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A Few March Updates; April Hotbuys, Epiphany Eggs, Sunny Bunny. Next Tutorial?

There’s probably so much more than those listed above.

No calendar this month because I’m knackered and everyone else is doing it so there’s basically no point. 

April isn’t the strongest we’ve seen to be perfectly honest. The first item to catch my eyes were the Mid Boots – which seem appear to be very stubby in my opinion. Other than the Pleather Skirt, Jacket and Leggings everything else seems a little washed out and bland in comparison. I think it’s a big challenge to create an outfit with various Hotbuys items because they always scream,”Look at me! Look at me!” before anything else. After looking at April’s bunch and studying them for a little longer I kind of just went, “Meh.” It’s plainly obvious that Stardoll understands that members will lick up anything with a Hotbuys label on it (good or bad), so I am unsure whether or not to call this a half-assed effort or just a bad selection of items. I would really like to say something more positive about April, however what I truly want is those hairstyles.

Somehow these candy-coated diamond-encrusted eggs remind me those made by the Fabergé company. Why not, instead of spending your pennies buying a real yummy chocolate egg, you can instead purchase one at the expense of your dolly to add something sweet to your suite? It is a wonderful idea, however I don’t feel that there is any reason for me to go purchase one right now in Starplaza. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it! Spending 30 Stardollars on a perfectly printed egg seems a bit of waste to me if all it’s going to do is sit on a table or lie next to my old Pet-a-porter dog. A great update for those who really want to get into Easter festivities and dedicate an entire room to do so – but for I feel no need. A nice little update and a great use of the Epiphany name, however it’s just not for me and neither are the prices.

There’s nothing like a little Sunny Bunny to brighten your day.

It’s always an exciting moment when a new collection is on the horizon. It’s unconventional, tacky and a lot less sparkly than Epiphany however it still remains as one of my favourite stores. Stardoll have packed the new floors with interesting hair-pieces and *squeal* BOWS! The little creature jewellery pieces are nice too  . . Great for themed wacky outfits or an eight-year-old. I think my favourite items were the Floral Headpiece and Turquoise Diadem. Yes, they are a lot simpler than all the other items and aren’t the show-pieces of the new collection, but I love them all the same. I begin to wonder if Sunny Bunny and other jewellery stores will lose their appeal if StarDesign items are beginning to become more popular. Stardoll’s designs have more finesse to them, however with StarDesign the possibilities are, almost, endless.



It’s been a while since my Youtube page has actually seen some work. Thanks to the majority of folks who have been waiting patiently for a new tutorial – I’ve spoken to quite a few on Chat these past few weeks. I am off school for now, so fingers crossed this blog and the Youtube channel will see some form of activity before I get into my exam schedule.

It’s all recorded and I may add another face in the next hour or so. I have previously expressed that I would like to create a K-Pop inspired make-up tutorial. I know it’s the beginning of spring (for the northern-hemisphere) and the new Dot collection has been released, but when I have spoken to folks about the videos the same two topics come up.

1. Please use items currently within Starplaza

2. Please make it cheap to recreate – i.e Don’t use twenty different items again

Celebrity inspired tutorials are a little differ from the usual ones as although it’s all about the make-up, I would have to say that the face makes up 85% of it. Park Bom’s (from 2NE1) isn’t anything new, but I tried as best as I could to at least make the doll look somehow like her. The second look is inspired by the make-up from Miss A’s Touch MV – I loved it so much! A nice way to perk up a plain black look.

Hopefully something will appear on Youtube tonight.



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Stardoll February Hotbuys 2012.

Months just fly by.

I wouldn’t go as far ahead and say it is the best. Although in comparison to January it does honestly seem like it. This month has some sort of “theme” where the majority of the individual items combine together some way. Stardoll have definitely produced far better sunglasses, I am not too keen on the very thin frames. I have expressed my dislike towards leopard print so that coat and suitcase is out the window for me. The item that I look forward to is the Polka Dot Romper – which I probably will not purchase. The rest, for me, are so-so but I am not so enthusiastic about Hotbuys. With ten items being constantly released every month – and sometimes are ridiculous prices – it can get very repetitive. I hope this year Stardoll up their game and produce far more collective months with spontaneous themes. No matter how ridiculous, people will always buy it.


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Stardoll January Hotbuys 2012.

After having to endure a long list of pretty tempting Hotbuys to ignore throughout the month of December, Stardoll has given us a break for January.

I cannot help of being reminded of the dashing Fifty Pence – from the CBBC Television series M.I.High – when I stare at that one beast of a hat. Probably something that I would not consider buying, but with all that fluff on your doll’s head it will be sure to keep her warm and toasty. I have to say that I am not a massive fan of neon bright colours, however I’ll accept the shoes and nothing more. I think the Glitter Dress is lovely, but I cannot help to think that I’ve seen a similar design somewhere before. Perhaps not an exact replica, yet still very close. Sadly my favourite item, that being the Hearts Leggings, is not going to be released until the 22nd.

Overall it is a bit of a hit and miss. So here is the first calendar of 2012 to mark the release dates.




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Hotbuys & Holiday Advent Calendar 2011 Released.

All I want for Christmas iiiiiissssss yooooouuuuuu (Mariah Carey style)!

Every Hotbuy collector must be quaking in their Hotbuys Ugg Boots. I joke.

Not only has Stardoll surprised us with one calendar, but now we face another of a far more – what one would say – fashionable substance. The first items have been released at the prices of 6 Stardollars and 32 Starcoins, which isn’t too bad for a Holiday Calendar. I seriously hope we do not see some 30 Stardollar Hotbuys dress on Christmas day or something of the sort.

Last year was filled with a bucket full of bargains in addition to cheap and cheerful graphics. Let’s just wish that this year it will be the same.



Rebecca Bon Bon spoilers – judging by the items and to the RB logo. My paws just want to grab for that yellow hairband.

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December Hotbuys of 2011.

It seems strange that it appears to be only 8 Hotbuys – when it clearly states 10 within the snapshot. It almost seems like an advent calendar. Mind, each year Stardoll always releases a Holiday/Seasonal Advent Calendar so is this some strange branch of an entire project? Or as a gift we’re just receiving eight (or ten) within the first days of December.

For the last time of 2011, here is a calendar marking the dates of the eight releases that I could only find.

The heels and LCD Television appear in question marks so one would assume Stardoll are keeping it under wraps.

I’m not going crazy over any of the Hotbuys. I think the Cat Hat is cute, but I find the others lacking in the department. I’ve never been into decorating my suite and therefore you could say that I would not see any point of interest in the decor items – which is completely true. The fish bowl seems interesting, but when it comes down to it I know I wouldn’t buy it. I think it’s quite humorous that Stardoll are sticking the Hotbuys brand onto decor items now – they’ve released a customised pet Dog in the past.

In actual fact it seems pretty bare. I hope all will be revealed in the meantime.

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October & November Hotbuys 2011.

I wasn’t here when the October Hotbuys were released and so I think it’s appropriate for me to place it in with the Novembers’s instead of not acknowledging its existence. 

I love the colour palette of the November Hotbuys. It’s all very casual and understated, easy on the eyes. Sometimes Hotbuys tend to be a little OTT or consist of items that are hard to adjust to various styles. I’ll say this and say it again: I’m not a fan of Leopard print. The beret is cute yet I personally wouldn’t wear this. However, the wrap cardigan with the fringe detail is my least favourite item out of the ten. It’s challenging to judge items by this format as we do not have a chance to position this on any form of doll, but from the snapshot above I’m not liking what I’m seeing. I have a T-shirt exactly like the Suspender top so it’s lovely to see it’s going to be released in Starplaza next month. The texture of the feather purse is greatly detailed and just perfect for our Autumn dollies. I am certain that we’ve seen something very similar to that of the dress. The strapless form and voluminous shape with the stripes rings a few bells.

Here again, as always, is a calendar of November noting the releases.


This has to be one of my favourite Hotbuys collection of the year. I do not like all the items above, but the ones that do catch the eye without a doubt. I do find the Black version of the Star Purse a teeny bit tacky. It reminds me of the cheap merchandise we receive during member milestones. The skirt appears to have a light price-tag – compared to other Hotbuys skirts we’ve seen these past few months – and the leather studded pattern looks superb. I love different kinds of tights on Stardoll and the colours or prints they are produced in and it’s only a few days away until the tights are released, much to my joy. I don’t see the necklace and shoes being the strong point of October’s, but they have their own sense of character and edge. Looking at the snapshot I would have assumed that the dress would fully cover your Medoll. When I first placed the dress on my doll I was a little shocked.


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Stardoll September Hotbuys 2011

*Sorry this post is a bit late*

Not my favourite month so far but there’s a few items that caught my eye straight away – like the dog. Have we ever seen an animal tagged as a hotbuy? Perhaps with the positive feedback from the Lanvin Artemis and Athena skirts, Stardoll decided to add another of a similar style to this month’s Hotbuys. Looks pretty great but I’m sure that price tag is going to tip the scales. I think its safe to say it is (sort of) animal themed? The Cheetah top, the Leopard Print Jacket, Snake-skin/Crocodile skin tote, Roar Tee and the wee dog. All in all I think I’m more excited for the earrings than anything else. None of these items stand out from the page on its own, I’m more interested in the models. Their hair is gorgeous – although one of the hairstyles is just the short Superstar hair with a bun on top.

I have to say, it’s a lot bolder and wilder than previous months. It’s been wishy-washy with pastels and pinks  and now it’s starting to feel like Fall.

As always, here’s the monthly calendar that marks the day of a release.




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