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Valentine’s Dot. Scandinavian Popshop. Valentine’s Pass.

It certainly seems that the last collection released from Dot was donkey’s ago. I always look forward to make-up releases on Stardoll. The Beauty Parlor can be a very restricting place where one can only do so much before the limits occur or your doll ends up looking like a dog’s dinner. There is not that much freedom involved, unlike in real life. If you want to apply vine-like eyeliner from the corner of your eye down to your cheek there is nothing stopping you – on Stardoll there is.

The colours are very striking, almost flashy without verging on the step of neon. I have had a little taster with the shadows and I have to say they blend extremely well. I usually don’t allow my doll to wear such bright colours but I am finding it pretty simple to just add a thin layer of the bright/dark shadows with a White overlapping as to tone it down. The applicators, in comparison to ordinary Dot products, are stubby and small in size. Perhaps it is down to the fact that I have not had a proper Beauty Parlor session for a while, although I do feel that this new collection’s shadows glide a lot easier than say to Sephora or any other shadows on Stardoll. I prefer the applicators with a smaller stem as I feel like I am in more control of the brush itself.

The packaging of the Valentine’s collection is similar to the colour palette in a sense that it is eye-catching and colourful. I think we tend to associate Valentine’s with dull pinks and rosy reds, so I like the fact that Stardoll went for something a little alternative and adding some energy back into Dot. My favourites are the brow pencils and mascaras. This is mainly due to the fact that Stardoll is adding a different range of colours rather than re-introducing the usual norms.

This collection doesn’t deserve the “Dark-shadow-on-the-outer-corners-main-colour-swamps-the-rest-of-the-entire-eyelid” treatment, however I am tired. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves when folks create tutorials where they use this exact same format over and over again. Add some funky liner – mix it up!

My first play-around. One of the great qualities of this collection is that it isn’t just solely for Valentine’s day. It isn’t all pink fluff. You can actually make some really unique looks using the variety of bold reds and pinks, as well as the darker tones of blue and purple.


It’s sleek, classic and simplistic. These are the kind of items you are most likely to find in your own home. It’s not outlandish and the prices aren’t over the top.

Stardoll are stealing our money again! The greedy $?%*#@!!!

Seriously I couldn’t care. Every time a pass or something that basically “benefits” paying members is released we, as a whole community, start verbally attacking our doll’s makers. I personally do not believe that offering a good deal to members is greedy. You do not need to buy it. It is just there if you want it. What I would call greedy: If I paid Stardoll £5 for 1 month membership and they only decided to give me two weeks (even if that is unlawful) or even charging far more than £5.

These passes are good for overall deals. My membership was running out and I felt like my Stardollar count was broken so I thought I may as well. As I am (hopefully) attempting to gradually separate from the five year long attachment between Stardoll and myself, I haven’t made things easier.


I am completely in the dark when a new Youtube video will be made. Teachers speak of up and coming assessments, however there are no specific dates so I cannot plan ahead. To make things up I may just post another Make-up In Real Life entry. I also have circle lenses arriving tomorrow so it would be lovely to review them at some point in time.

Tatty byes!



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Miss Stardoll World Pass

Pretty good deal. Not too bad at all as we’re basically saving £1 altogether with extra benefits. In order to save money, if you’re willing to spend money on this site, I would suggest you purchase special deals. The big Summer Pass really helped me stop the large amounts of top-ups on membership and stardollars I would usually purchase during the holidays. I probably would have spent twice the amount if it was not for the special deal.

It’s a small little offer but could help you in the long-term. It’s quite sad that Stardoll are using this big event on the site to try to grab pennies from our purses again. I just thought more money would be plugged into the site as the majority are scrubbing up their suites and sending broadcasts.



School work is starting to build up. Next week is quite a busy one with assessments, essay, video, catching up through textbooks and more homework. No Youtube tutorial this week,  as I have a video to make on the filmic style of a famous director for English on Sunday. Shall be fun. Have a great day folks and thank you for being ever so patient!


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Stardoll Summer Pass. New Starcoin Tasks.

So the 2011 Summer Pass has been released. I forgot to post about it earlier.

It is relatively worth the money. In the UK it costs £8 for 3 months and 333 Stardollars and that’s got a lot more value than the usual options. Sure we’re not receiving a lot of Stardollars but it saves everyone topping up for three months. I hate going through the lengthy procedure at the end of every single month to top up – it’s irritating to say the least.

You can pay with Credit Card, Mobile Phone and Paypal. There was some confusion yesterday on some blog when someone made a post about how Stardoll were “stealing our money” when the writer didn’t realise that – in some countries -in order to receive the Summer Pass you had to send out multiple texts.

As well as getting the nice membership and stardollar package from Stardoll, you also receive 15 free gifts.

*Half of Lel not included*

I favour the Decor items and the Interior than to the clothes – which to me are a bit of a let down. They’re nice and all but I don’t think the Metallic Dress and Dark Boots really reminds me of “Summer”. The airplane is pretty cool and I really like the design of the holey screen – although I don’t really see the practical point in having an almost bare screen, but it’s something pretty and decorative.

I love the colours of the Interior, when I seen it in the spoilers I thought it was going to compliment the Beach Villa but obviously not. Other than that, the items were a bit of a hit and miss for me but the entire Summer Pass deal is of good value and if you are willing to spend a large lump of money on Stardoll then I’d recommend buying it.

*Forgot to post this the other day as well*

There is now three new tasks to earn Starcoins. Pretty easy ones like Play a Game and Dress-up a Celebrity Doll. The game I’d always recommend to play is Gardening as it only last for 2 minutes maximum and to dress-up as a celebrity is easy. Just click Save as soon as you reach the doll’s dress-up page. To create your own dress-up doll costs 8 Stardollars so it’s definitely not worth spending that amount of money just to earn 3 Starcoins – I’d recommend doing other tasks. Link below of my Starcoin Guide.




Sorry today I’m just not in a blogging mood. It’s one of those days where you log into Stardoll a happy chappy and then several irritating discussions between people take place and it just irks me. Some people just do not take hints or are just immature. Only thing productive I’ve really done is shorten my friends list from 21 pages to 12 – woohoo. I’d recommend in doing so because it shortens the amount of Covergirl/Sale Spam in your Chat and I seriously did not talk to everyone my friends list.


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Easter Pass

I’m sure everyone has received this in their dolly mail boxes:

The cost of the Easter Pass:

The Easter Pass is actually quite decent. Normally for one month Superstar and 200 Stardollars, UK members have to pay £5. Although due to the Spring Pass this is only £4 and we receive nine gifts. It is not something I would purchase just for the sake of owning the gifts or saving money (it’s only £1 you are really saving here). It is a nice little convenience  for those members who just happen to be running out of Superstar Membership or who are willing to top up their Stardollars.

Nothing special. May be the long blue dress but from these gifts, I’m not really feeling “Easter”.

So I’m guessing soon we will be seeing the Summer Pass and probably another Summer Blow-out again. Typical.




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Valentine’s Pass – Just an excuse?

So I received this in my Dolly Mail Inbox and I’m sure everyone else has.

In this post I was going to discuss the greediness of Stardoll – using any excuse to grab our money. Yet I’ve only realised that in actual fact, it is the same deal as any ordinary 1 month Superstar Membership Code except you receive 31 days instead of 28 days and you also receive 5 free gifts.

Just when I topped up my membership a couple of days ago . . I may be tempted to buy more membership again. .




Sorry for the lack of posts and other bland topics, I am in the middle of choosing my subject choices for my 4th Year in High School. I need to be really careful about these things as these are the subjects that will get me into university/college as I sit my exams earlier than anyone else. Choosing my subject choices for 4th year when I haven’t even sat my exams yet for 3rd year – strange isn’t it? Hah, that’s just the way it works I guess.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! For all those who do not know – its the Year of the Rabbit. Other year’s of the Rabbit are 1999 or 1987. ^-^


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New Stardoll Offer- Reload 50%

Stardoll is milking us all dry. They offer this after the Holiday Pass? I suppose Holiday Pass was more about the membership and this is all about stardollars . .

I bought a £3.95 Stardollar pack and got 100 Stardollars free. It came in handy though, since Sunny Bunny was just released.



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Free Stardoll Holiday Pass Items

Stardoll haven’t updated much today and I’m really trying to focus on my next Youtube tutorial so I don’t think I’ll have some time to rant about anything as of yet. I’m still in the process of making my Behind the Scenes post here although I’ve taken different snapshots from different videos, just because I go through the same procedures in every single video.

I know Stardoll doesn’t make it clear what the 11 free items are so I may as well post a little snapshot for everyone. My favourite items are the Sequin Dress and Gray Lace Skirt.

*The multicoloured dress came free when I bought upgraded my membership, it was not part of the Holiday Pass items*





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