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Starbazaar LE Re-sales Spring 2012

Items that have been bought from today’s LE collection can immediately sell them within their Starbazaars. Normally we have to wait until the following LE collection is released to sell our items, but perhaps this is an error on Stardoll’s behalf.

I was flicking through comments on USD and noticed that the collection has been released earlier then taken down again. It might have been because of this error that we are now allowed to sell LE.

This is good news as items that have already sold out can be bought without waiting for a long period of time. Although some members are pricing these items ridiculously high so they can gain a +100 Stardollar profit.

It kind of defeats all logic. Surely if a seller knows that another member can buy the same item within Starplaza for -200 SD of the price, they wouldn’t price it so high. At least wait until the item has sold out.

If you want to find yourself a bargain, visit the Starbazaar Search page and have a look around.

This glitch might be fixed within a couple of days.




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