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Merry Christmas – (& A New Tutorial)!

And with the new tutorial . .

Just for laughs, here’s the last year’s. Looking back I think the Winter Wonderland look has been one of my favourites.

This year instead of waiting up until midnight for Father Christmas I’m working. Oh how time flies by. I really wanted to get five looks nailed into one video, but because of the strict deadline  I couldn’t finish the tutorial the way I wanted to. All three looks are incredibly simple – and I think they can be easily worn in different seasons.

I am not that kind of person who really goes all out for Christmas. To be honest, I hate turkey. As my family is not religious, when I was younger I just used to see the festive period of the year as a way of getting any toy I wanted. Although as I have gotten older and siblings have left the nest and there’s only me around, I see it as a lovely time of year to stuff yourself full of food and enjoy each other’s company for one night. I know once I am in my twenties I won’t have that comfort around me. It is a sad thought as it’s not great to think of yourself growing some distance between your family and yourself, but it’s the horrible truth – actually some teenagers might be grateful to leave their parents.

I also look forward to the Doctor Who Christmas specials. They are always a delightful treat at 7pm.

Have a great day folks!



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Limited Edition Holidays/Winter Collection 2011 Released.

I do not wish to fully say that this collection was a massive disappointment as it seemed like a rushed job, because it sounds very spiteful, but to compare this collection to those from the past – this one fails in my eyes. I got there very late due to school, and almost all the items have sold out bar the disappointing ones. I think there is a reason for that. That Cerulean Faux Feather Dress looks far more suited to a store like Rio at the price of 14+ Stardollars and yet it appears that it has just managed to slip on a LE tag at the price of 225.

I am not the sort who buys items only for their brand, so I wouldn’t even dare think of buying – what I see as – the horrendous leftovers. A lot of the items shined, especially the accessories, but I did not see any continuity within the floors or the collection as whole. The graphics were well done on most, but it fairly slipped on others – Gold Karat Sequin Boots I am talking to you.

I am a little disappointed in missing the Bunny Ears, Moto Jacket and Fur Cardigan but when you’ve just came out of Sociology class after finishing Marxism and beginning to go more in-depth over Feminism, it honestly puts everything in perspective. Plus I have a stack of Stardollars that were unused, so I’ve saved some to actually attempt to decorate my suite – whenever that is. I think, since the first collection, this is the only other time I have spent under 120.

Three interiors have also been released at 75 Stardollars a pop in the Suiteshop. The previous LE interiors have been priced as 100 Stardollars, so I’m a little unsure what caused the reduction.

I hope everyone else got there in time and got what they wanted! Have a nice day.

Also thank you to those who notified me of the releases six/seven hours ago. It was very sweet of you’s  to do so.


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Stardoll Christmas/Seasonal Make-up Tutorial

Thankfully I have finished my tutorial tonight. Woohoo!




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Stardoll December Hotbuys 2010

This is the last Hotbuys of the year, that makes me feel sad.

I love the four dresses/gowns. I’m not sure about the two jackets but I’m sure they will be lovely when they are released in Starplaza. I think it’s a perfect Hotbuys collection to end the year, a nice Seasonal theme. Although I can imagine the Lace Dress and the Long Gown to be 20 Stardollars or even more.

Here is a calendar that marks all the dates of the releases:




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New Stardoll Game- Gingerbread Factory

To play the game: http://www.stardoll.com/en/games.php?id=1553

It’s officially the most boring game on Stardoll. All you to is re-create the Cookie on the right hand screen- and there’s not even an High-score list.

You can send cookies to all your friends with a link, which I think is a lovely idea. So my fellow readers here is my Gingerbread Man/Cat for you:


Don’t eat it too quick now ;).




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