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Limited Edition Holiday Collection 2011 Spoilers?

Not all these items will be within the next collection. Every year other spoilers are included that are not from LE, but you can mostly tell they’re from LE by the quality and style of the graphic.

All of these are LE items.

The fluffy collar, black belt and the Green long-sleeved top both have a small imprinted LE logo. I think it looks great from an accessory point of view – the black hairband and golden roses are my favourites – but I’m just not too keen on the clothing. The Green outfit reminds me of Poison Ivy, but taken by the colour scheme it does seem very festive and seasonal.

I hope the collection is released this week, if not it may be out by this coming Monday. Stack up on your Stardollars if you’re hoping to snag a piece.

In the meanwhile, there are still a small batch of Antidote. I am certain they have stated previously that a new Antidote collection will not be released until this collection has sold out. Pity.


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Chanel Holiday Tribute Store Released.

After being released without a store to hold them, disappearing from Starplaza altogether and an accessory glitch we finally have our Chanel Holiday Tribute Store.

The designs were taken from the Chanel Fall-Winter Collection 2011/12. If you are interested in viewing the real life versions then visit the Official Chanel website here:


(Numbers 5, 23, 30, 37, 62, 59, 43,33, 47, 42, 71, 73 and 15)

Last night I was looking through club discussions, observing people’s reactions to the Chanel Tribute. I came across a few comments upon “lazy”/”messy” graphics. They were referring to the Cloud Crossover Minidress, in which if you look closely you can see slashes of various shades of grey. However, I believe that Stardoll intended to do so.

Image of the right is from No. 55

I think that some outfits within the store are lacking, in comparison to other stand-outs. Normally we tend to view the dresses or long skirts as the biggest showstoppers in the majority of Tribute Stores, however I feel myself being drawn more towards the accessories. The handbags are gorgeous. They’re not so big that they’ll take up your entire outfit, but small enough that they’ll add a slight ounce of character to your doll.

On the first floor to the farthest right – that outfit does not seem to combine together with the remaining mannequins. It’s not terrible, but I don’t feel it fits in with the theme. The cardigans were a bit of a let down, but I bet with a little layering or addition of some killer accessories it could turn things the other way round.

My favourite items are the White Perforated Belt (10 Stardollars), White Tulle Ruffle Skirt (24 Stardollars), White Collared Blouse (20 Stardollars) and Gold Cuff Bracelets. It’s a Holiday Tribute, so I don’t think the prices were doing to be dropped or raised significantly, but the majority of items are very versatile so I would think of it as an investment in your dolly’s wardrobe.

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Stardollars Now Unlocked For All.

I am a little puzzled by people’s’ reactions. I assumed that by being given this opportunity, that the majority would be happy. After all Stardoll are handing out more privileges to everyone. However there have been quite a few negative comments posted within the Official Stardoll Blog on how it may not be fair on Superstars (including Royalty members) and where do Starcoins go from here?

Starcoins were never welcomed to in open arms – it has to be said.

Beforehand all members could only earn 40 Starcoins a day, Superstars could only transfer a maximum of 500 Starcoins (50 Stardollars) per session. Now, all members can earn 50 Starcoins a day, Superstars can transfer a maximum of 1000 Starcoins (100 Stardollars) all month long. I am unsure whether the exact limit if 1000 Starcoins per month, as I think this new update still needs to settle down and for ourselves to adjust to the information we have just been given.

If the exchange between Starcoins and Stardollars are still only available to Superstars, then I suppose this part of the new update will only entirely benefit those Ex-Superstar members who still have Stardollars left in their purses. It’s not really a win-win situation, but I believe they are doing their best in balancing the equality between the members.

They have also slightly changed the format of the way we purchase Stardollars and Membership. As you logged in, you may have noticed that “More Stardollars” is in a far more bolder border and font – drawing attention to the eyes. Now we do not need to go through the first page, instead we are sent directly to the payments with two different tabs.

More rooms are available to unlock for everyone, which all in all is a good update.

When updates, such as this, are released the big debate is always around the corner on whether or not each range of member is being treated fairly. Majority of community based online websites charge, so I do not see why Stardoll should differ. It’s not a charity, it’s mainly a running business. If you look back to the old ages, you can see now that everyone is being treated far more fairly. Members have suggested in the past for Stardoll to introduce back the old Stardollar system for those Ex-Superstar members whose Stardollars were locked away. They can only provide so many privileges to those who are non-paying members. Of course it’s not fair, but that’s life. I think that the majority can agree there should be at least one form of system where Non-Superstars have the opportunities in balance with Superstars, like the one day specials, but for a longer period of time that has to be earned.

They say on the newsletter to visit the Official Stardoll Blog for more information, however I find the comments far more useful in terms of explaining matters. Let Stardoll know what you think in the comments section if you wish. I would like to add that continuously swearing and not suggesting other variations will not aid you in persuading Stardoll or do much good in providing a better and more just system.



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Otherworld Space Opera – New Collection.

It just keeps getting better and better.

Some will say that Otherworld clothing are “unwearable” or difficult to incorporate in casual outfits, but if you simply take one piece and build/layer upon it I’m sure you can find yourself pleasantly surprised. Okay, perhaps not the Lizard Body suit but I hope you catch my drift.

I like to admire the decor items, but being a non-decorator I stay away from the feature as much as possible. If I was ever going to decorate another room, I’d definitely take a few tips from Otherworld. I love both of the beautiful galactic flowers as they’re just simply gorgeous. Our little extraterrestrial friends are adorable in their goo and fluff. The Medusa fascinator is quite a spectacle. We haven’t seen such unique headpieces before.

How fitting that today scientists think they may have discovered that one of Jupiter’s moons has liquid water underneath its surface, which means it could essentially support some basis of life. I don’t know the specifics, but it was something I remember watching on the news.


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New Stardesign Feature: Jewellery

Oh how exciting! I am certain that the majority of members enjoy the designing aspect of Stardoll. It’s a pleasure wearing another’s or your own creations on your doll, as it gives you almost a degree of freedom from the usual staff-made items within Starplaza.

We have already seen most of the designs within Starplaza before, but it’s not as if we can create our own patterns. It’s choosing colours, material and adding charms. Five charms adds 1 Stardollar to the overall price. My favourite items are the plain stud and collection of hairbands. Sometimes when you wear an outfit you just need to add some finer details and the earrings within Starplaza are very outlandish, if not quite expensive for a piece of jewellery.

The jewellery ranges from Glasses (one is tinted), hairbands, tiaras, headbands, earrings, chokers and necklaces. The prices aren’t too bad – unless you decide to get creative and add a handful of charms. It ranges from 3-5 Stardollars and as mentioned before, 1 Stardollar per 5 charms.

Fit for a princess


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New Doree & Polished Collections.

It’s very sweet and artificial. I like the colours of the dyes, with exception to the yellow. I do love me some pastel colours, and what a better way to get tucked into Winter than with a selection of baby pinks and lilacs with a hints of warm reds and beige. I was never the type to purchase all dyes that were released from Doree – much more of a make-up person if I say so myself – but recently the store has really grown on me. Thanks to some experimentation in the Beauty parlor and kicking myself for not having the right dyes for certain tutoriasl – not literally I hasten to add.

I’m not a Polished person and I shouldn’t honestly comment on this as, to be fair, I haven’t touched my doll’s nails since the feature arrived. There’s some lovely colours, but not so nice enough that it’ll make me want to spend 12 Stardollars on something that is practically hidden by either gloves or long voluptuous dresses – unless somebody accidentally drives their pointer towards my doll’s nails, but it’s not a feature that I am very fond of.


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October & November Hotbuys 2011.

I wasn’t here when the October Hotbuys were released and so I think it’s appropriate for me to place it in with the Novembers’s instead of not acknowledging its existence. 

I love the colour palette of the November Hotbuys. It’s all very casual and understated, easy on the eyes. Sometimes Hotbuys tend to be a little OTT or consist of items that are hard to adjust to various styles. I’ll say this and say it again: I’m not a fan of Leopard print. The beret is cute yet I personally wouldn’t wear this. However, the wrap cardigan with the fringe detail is my least favourite item out of the ten. It’s challenging to judge items by this format as we do not have a chance to position this on any form of doll, but from the snapshot above I’m not liking what I’m seeing. I have a T-shirt exactly like the Suspender top so it’s lovely to see it’s going to be released in Starplaza next month. The texture of the feather purse is greatly detailed and just perfect for our Autumn dollies. I am certain that we’ve seen something very similar to that of the dress. The strapless form and voluminous shape with the stripes rings a few bells.

Here again, as always, is a calendar of November noting the releases.


This has to be one of my favourite Hotbuys collection of the year. I do not like all the items above, but the ones that do catch the eye without a doubt. I do find the Black version of the Star Purse a teeny bit tacky. It reminds me of the cheap merchandise we receive during member milestones. The skirt appears to have a light price-tag – compared to other Hotbuys skirts we’ve seen these past few months – and the leather studded pattern looks superb. I love different kinds of tights on Stardoll and the colours or prints they are produced in and it’s only a few days away until the tights are released, much to my joy. I don’t see the necklace and shoes being the strong point of October’s, but they have their own sense of character and edge. Looking at the snapshot I would have assumed that the dress would fully cover your Medoll. When I first placed the dress on my doll I was a little shocked.


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