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New Glam ‘R Us.

Correct me if I am wrong, but has the store also had a re-vamp?

We haven’t seen a new batch of Glamorous for some time now – I think perhaps since summer – so it is refreshing to see the store being injected with some new life and better quality of items. The new batch mainly consists of big and bold Tribal-like jewellery.

It has that essence of Epiphany, however the prices are far more lighter. Some of the earrings are absolutely massive, so much so that I want to grab my lobes and squeal. Only kidding. There are a few creepy-crawlie items, some of which I would actually be prepared to wear. Items like this would bode well with heavy make-up – I’m thinking more along the lines of the Leopard Print Liner tutorial. I would see the necklaces being used a centre-piece within an outfit or the starter point. I made this outfit within a couple of minutes using the Stud Rubin Necklace.

Might change my doll’s outfit after this . .

Overall a nice new boost to the declining/half-dead store that once was Glam ‘R Us. Ten out of the twenty-one items are tagged with Starcoins, which isn’t too bad at all.



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