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Limited Edition Spring/Summer 2011 Released!

I wasn’t expecting the collection so soon.

Being completely honest here – I don’t like it.

The colour is far too harsh for the eyes, I despise neon and especially lime. The hot pink I can deal with. I can’t see the “LE-ness” in this collection, it seems more of an Antidote season release. I’m not certain if I feel this way because we all associate Antidote with edgy and modern styles, while with LE we always see some elegant and high-class designs.

The cheapest item is any of the Bikini bottoms priced at 10 Stardollars and the most expensive item is the Origami Feather Dress priced at 250 Stardollars.

Shopping bags

Usually there are four floors of Limited Edition, so I wonder why there is only two this time round. I hope they don’t repeat the one-collection-release-every-day that occurred during the Autumn 2010 LE collection, although I highly doubt this.

Thankfully due to the Spring Surprises members received Stardollars to purchase even more Limited Edition. All I know is that there is a big cluster of those stupid diamonds next to my wardrobe (my LE diamond wall is getting too full!).

The graphics aren’t as good as the previous collections. I’m not sure if cheap, rubber and tacky were on Stardoll’s priority list. It seems like the collection was done in a rush, keeping in mind that the graphic designers had the Pet-a-porter pets and also a few months ago the LE Decor.

Even Antidote still has a few items left for sale (Thanks to KALEEx for letting me know). Poor Antidote, Limited Edition is always the most favoured limited store.

Has anybody else bought any LE items? Or do people believe that it’s just a label and a waste of money?





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