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150 Million Members & New GameZone.

All these milestones have become a bit of a bore – until now. There’s always the cheap merchandise and nice neon balloon stating how many people across the world have managed to finish the oh-so difficult task of filling out the sign up form. Whether or not they stay, pay or do anything with their 43rd multiple account is their own choice.

Thank you to Faith in the comment who pointed out that the mysterious 150 Stardollars were a part of the big celebrations. While I was still in the midst of a big confusion, I sent Stardoll a message and here was their reply:

You have to be restrictive when you are giving so much away, so I do not blame Stardoll. However their first principle of “You missed your time to spend 150 Stardollars even though we didn’t notify you of said events.” is a little . . well inconsiderate.

Thankfully Stardoll (or so I hear) decided to update this and gave everyone 150 minutes to spend their 150 Stardollars. I logged into my account just after midnight to be welcomed by an informative paragraph of text, went to the main page and the 150 Stardollars had already been taken away. Now I’m not too pissed that I missed my chance because I could have easily logged in earlier and done something useless with this delightful freebie, nor do I blame Stardoll because their so-called “greedy mittens” got their hands on my time-limited amount of coins.

I still think 150 Stardollars is a lot to give and for Stardoll to hand this out to all of their paying members is undoubtedly unexpected. I think people discuss Stardoll’s “greediness” to such an extent on every level that we sometimes fail to realise that they aren’t all out there for our purses – although I’m sure they would like it if we did hand over a little something.

150 Stardollars in 150 minutes isn’t so bad. Next time something similiar comes up there needs to be a bit of spring in notifying members at the correct time and not so much in a complicated way – I’m talking about in the beginning.

Competition to win 150 Stardollars: http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=2168

I wish this range could have been released out four months earlier. It would have made my Mario-ish themed room a lot neater and simpler. I could ramble on about how much I detest decorating my suite and the lack of funding, but I think we’ll decide to end the post here.




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New Doree Released.

The new collection of Doree seems like something just to match the latest edition of Dot. The colours again are extremely vibrant and possibly dyes we’ve seen before. The packaging of Doree has changed. This being that it is not only one model – but actually three with a range of different hairstyles and skin colour. It is a nice thought that Stardoll has updated Doree. The vast majority of the dyes seem “new-ish” bar the Lavendar Dove. Usually with a new set of dyes the exact same colours are also released as highlighters. Now this isn’t the case as we only have three highlighters, but I am honestly not too fussed.



My account has gained 150 Stardollars out of the blue – not even appearing anywhere in my transactions. It has been a very strange day. I think I have visited almost +100 accounts within the past thirty minutes – hope people in TRR. do not mind especially if someone was saving all the requests up. I was bored after two hour long Chemistry revision, hence why I decided to write this (practically) pointless post.

Toodle pip.


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New Antidote Collection Released.

If this was ever branded as Limited Edition – no matter what the designs were – at least one third of the collection would be close to selling out by now. It is true that almost every member identifies LE as the more desired brand. Surprisingly enough, this Antidote collection seems reasonably priced – in comparison to previous collections and other limited edition stores. None of the items reach over 100 Stardollars. So I wouldn’t be afraid to say that almost all Superstars could afford one piece of Antidote – if they save their Starcoins.

When it comes down to limited edition tagged stores, the cheapest items – most likely sunglasses- sell out the fastest. I did not reach the laptop that early, but by the time I had arrived only one item had sold out. This was the Banded Black Pleather Boots. They wouldn’t be something I would personally buy, but it’s understandable. A “cheap” versatile pair of Antidote boots for 35 Stardollars isn’t too bad at all. The sunglasses have been left practically untouched. Another popular item was the Blue Long Extensions. It has just sold out as I am writing. I bought them myself, mainly because they do remind me of a certain Vocaloid. Side-tracking here.. I did create a make-up tutorial which was unreleased. I should really find the clip and get it edited.

I think Stardoll has hit a mark by producing the store’s background as purchasable interior – as they have done with LE in the past. I was tempted to buy the carousel, however I know nothing will ever become of it. My favourite item has to be the Kitty Cat Purse. So adorable! Overall it isn’t such a bad job. Graphics-wise I think some of the items could have been produced a little better, but I think the main shocker was the price tags. I have to say, some of these items are being sold for Tribute prices. Perhaps Stardoll learnt their lesson? Selling a pair of drawers for 100 Stardollars will not guarantee anything. Lets just hope this one sells out in time . .




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2012 January Antidote Spoilers.

It has certainly been a while since the last Antidote collection was released. Stardoll stated themselves that until the collection sold out, there would be no new collection on the works. I presume they got tired of waiting? The last collection was not the most versatile and only a few items shone out for me.

Antidote has always been the little sister (or brother) to LE. To express this in K-pop terms: I see LE as more of a SNSD kind of thing, and Antidote as more something suited to 2NE1. It isn’t as well refined and is more about colour, abstract design and something alternative. This time round they’ve gone with something of a funfair/amusement park theme. When I saw the gigantic elephant I immediately thought of Banksy.

Picture source: didntyouhear.com

I would probably have to see the clothes up and proper in Starplaza before I could say I would definitely buy a piece. I am unsure on what date this will be released, but I’m guessing on a weekday. Maybe as earliest as Monday?



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New IdentiTee & Basics Decor Released in Starplaza.

I have been away from the laptop for just under a week and arrive online to see this. Okay, so it’s a little different. These are not pieces I would force my own little doll to wear, but kudos to Stardoll for just trying something a little different. They cannot forever produce Dior inspired floor length gowns or Gucci Tributes – I think that would become very tedious. I think the only one-piece suit I’ve ever owned was when I was an infant. They’re very popular in the UK for lounging in at the weekends, but that is all I know.

Altogether there are eight one-pieces, all in a wide variation of styles and also paired with accommodating slippers. At 15 Stardollars a pop, it does not convince me to go out and buy one. However the bunnies one-piece reminds me a lot like Cinnamorrol – despite being a dog.

Picture source: kaboodle.com

Furniture that is available for everyone! Rejoice! Of course this isn’t going to be something extravagant – hence Basics in the title – however I think they’ve done the job well. I have to admit, the prices are a little steep here and there. Being a non-enthusiastic decorator I would have no clue what to do with these items, but I’m sure those talented members out there will figure out to do some jazzy things.


Yes I am still alive. Regarding the recent posts and messages I have been receiving: I am not leaving. I’ve just recently become tired of the entire entity that is Stardoll – and all magical things that it contains. Beforehand I used to treat Stardoll as a daily commitment, but now I will just decide to log in whenever I can or want to.


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New Youtube Video: Futuristic Insp. Stardoll Make-up Tutorial.

With the outlandish first look I just had to make something a little more wearable. Sadly the make-up limit was driving me crazy. It is almost becoming impossible to create eye make-up for two eyes. When it happens I have to resort into using the Starpoint hairstyle into covering the other eye. As always, if you do not have any of the make-up featured then substitute for other products that you currently own.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

I don’t know what is going to happen to this blog from now on. I’ll probably just be writing weekly and logging into Stardoll when I can be bothered.


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Stardoll January Hotbuys 2012.

After having to endure a long list of pretty tempting Hotbuys to ignore throughout the month of December, Stardoll has given us a break for January.

I cannot help of being reminded of the dashing Fifty Pence – from the CBBC Television series M.I.High – when I stare at that one beast of a hat. Probably something that I would not consider buying, but with all that fluff on your doll’s head it will be sure to keep her warm and toasty. I have to say that I am not a massive fan of neon bright colours, however I’ll accept the shoes and nothing more. I think the Glitter Dress is lovely, but I cannot help to think that I’ve seen a similar design somewhere before. Perhaps not an exact replica, yet still very close. Sadly my favourite item, that being the Hearts Leggings, is not going to be released until the 22nd.

Overall it is a bit of a hit and miss. So here is the first calendar of 2012 to mark the release dates.




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