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Limited Edition Spring 2012 Released!

I am contradicting myself here, however I take my statement back. This collection is a bit of a mix-and-match and from how the store is arranged it does not seem, as I said before, “well pieced together”. Looking at the snapshot I posted above I hardly think the last outfit works with the rest – besides the black trim. Altogether the collection – on some levels – doesn’t suit the overall theme. It’s not so bad that it looks like a blindfolded person scrambled the store together, but I think there could have been a better selection of items. Perhaps Stardoll were trying to find something to suit a variety of tastes, I just think it could have been executed a little better. However each individual item is neat and nice on its own.

While I was creating the spoilers I counted seventy-two items altogether. I thought because this was perhaps the most expansive collection we have seen for a while that it would be the cheapest. I think pricing 85 Stardollars for one tiny top is a little much, but with more people buying membership and such, Stardoll need to find a way to make sure the entire store doesn’t sell-out within three hours of opening. The shoes and accessories were priced decently, as well as the skirts, however I think the tops and dresses could have had a little switch up here and there.

Items that have appeared in this year’s spring collection are nothing new to be honest. We’ve seen Stardoll create similar items. Not identical but I can still see some similarities between past collections and what we are supposed to buy at present. Still it is an overall neat bundle of items and no doubt will sell out by the end of the week.

Currently as I am writing three items have sold out. As always with LE if you have  seen something within the spoilers that you really want it’s best if you get there as soon as you can. The logo within Starplaza hasn’t been updated and the bags appear to be that of the previous collection’s.

I hope those who intended to buy some LE got what they wanted in the end. If you didn’t then it’s not problem as there will another LE collection within the next three months. No use virtually crying over spilt pixels.



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Limited Edition Spring Spoilers 2012


Hello there! Here are the spoilers all jammed together.

*One pink waist band belt is missing from this picture*

Whilst categorising all the items together, I never really noticed the underwater theme until I reached the interior. I suppose the seashell purse was a bit of a give-away, but other than that it just appears to be any other Limited Edition collection. Compared to the previous LE collections we’ve seen within the past year, this stands out as a more fitted and pieced together work of Stardoll’s. Although not everything will suit various member’s tastes, there’s still something for everyone. I don’t think it’s the best LE we’ve seen, but I don’t think it’s damn ugly.

Previously I could not care less about LE shoes. Perhaps one or two, but this collection’s are something a little special. The belts all stood out for me as well. The clothes are okay this time round. I can definitely see some items that will sell out first, however I only spot a handful of items that I wouldn’t mind buying for my doll. Although it ever so slightly resembles the Paperbag Waist Skirt from Spring 2010’s collection, I still wouldn’t mind buying the  Black and Pink Skirt for my little dolly.

The LE store – currently as I am writing – still appears and is not in the works. However this collection could possibly be out by tomorrow morning/afternoon. Prices (usually) range from 25 Stardollars up to 250 Stardollars, but I don’t need to tell you that. It’s LE.



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Limited Edition Holidays/Winter Collection 2011 Released.

I do not wish to fully say that this collection was a massive disappointment as it seemed like a rushed job, because it sounds very spiteful, but to compare this collection to those from the past – this one fails in my eyes. I got there very late due to school, and almost all the items have sold out bar the disappointing ones. I think there is a reason for that. That Cerulean Faux Feather Dress looks far more suited to a store like Rio at the price of 14+ Stardollars and yet it appears that it has just managed to slip on a LE tag at the price of 225.

I am not the sort who buys items only for their brand, so I wouldn’t even dare think of buying – what I see as – the horrendous leftovers. A lot of the items shined, especially the accessories, but I did not see any continuity within the floors or the collection as whole. The graphics were well done on most, but it fairly slipped on others – Gold Karat Sequin Boots I am talking to you.

I am a little disappointed in missing the Bunny Ears, Moto Jacket and Fur Cardigan but when you’ve just came out of Sociology class after finishing Marxism and beginning to go more in-depth over Feminism, it honestly puts everything in perspective. Plus I have a stack of Stardollars that were unused, so I’ve saved some to actually attempt to decorate my suite – whenever that is. I think, since the first collection, this is the only other time I have spent under 120.

Three interiors have also been released at 75 Stardollars a pop in the Suiteshop. The previous LE interiors have been priced as 100 Stardollars, so I’m a little unsure what caused the reduction.

I hope everyone else got there in time and got what they wanted! Have a nice day.

Also thank you to those who notified me of the releases six/seven hours ago. It was very sweet of you’s  to do so.


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Limited Edition Holiday Collection 2011 Spoilers?

Not all these items will be within the next collection. Every year other spoilers are included that are not from LE, but you can mostly tell they’re from LE by the quality and style of the graphic.

All of these are LE items.

The fluffy collar, black belt and the Green long-sleeved top both have a small imprinted LE logo. I think it looks great from an accessory point of view – the black hairband and golden roses are my favourites – but I’m just not too keen on the clothing. The Green outfit reminds me of Poison Ivy, but taken by the colour scheme it does seem very festive and seasonal.

I hope the collection is released this week, if not it may be out by this coming Monday. Stack up on your Stardollars if you’re hoping to snag a piece.

In the meanwhile, there are still a small batch of Antidote. I am certain they have stated previously that a new Antidote collection will not be released until this collection has sold out. Pity.

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Limited Edition Decor Autumn 2011 Released.

For some strange reason I am not feeling the LE “hype” that customarily follows the run-up to a collection i.e. the spoilers being released and the aftermath. Personally I prefer the Limited Edition clothes collection far more than to the Decor. The Decor items are wonderfully executed, but I dislike decorating my Suite to such a high degree. I am a little uncertain with the concurrent theme, somewhere between the lines of modern furniture and wildlife?

We all love a little animation in our suites, so it’s no wonder why the elevator had completely sold out by the time I reached the store. It’s a lot to pay for one item of furniture, but I am sure everyone can agree that a lot of effort has went into creating such a piece. Small LE printed items have also been a hit with the members. The cute teency bottles, candles and books were priced at 30 and 20 Stardollars a pop. I would have liked to get my mitts on the bottles, but small labeled items like those listed above tend to sell out the quickest. It shows that we all (well the majority) want a piece of LE, no matter how large or small. LE’s prices can verge on absolute absurdity, yet most members of Stardoll still buy into it – including myself.

The interiors this time round are very modernistic and refined If it weren’t for their prices I would have bought them both. I was going to say that they were half the price in March, yet sadly my old posts prove me to be incorrect. I honestly do not know why I bothered buying the previous interiors then. It’s stylish and all, but these days you can’t be too reckless with your Stardollars. There’s bound to be a limited edition-type store around the corner sometime soon.


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Limited Edition Summer 2011 Collection Released.

I had no idea the collection of Limited Edition was going to be released today.  When Stardoll stated through the e-mail that it would be “released this week” I assumed they meant the weekend, so I was completely unprepared for the collection arriving this afternoon. The Limited Edition collection was released around 2 o’clock (GMT Time) – I was watching Hairspray in Biology by then. Irrelevant information inserted there.

One thing I can say is that this collection, compared to the previous, is slightly more welcoming to the human eyes. I love pastel colours so I think up to date, this collection has been my favourite just due to the colour palette itself. Unlike the “Spring” collection that was released in April, this really says Summer and I love the LE logo this time round.

Very pink and pretty.

What surprised me was the variety of clothing and accessories that were available. Usually everything follows the same theme and with Summer collections it can get very sickly with florals, pinks and yellows etc. Although with this collection there is a wide range of clothing from the quite dark Boa Robe Dress to the pastel lilacs of the Lilac Fringe Purse – yet it all combined into a lovely LE collection.

The items that I think are the massive stand-outs that stole the show are the Cygne Royale Dress and Boa Robe Dress. I think they are just beautiful and Stardoll used an amazing set of colours as well as talented graphic skills to create these magnificent pieces of virtual clothes. Funny how they are the most expensive items.

Cheapest items were the Bikini Bottoms at 20 Stardollars. Most expensive item is the Cygne Royale Dress at 250 Stardollars. Massive difference there.

First items that were sold out were the accessories that were only priced at 30-40 Stardollars – which included the Sunglasses, Pink Flower Wreath, Hair Decoration and Floral Necklace. Decent items at decent prices, they were bound to sell out first. I think almost everyone on Stardoll wants a piece of LE, it’s reminiscent of the real life designer handbags – everyone from each social class wants a piece of it.

To be honest it wasn’t that amazing or great or fabulous, I tend to think that people overrate LE sometimes just because of the hefty prices. They are pretty items but at the end of the day it’s a lot of real life money that paid for these virtual clothes.

This time round I only bought eight items, I definitely know I’m going to wear these pieces in the future because they’re right up my street (i.e. They’re the type of clothes that I like to purchase on Stardoll – and I don’t mean the label).

I hope everyone who wanted to buy something, got there on time.

Final words: The bags this season were gorgeous, so much so that I didn’t want to open them.



FORGOT TO MENTION: I’ll be working on my next tutorial on Friday. I’ve been getting a lot of celebrity requests and as much as I dislike creating them I think I may create a Beyonce & Rihanna tutorial. Reasons will be posted later or whenever. New Spotlight section coming soon but it’s my fault there has been a slight delay.


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Limited Edition Spring/Summer 2011 Released!

I wasn’t expecting the collection so soon.

Being completely honest here – I don’t like it.

The colour is far too harsh for the eyes, I despise neon and especially lime. The hot pink I can deal with. I can’t see the “LE-ness” in this collection, it seems more of an Antidote season release. I’m not certain if I feel this way because we all associate Antidote with edgy and modern styles, while with LE we always see some elegant and high-class designs.

The cheapest item is any of the Bikini bottoms priced at 10 Stardollars and the most expensive item is the Origami Feather Dress priced at 250 Stardollars.

Shopping bags

Usually there are four floors of Limited Edition, so I wonder why there is only two this time round. I hope they don’t repeat the one-collection-release-every-day that occurred during the Autumn 2010 LE collection, although I highly doubt this.

Thankfully due to the Spring Surprises members received Stardollars to purchase even more Limited Edition. All I know is that there is a big cluster of those stupid diamonds next to my wardrobe (my LE diamond wall is getting too full!).

The graphics aren’t as good as the previous collections. I’m not sure if cheap, rubber and tacky were on Stardoll’s priority list. It seems like the collection was done in a rush, keeping in mind that the graphic designers had the Pet-a-porter pets and also a few months ago the LE Decor.

Even Antidote still has a few items left for sale (Thanks to KALEEx for letting me know). Poor Antidote, Limited Edition is always the most favoured limited store.

Has anybody else bought any LE items? Or do people believe that it’s just a label and a waste of money?




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