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New Glam ‘R Us.

Correct me if I am wrong, but has the store also had a re-vamp?

We haven’t seen a new batch of Glamorous for some time now – I think perhaps since summer – so it is refreshing to see the store being injected with some new life and better quality of items. The new batch mainly consists of big and bold Tribal-like jewellery.

It has that essence of Epiphany, however the prices are far more lighter. Some of the earrings are absolutely massive, so much so that I want to grab my lobes and squeal. Only kidding. There are a few creepy-crawlie items, some of which I would actually be prepared to wear. Items like this would bode well with heavy make-up – I’m thinking more along the lines of the Leopard Print Liner tutorial. I would see the necklaces being used a centre-piece within an outfit or the starter point. I made this outfit within a couple of minutes using the Stud Rubin Necklace.

Might change my doll’s outfit after this . .

Overall a nice new boost to the declining/half-dead store that once was Glam ‘R Us. Ten out of the twenty-one items are tagged with Starcoins, which isn’t too bad at all.



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New Year 2012 Popshop Floors Released.

In the UK we use the New Year as an excuse to consume intolerable amounts of poison down our bellies. On Stardoll we open up a decor store. Only joking.

 There are a lot of items within the two floors that can be easily placed within floors with no association with the new year. I think that’s lovely. I really like the interior, perhaps not enough to buy it, but nevertheless I tried searching for it within the Suiteshop to no avail. We’re a big fan of windows on Stardoll, I have to admit, and these are a slightly variation from that of the New York floors. That being the window is slightly open. The Bowler Lamps are adorable, if they came with portable moustaches too.

Altogether I do not honestly think it blends well together as an entity together. However, counting each item individually, I am sure they will brighten many suite rooms. I try my hardest to write these decor posts, but being extremely non-enthusiastic over my suite decorations I cannot say much.


Thanks for the NCG today, and once again, apologies to those who were campaigning on the day. One more thing, I think someone has bloody well cracked it! Thank goodness, I never thought we’d get there after numerous posts on the Starblog.


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New Hottest Design Update.

I just spotted on Twitter that Stardoll had updated their blog:


So now when you visit the Hottest Design Page we have three sections; Fashion, Jewellery and Interior. Winning awards on Stardoll is seen as something of a “big deal” and thereby introducing more ways for members to receive recognition for their hard work, will hopefully give the majority of members to have a trophy of their own. Having a collection of trophies for the sake of gaining a status is not something I personally believe in, but I have wrote many posts on the topic of that.

The closed eyes are very popular these days. The majority of Superstar and Royalty members I have stumbled across these past few days have applied them to their doll’s faces. It’s a nice idea but I’m a make-up gal at heart. It’s great for those who do not have such a large quantity of make-up in their parlors.

I hope this does not result in a lot of Mail and Chat spam.



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Voile Holiday Boutique 2011 Released.

I had assumed that Stardoll had abandoned all seasonal stores, from the likes of Tingeling Halloween Couture. The quantity of the store has declined. If I remember correctly, last year we had the store filled with mannequins with an equal amount of floors.

There’s not a lot of candy displayed, but there are a few toffees amongst the hard-boiled sweets. I don’t know about you but I think the Purple Organza Structural Gown is so pleasing to the eyes. However I think we’ll see many dolls alike wearing this dress with heels and a silver clutch in the left hand – it would be a challenge in attempting to layer. So some of the items may look drab and a little lacking, but they are great items for layering. The Black Severe Cut Gown reminds me of Hilary from the Dragons’ Den.

I always remember the fantastic accessories that accompanied the long gowns and sparkly skirts. This year it is noticeable that the store is quite bare. The shoes and berets are favourable but there’s nothing there to really feast upon.



Unsure whether or not I will attempt to write Stardoll Through The Years – 2011. Last year’s post nearly chewed my fingers. I will however do a 2011 Picture post, as one of my new years resolutions is to kick this blog up the backside and start discussing things in real life I am actually interested in. Stardoll is still there but sometimes there is just nothing  left to say.

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Merry Christmas – (& A New Tutorial)!

And with the new tutorial . .

Just for laughs, here’s the last year’s. Looking back I think the Winter Wonderland look has been one of my favourites.

This year instead of waiting up until midnight for Father Christmas I’m working. Oh how time flies by. I really wanted to get five looks nailed into one video, but because of the strict deadline  I couldn’t finish the tutorial the way I wanted to. All three looks are incredibly simple – and I think they can be easily worn in different seasons.

I am not that kind of person who really goes all out for Christmas. To be honest, I hate turkey. As my family is not religious, when I was younger I just used to see the festive period of the year as a way of getting any toy I wanted. Although as I have gotten older and siblings have left the nest and there’s only me around, I see it as a lovely time of year to stuff yourself full of food and enjoy each other’s company for one night. I know once I am in my twenties I won’t have that comfort around me. It is a sad thought as it’s not great to think of yourself growing some distance between your family and yourself, but it’s the horrible truth – actually some teenagers might be grateful to leave their parents.

I also look forward to the Doctor Who Christmas specials. They are always a delightful treat at 7pm.

Have a great day folks!


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New Otherworld Floor Released.

Short post. 

A darker theme than the previous floors, but nevertheless the Stardoll crew still managed to reinvent the store. After the Galactic theme they have almost toned down it a notch and brought us a handful of items that would be far more wearable.

I would not go as far as to say this has been my favourite floor so far, as it does seem “empty” for me personally. The definite stand outs are the Headdress, Dark Lace Wings and shoes. The Hot Lava Hermes Sandals are my favourites due to the bold colour and wing. It slightly reminds me of the Vivienne Westwood pair that I used to drool over, but these pair are more in your face. I usually see members on the Catwalk who stick wings on with any outfit – that doesn”t quite glue together – and so with the gigantic Lace Wings I would have to say you’d need a pretty extravagant outfit to balance it out – or additionally with some heavy accessories.

The decor is as lovely as always. One day until Christmas and they’ve added a few creepy yet seasonal tagged items. Prices range from 8 to 14 Stardollars which isn’t too drastic.

Other than that Merry Christmas Eve! And also Merry Christmas for the folks a few hours ahead.

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New Opulence Collection Released in Starplaza.

It’s the height of Stardoll luxury. Oh boy do those price tags make my voice croak.

Once in a blue moon will I attempt to decorate my suite, so to place my opinion out there is like whispering in a stadium of ten thousand. However just because one does not necessarily delve into the field of decorating, does not mean they cannot appreciate the hard work that is evidently placed into these graphics.

So for all those cake lovers, chess enthusiasts, jewel haulers and bathroom loungers – you’s are in for a real treat. Being the immature git, I sat and had a little chortle over the “Golden Throne”. They’ve used an object from everyone’s daily lives and taken a classic spin on it. If we cannot have a golden throne of our own, then why not treat our dolls to one?

The colour scheme just screams splendour and extravagance, from the Chelyabinsk Staircase to the Pillars. I probably won’t buy anything in the future, but if I had a few spare stardollars in my little pouch and an interest in decorating, I am sure you could find a piece of Opulence to fit at least two of your rooms.



Tests this week so this blog maybe a bit lacking plus I am ever so drained of energy and motivation. Sorry to all the chaps on Chat, I just do not feel like talking.

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