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Limited Edition Spring Spoilers 2012


Hello there! Here are the spoilers all jammed together.

*One pink waist band belt is missing from this picture*

Whilst categorising all the items together, I never really noticed the underwater theme until I reached the interior. I suppose the seashell purse was a bit of a give-away, but other than that it just appears to be any other Limited Edition collection. Compared to the previous LE collections we’ve seen within the past year, this stands out as a more fitted and pieced together work of Stardoll’s. Although not everything will suit various member’s tastes, there’s still something for everyone. I don’t think it’s the best LE we’ve seen, but I don’t think it’s damn ugly.

Previously I could not care less about LE shoes. Perhaps one or two, but this collection’s are something a little special. The belts all stood out for me as well. The clothes are okay this time round. I can definitely see some items that will sell out first, however I only spot a handful of items that I wouldn’t mind buying for my doll. Although it ever so slightly resembles the Paperbag Waist Skirt from Spring 2010’s collection, I still wouldn’t mind buying the  Black and Pink Skirt for my little dolly.

The LE store – currently as I am writing – still appears and is not in the works. However this collection could possibly be out by tomorrow morning/afternoon. Prices (usually) range from 25 Stardollars up to 250 Stardollars, but I don’t need to tell you that. It’s LE.




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2012 January Antidote Spoilers.

It has certainly been a while since the last Antidote collection was released. Stardoll stated themselves that until the collection sold out, there would be no new collection on the works. I presume they got tired of waiting? The last collection was not the most versatile and only a few items shone out for me.

Antidote has always been the little sister (or brother) to LE. To express this in K-pop terms: I see LE as more of a SNSD kind of thing, and Antidote as more something suited to 2NE1. It isn’t as well refined and is more about colour, abstract design and something alternative. This time round they’ve gone with something of a funfair/amusement park theme. When I saw the gigantic elephant I immediately thought of Banksy.

Picture source: didntyouhear.com

I would probably have to see the clothes up and proper in Starplaza before I could say I would definitely buy a piece. I am unsure on what date this will be released, but I’m guessing on a weekday. Maybe as earliest as Monday?



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Spoilers – Holiday Calendar?

UPDATE: Piano is a part of a promotional campaign – not seasonal campaign.

An adorable yeti, reference to the 1946 film It’s A Wonderful Life, a house that is good enough to eat and a gigantic Grand Piano? Altogether these items scream festive season so I jumped to the conclusion that these might be a part of the 2011 Holiday Calendar. A stocking was released in Starplaza today that was a part of no particular brand, but I could not find a calendar within the Home Page. It might just be a new festive store, but the idea doesn’t seem very likely.

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Limited Edition Holiday Collection 2011 Spoilers?

Not all these items will be within the next collection. Every year other spoilers are included that are not from LE, but you can mostly tell they’re from LE by the quality and style of the graphic.

All of these are LE items.

The fluffy collar, black belt and the Green long-sleeved top both have a small imprinted LE logo. I think it looks great from an accessory point of view – the black hairband and golden roses are my favourites – but I’m just not too keen on the clothing. The Green outfit reminds me of Poison Ivy, but taken by the colour scheme it does seem very festive and seasonal.

I hope the collection is released this week, if not it may be out by this coming Monday. Stack up on your Stardollars if you’re hoping to snag a piece.

In the meanwhile, there are still a small batch of Antidote. I am certain they have stated previously that a new Antidote collection will not be released until this collection has sold out. Pity.

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Stardoll Spoils on Twitter. [Mortal Kiss 2, Gothic Techno & Minamilism]

This morning on Twitter Stardoll revealed a few upcoming projects which are soon to be released in the next few weeks.

I have a feeling that Gothic Techno may have something to do with Evening Falls. I could be incorrect, it might just be an entire new store or something completely different.

Mortal Kiss 2 will be released. I thought it was going to come back in January 2011, earlier this year. It’s good news for everyone! Possibly a couple of freebies, a new storyline and a store. I honestly hope they don’t do something cliché again, she returns back from the dead or it was all a dream. Might be just a new set of characters altogether.

New Polished maybe. Well I have no clue what’s that all about but I’m looking forward to it. Minimalism store in Starplaza. I don’t find that interesting.



Another Torch post from the comfort of my lovely bed. I’ll get a decent picture later in the day. (Done)

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Kung Fu Panda. I must be dreaming.

So I was looking through the spoilers and almost had a heart attack.

I know Kung Fu Panda 2 will be out this summer and as guessed, I will definitely be going to the cinema to watch it.

Kung Fu Panda is a movie really close to my heart (not just because the main character is a Giant Panda named Po). I watched this movie in Mandarin at the cinema when I was on holiday in China in Shenzhen and also on the airplane flight to and from Heathrow but in Cantonese and English. So many good memories.

It’s a hilarious film and I seriously cannot wait to see this. I’m guessing there will be a campaign page released soon.

There was also some Eastern Asian items like a bowl of rice, lantern and what appears to be a gong.

Perfect items to add to my Eastern Asian themed room . .

I’d love a Japan or China Windows of the World sometime soon Stardoll…

Did you win? 😉



My 1000th Post! I was going to write a big celebration post about from here to when I first began but I simply don’t have the time this week as I have two exams and I think a Panda post is good enough for me ahaha.


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No . . it can’t be true.

No other signs of the the other dyes and highlights of the next range of Doree.

I just seen this and my heart plummeted.

Miss Sporty has probably been the worst make-up range I’ve tried in real life, it was just dreadful. I remember I was on a school trip where we had a three night stay-over at Edinburgh and Dundee. On the second night I didn’t get much sleep, got ready in the morning and then everybody commented on how tired I looked. I was probably eleven years old at the time and without my parent’s supervision I decided to buy some make-up. I bought five Miss Sporty products for under £10. The Scottish weather wasn’t great and it begin to pour down and within minutes I had proper Panda eyes and it wasn’t coming off with make-up remover.

I’ve never used Miss Sporty again. There’s a reason why their products are so cheap.

When I ask for a real brand – I mean like a real brand of make-up. Lancome or Dior would be nice . . . although there is business contracts and agreements to sign up to which I don’t think either companies would be willing to do.

Well any ways I hope this mascara is available to Non-Superstars, if anybody can remember the Brazilian campaign last year where everybody received free lipgloss. Although it was more of a Lipstick than a lipgloss, in all honesty.

With Spring arriving and Summer just round the corner in the northern hemisphere- why is Stardoll going to be releasing ice-skates? It just popped out like an odd sock between all the other floral dresses in the spoilers.




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