s post nearly chewed my fingers. I will however do a 2011 Picture post, as one of my new years resolutions is to kick this blog up the backside and start discussing things in real life I am actually interested in. Stardoll is still there but sometimes there is just nothing  left to say.

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New Otherworld Floor Released.

Short post. 

A darker theme than the previous floors, but nevertheless the Stardoll crew still managed to reinvent the store. After the Galactic theme they have almost toned down it a notch and brought us a handful of items that would be far more wearable.

I would not go as far as to say this has been my favourite floor so far, as it does seem “empty” for me personally. The definite stand outs are the Headdress, Dark Lace Wings and shoes. The Hot Lava Hermes Sandals are my favourites due to the bold colour and wing. It slightly reminds me of the Vivienne Westwood pair that I used to drool over, but these pair are more in your face. I usually see members on the Catwalk who stick wings on with any outfit – that doesn”t quite glue together – and so with the gigantic Lace Wings I would have to say you’d need a pretty extravagant outfit to balance it out – or additionally with some heavy accessories.

The decor is as lovely as always. One day until Christmas and they’ve added a few creepy yet seasonal tagged items. Prices range from 8 to 14 Stardollars which isn’t too drastic.

Other than that Merry Christmas Eve! And also Merry Christmas for the folks a few hours ahead.

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New Opulence Collection Released in Starplaza.

It’s the height of Stardoll luxury. Oh boy do those price tags make my voice croak.

Once in a blue moon will I attempt to decorate my suite, so to place my opinion out there is like whispering in a stadium of ten thousand. However just because one does not necessarily delve into the field of decorating, does not mean they cannot appreciate the hard work that is evidently placed into these graphics.

So for all those cake lovers, chess enthusiasts, jewel haulers and bathroom loungers – you’s are in for a real treat. Being the immature git, I sat and had a little chortle over the “Golden Throne”. They’ve used an object from everyone’s daily lives and taken a classic spin on it. If we cannot have a golden throne of our own, then why not treat our dolls to one?

The colour scheme just screams splendour and extravagance, from the Chelyabinsk Staircase to the Pillars. I probably won’t buy anything in the future, but if I had a few spare stardollars in my little pouch and an interest in decorating, I am sure you could find a piece of Opulence to fit at least two of your rooms.



Tests this week so this blog maybe a bit lacking plus I am ever so drained of energy and motivation. Sorry to all the chaps on Chat, I just do not feel like talking.

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