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Limited Edition Spring 2012 Released!

I am contradicting myself here, however I take my statement back. This collection is a bit of a mix-and-match and from how the store is arranged it does not seem, as I said before, “well pieced together”. Looking at the snapshot I posted above I hardly think the last outfit works with the rest – besides the black trim. Altogether the collection – on some levels – doesn’t suit the overall theme. It’s not so bad that it looks like a blindfolded person scrambled the store together, but I think there could have been a better selection of items. Perhaps Stardoll were trying to find something to suit a variety of tastes, I just think it could have been executed a little better. However each individual item is neat and nice on its own.

While I was creating the spoilers I counted seventy-two items altogether. I thought because this was perhaps the most expansive collection we have seen for a while that it would be the cheapest. I think pricing 85 Stardollars for one tiny top is a little much, but with more people buying membership and such, Stardoll need to find a way to make sure the entire store doesn’t sell-out within three hours of opening. The shoes and accessories were priced decently, as well as the skirts, however I think the tops and dresses could have had a little switch up here and there.

Items that have appeared in this year’s spring collection are nothing new to be honest. We’ve seen Stardoll create similar items. Not identical but I can still see some similarities between past collections and what we are supposed to buy at present. Still it is an overall neat bundle of items and no doubt will sell out by the end of the week.

Currently as I am writing three items have sold out. As always with LE if you have  seen something within the spoilers that you really want it’s best if you get there as soon as you can. The logo within Starplaza hasn’t been updated and the bags appear to be that of the previous collection’s.

I hope those who intended to buy some LE got what they wanted in the end. If you didn’t then it’s not problem as there will another LE collection within the next three months. No use virtually crying over spilt pixels.



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New Antidote Collection Released.

If this was ever branded as Limited Edition – no matter what the designs were – at least one third of the collection would be close to selling out by now. It is true that almost every member identifies LE as the more desired brand. Surprisingly enough, this Antidote collection seems reasonably priced – in comparison to previous collections and other limited edition stores. None of the items reach over 100 Stardollars. So I wouldn’t be afraid to say that almost all Superstars could afford one piece of Antidote – if they save their Starcoins.

When it comes down to limited edition tagged stores, the cheapest items – most likely sunglasses- sell out the fastest. I did not reach the laptop that early, but by the time I had arrived only one item had sold out. This was the Banded Black Pleather Boots. They wouldn’t be something I would personally buy, but it’s understandable. A “cheap” versatile pair of Antidote boots for 35 Stardollars isn’t too bad at all. The sunglasses have been left practically untouched. Another popular item was the Blue Long Extensions. It has just sold out as I am writing. I bought them myself, mainly because they do remind me of a certain Vocaloid. Side-tracking here.. I did create a make-up tutorial which was unreleased. I should really find the clip and get it edited.

I think Stardoll has hit a mark by producing the store’s background as purchasable interior – as they have done with LE in the past. I was tempted to buy the carousel, however I know nothing will ever become of it. My favourite item has to be the Kitty Cat Purse. So adorable! Overall it isn’t such a bad job. Graphics-wise I think some of the items could have been produced a little better, but I think the main shocker was the price tags. I have to say, some of these items are being sold for Tribute prices. Perhaps Stardoll learnt their lesson? Selling a pair of drawers for 100 Stardollars will not guarantee anything. Lets just hope this one sells out in time . .




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New Otherworld Floor Released.

Short post. 

A darker theme than the previous floors, but nevertheless the Stardoll crew still managed to reinvent the store. After the Galactic theme they have almost toned down it a notch and brought us a handful of items that would be far more wearable.

I would not go as far as to say this has been my favourite floor so far, as it does seem “empty” for me personally. The definite stand outs are the Headdress, Dark Lace Wings and shoes. The Hot Lava Hermes Sandals are my favourites due to the bold colour and wing. It slightly reminds me of the Vivienne Westwood pair that I used to drool over, but these pair are more in your face. I usually see members on the Catwalk who stick wings on with any outfit – that doesn”t quite glue together – and so with the gigantic Lace Wings I would have to say you’d need a pretty extravagant outfit to balance it out – or additionally with some heavy accessories.

The decor is as lovely as always. One day until Christmas and they’ve added a few creepy yet seasonal tagged items. Prices range from 8 to 14 Stardollars which isn’t too drastic.

Other than that Merry Christmas Eve! And also Merry Christmas for the folks a few hours ahead.

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New Killah Collection Released in Starplaza

Another Killah collection presents itself. Being honest here, I feel that the outfits and main clothing pieces are lacking something. The reason why RealBrands on Stardoll such as DKNY and Vivenne Tam succeeded and are still being sought after is due to the fact that outfits and also the individual pieces looked good as a whole. The jackets from Killah seem to be missing “something” or perhaps that is the beauty of it – its simplicity. Although, personally, I expect more from a RealBrand store. The standout for me has to be the Shirley Dress. It is perfect for layering and just as great on its own.

As much as I find the majority of the clothing deprived of that special sparkly RealBrand dust, I adore the accessories! It’s not everyday we see interesting yet wearable head-gear and bands being released in Starplaza. The Rose Headband and Hat Headpiece are just gorgeous. My single favourite piece in the entire collection is the Headphones. They are a great addition to something of a casual outfit, that bring some amount of life into it, and these just sit on your doll’s shoulders. Others that we have seen in the past tend to be chunky in size and a little out of date. I am not so interested in the shoes. They too are also in the “deprived” department for me.

RealBrands are now appearing to be releasing a small amount of suite decorations. So if you’re looking for a Killah painting or table for 25 Stardollars a piece, then hop on down to your nearest Killah store in Starplaza.

Overall I think it’s a pretty good collection. Prices are decent and the accessories are the bee’s knees.


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New Otherworld Ancient Floor Released.

I almost forgot how much I used to love the Otherworld store.

The graphics are very astounding for just a typical Stardoll store. Well it’s not necessarily a typical store as such, but it isn’t a brand like Limited Edition or Antidote. The prices are decent for such items, in my opinion. The design fits extravagantly well with the theme. A major difference in comparison to the previous three floors. We’ve had the cold and lights pastels, but are suddenly in a warm and colourful environment. It shows versatility within the store.

The decor items are still at top notch. The clothes aren’t above or below the standard of the decor items, they’ve just got the right balance. The Enchanted Rhododendron was the first thing my eyes caught, it’s all pink and lovely. We have some animated decor items – the Pink & Blue Fire. I think it would have been a nice touch to have the Giant’s Mouth running, although I could understand that it’d be technically challenging and highly expensive.

What is surprising with Otherworld clothing is that the outfits are so nicely pieced together, that you expect individual items not to fit in together with other brands such as Bisou or LE. They work amazingly well with layering and they can be pieced successfully within an outfit that isn’t dominated by Otherworld clothing. They’ve showcased what Otherworld does best – long floor length skirts. They certainly haven’t disappointed.

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New Minimalism Store Released in Starplaza.

Once again I spoke to soon.

As Stardoll previously tweeted, the Minimalism decor store has been released today. The first floor includes all the new items that have been added to the Minimalism brand. Some are very interesting and I would consider buying a few of the items if it were not for the heavy price-tags.

One the things that puts me off decorating my Suite is the amount of Stardollars it takes to extensively decorate one room. I would be more satisfied with spending that amount on buying a few dresses and what not. The Berry Cake Bed sounds delicious, looks great but costs 25 Stardollars. The Stacked Glass Table reminds me of the LE Decor collection yet in comparison only costs 15 Stardollars. Overall the graphics are great but the prices, for me personally, is what really lets it down.




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New Moschino Tribute Store.

A new Tribute was released yesterday. I wasn’t online at the time so this is why the post is a day late.

To begin this post, I have to say that the style and colours of the collection isn’t to my taste. They’re lovely pieces of clothing but there’s not much that I would stick on my doll. I like a few individual items but the outfits and collection as a whole? Not my cup of tea.

I really like the two long flowing skirts. They’re not of the same standard as the gorgeous Lanvin pair, but nonetheless they are still pretty decent and something that I would possibly buy – in the future. I love the headbands! I don’t think they will replicate the success of the DVF Bows that were released last year but they’re a great addition to any outfit.

What always makes me chuckle is that every time I start off with a negative introduction to any store, I always try on each individual item on my doll and find out that I actually like a lot of pieces. The Floral Jacket being one of them. I love the almost silk-like texture and the slightly bright pink collar. It’s quite adorable. We don’t see much white stilettos within Starplaza and I think they look fantastic, they only cost 12 Stardollars. I adore the cute little scarf on the Lollipop Jacket – it’s one of those items that I wish were sold separately. I adore the coral bow belt!

Prices range from 10 Stardollars – for a pair of Sunglasses or a Headband – to 28 Stardollars for the Gingham Breeze Skirt. Overall a very surprising Tribute store. It’s not cheap as such, but it doesn’t hurt your purse compared to the others.




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