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Apologies. New Splendid Released.

On another note, aside from my short departure, Splendid has been injected with some head gear! I have been longingly waiting for some Stardoll-made hairbands for some time now. I am a big fan of the stuff in real life – mainly in the field of bows – and they’re a great way to add some finishing touches to an outfit or doll. Especially in make-up tutorials. However, I would not stick just any gear on my doll if it did not suit the theme or outfit. That’s just me.

I love the two vield headbands. I don’t think we’ve seen anything like it since one of the very old Hotbuys. The Diamond Headbands are nice cheap alternatives to the very expensive Epiphany Diamond Tiara. My favourite is the Flower Drop Headwear. It is simplistic yet oozes delicacy and purity. I like the new batch, pardon the Sapphire Headwear.

Prices range from 5 Stardollars to 7 Stardollars, and also between 76 to 78 Starcoins.



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Spoilers- New Hair Accessories in Starpointing

Looks Cute ^-^ I hope they appear in Splendid in Starplaza soon.

UPDATE: Thanks and Credits to tsistardoll.blogspot.com

Turns out the Hair accessories are for 11000 and 12000 Starpoint rewards:

Sorry if I have posted late today. To be honest, there is really nothing new on Stardoll. I’ve tried using proxy servers and checking if there are any freebies around, but I can’t seem to find any. I’ll be working on a new Youtube Video tomorrow- probably using the new Dot Collection.

I’m still working on my Prevention on Hacking Guide- it’s taking a while to type up. So many topics to cover!

Thank you for being so patient.



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