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Voile Holiday Boutique 2011 Released.

I had assumed that Stardoll had abandoned all seasonal stores, from the likes of Tingeling Halloween Couture. The quantity of the store has declined. If I remember correctly, last year we had the store filled with mannequins with an equal amount of floors.

There’s not a lot of candy displayed, but there are a few toffees amongst the hard-boiled sweets. I don’t know about you but I think the Purple Organza Structural Gown is so pleasing to the eyes. However I think we’ll see many dolls alike wearing this dress with heels and a silver clutch in the left hand – it would be a challenge in attempting to layer. So some of the items may look drab and a little lacking, but they are great items for layering. The Black Severe Cut Gown reminds me of Hilary from the Dragons’ Den.

I always remember the fantastic accessories that accompanied the long gowns and sparkly skirts. This year it is noticeable that the store is quite bare. The shoes and berets are favourable but there’s nothing there to really feast upon.



Unsure whether or not I will attempt to write Stardoll Through The Years – 2011. Last year’s post nearly chewed my fingers. I will however do a 2011 Picture post, as one of my new years resolutions is to kick this blog up the backside and start discussing things in real life I am actually interested in. Stardoll is still there but sometimes there is just nothing  left to say.


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Alpine Chalet. Winter Peak. Starbazaar Jewellery. DVF Holiday Tribute.

Basically it is all the updates I have missed this past week due to my poor excuse of idleness.

I read this message the other day and thought that it sounded like a perfect opportunity to get started on decorating my suite after the disappointing LE collection. Then I got to Suiteshop. 249 Stardollars. I think we’ll first stick to finishing the Beach Villa.

It is an awful amount of stardollars, but I am sure our talented community of suite decorators that we have on this site will come up with some interesting and unique chalets that we can all “Oooh” and “Ahhh” at. Personally, I have never been much of a decorator. I think it is possibly due to the fact that right from the beginning it was always about the dress-up dolls for me and messing with my rooms did not interest me in the slightest.

The Alpine Chalet honestly looks stunning and I am sure the team behind this project placed a lot of hard work into this new feature.

To accommodate your lovely and fresh-from-the-packet Chalet, are some wonderful suite decorations. If you have not purchased the Chalet then you will not be able to buy any of the items featured in the Winter Peak store – much like Beach Villa and Golden Sands.

After browsing through all the items I actually want to go and snap up the Alpine Chalet, however it is nearing Christmas and with the budget for gifts being blown way out of proportion this year, a top-up is not on the cards. Items such as the Jacuzzi, Sauna and Fireplace just make you want to put the kettle on and cosy up on the sofa with your snuggle pillow. Winter has steadily arrived over here in the UK – it is a very British “thing” to moan about our terrible weather – and I think I may in fact be ill by Christmas day. Stardoll has captured the heart of those warm lie-ins and the very windows of the soul to the adorable seal pup.

I do have on final thing to say. The ice bed honestly reminds me of the Ice Hotel – remembered by the entertaining Blue Peter episode many moons ago while I was still stumbling through childhood. So I went to have a look on their official website, and hey presto!

I think most members indulge in finding things in real life that are pixalized onto Stardoll.

A well awaited feature indeed.

I cannot describe how many suggestion posts within the Official Royalty Club have mentioned the words “Starbazaar” and “Jewellery” together. I presumed they would change the limits because paying 500 Stardollars for one necklace is a little much I would say, even if it has “Hotbuys” slandered over the price tag.

Now we can make a bit of pocket and sell our StarDesign Jewellery items. Thus meaning we can save the bother of completing the strenuous task of attempting to create hairstyles or masks out of charms ourselves and quickly buy a piece from someone else for perhaps half the price. I am half-joking. I have seen hairstyles go up for 500 Stardollars within Search over many refreshes.

Back to the point. I am not going to be selling anything – surprise surprise – and I do find the prices a little daunting as one would not usually pay even 100 Stardollars for a pair of sunglasses in Starplaza (with/without the LE or Hotbuys label), so never mind Starbazaar.

I do not see this replicating the status – as one would say – of its past relative of 2010. It is a lot more conventional that Dior, but still a little lacking in some areas. The simplistic tops and skirts are just not doing it for me as they are slightly drab and over-priced. On the other hand we have lovely pieces such as the Embellished tights – bought straight way by yours truly – and the Embroidered White Jacket.

The accessories are well worth your time. I think I would buy a pair of DVF Sunglasses over a Dior head piece any day of the week, if I am to be honest. We all love a good clutch and Stardoll have provided us with a small yet bewitching ranges of purses to choose from. The Stripe Dress reminds me of a beautifully wrapped present. It’s probably not what the designers were going for, but hey, it’s a Holiday Tribute. The brand “Gucci” is being spread about, so that is something to look forward to in the next few days or so.

This post took a long slight U-turn here and there, but we finally got there in the end. Get the Quality Streets out and I’ll set up a game of Cluedo. Have a good evening folks!


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Dior Holiday Tribute Released.

This was a little unexpected. While having a look around I think a handful of items from Dior were of a better standard than the “bad nuts” of Monday’s Limited Edition collection.

I doubt the headpieces from Dior will be the next DVF bows, but there are some very unique sorts that Stardoll has provided our dolls with – some far more wearable than others. Overall, I think the Dior items will be more suited to layered outfits as they have a bold design, but lack texture and a third dimension. Also in the mix are strong pieces of statement necklaces and fancy earrings. Filled with a mixture of bold colours, these pieces really make the collection stand out – especially from the more conventional Chanel.

Items such as the Gift Wrapping Dress and Pastel Wave Jacket almost jump out of the screen and grab your attention. They’re not the type of clothing that we usually find in Starplaza and perhaps slightly more “wackier” in a sense than your traditional mac or pastel-coloured dress, but they can really boost or be centred round an outfit if you get your tones and layers right.

The skirts this time round are of a far shorter length than say to Lanvin’s, probably not to such a high graphical standard but nevertheless still as pleasant. The shoes are below par, but when you have a gigantic cone of your head I don’t think you want a pair of intricately designed shoes to distract attention away from your head.

Prices are decent, especially the accessories, and ranges from 4-34 Stardollars. Not too bad for a Holiday Tribute, I have to say.


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Hotbuys & Holiday Advent Calendar 2011 Released.

All I want for Christmas iiiiiissssss yooooouuuuuu (Mariah Carey style)!

Every Hotbuy collector must be quaking in their Hotbuys Ugg Boots. I joke.

Not only has Stardoll surprised us with one calendar, but now we face another of a far more – what one would say – fashionable substance. The first items have been released at the prices of 6 Stardollars and 32 Starcoins, which isn’t too bad for a Holiday Calendar. I seriously hope we do not see some 30 Stardollar Hotbuys dress on Christmas day or something of the sort.

Last year was filled with a bucket full of bargains in addition to cheap and cheerful graphics. Let’s just wish that this year it will be the same.



Rebecca Bon Bon spoilers – judging by the items and to the RB logo. My paws just want to grab for that yellow hairband.

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Spoilers – Holiday Calendar?

UPDATE: Piano is a part of a promotional campaign – not seasonal campaign.

An adorable yeti, reference to the 1946 film It’s A Wonderful Life, a house that is good enough to eat and a gigantic Grand Piano? Altogether these items scream festive season so I jumped to the conclusion that these might be a part of the 2011 Holiday Calendar. A stocking was released in Starplaza today that was a part of no particular brand, but I could not find a calendar within the Home Page. It might just be a new festive store, but the idea doesn’t seem very likely.

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Limited Edition Holiday Collection 2011 Spoilers?

Not all these items will be within the next collection. Every year other spoilers are included that are not from LE, but you can mostly tell they’re from LE by the quality and style of the graphic.

All of these are LE items.

The fluffy collar, black belt and the Green long-sleeved top both have a small imprinted LE logo. I think it looks great from an accessory point of view – the black hairband and golden roses are my favourites – but I’m just not too keen on the clothing. The Green outfit reminds me of Poison Ivy, but taken by the colour scheme it does seem very festive and seasonal.

I hope the collection is released this week, if not it may be out by this coming Monday. Stack up on your Stardollars if you’re hoping to snag a piece.

In the meanwhile, there are still a small batch of Antidote. I am certain they have stated previously that a new Antidote collection will not be released until this collection has sold out. Pity.

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Chanel Holiday Tribute Store Released.

After being released without a store to hold them, disappearing from Starplaza altogether and an accessory glitch we finally have our Chanel Holiday Tribute Store.

The designs were taken from the Chanel Fall-Winter Collection 2011/12. If you are interested in viewing the real life versions then visit the Official Chanel website here:


(Numbers 5, 23, 30, 37, 62, 59, 43,33, 47, 42, 71, 73 and 15)

Last night I was looking through club discussions, observing people’s reactions to the Chanel Tribute. I came across a few comments upon “lazy”/”messy” graphics. They were referring to the Cloud Crossover Minidress, in which if you look closely you can see slashes of various shades of grey. However, I believe that Stardoll intended to do so.

Image of the right is from No. 55

I think that some outfits within the store are lacking, in comparison to other stand-outs. Normally we tend to view the dresses or long skirts as the biggest showstoppers in the majority of Tribute Stores, however I feel myself being drawn more towards the accessories. The handbags are gorgeous. They’re not so big that they’ll take up your entire outfit, but small enough that they’ll add a slight ounce of character to your doll.

On the first floor to the farthest right – that outfit does not seem to combine together with the remaining mannequins. It’s not terrible, but I don’t feel it fits in with the theme. The cardigans were a bit of a let down, but I bet with a little layering or addition of some killer accessories it could turn things the other way round.

My favourite items are the White Perforated Belt (10 Stardollars), White Tulle Ruffle Skirt (24 Stardollars), White Collared Blouse (20 Stardollars) and Gold Cuff Bracelets. It’s a Holiday Tribute, so I don’t think the prices were doing to be dropped or raised significantly, but the majority of items are very versatile so I would think of it as an investment in your dolly’s wardrobe.

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