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New IdentiTee & Basics Decor Released in Starplaza.

I have been away from the laptop for just under a week and arrive online to see this. Okay, so it’s a little different. These are not pieces I would force my own little doll to wear, but kudos to Stardoll for just trying something a little different. They cannot forever produce Dior inspired floor length gowns or Gucci Tributes – I think that would become very tedious. I think the only one-piece suit I’ve ever owned was when I was an infant. They’re very popular in the UK for lounging in at the weekends, but that is all I know.

Altogether there are eight one-pieces, all in a wide variation of styles and also paired with accommodating slippers. At 15 Stardollars a pop, it does not convince me to go out and buy one. However the bunnies one-piece reminds me a lot like Cinnamorrol – despite being a dog.

Picture source: kaboodle.com

Furniture that is available for everyone! Rejoice! Of course this isn’t going to be something extravagant – hence Basics in the title – however I think they’ve done the job well. I have to admit, the prices are a little steep here and there. Being a non-enthusiastic decorator I would have no clue what to do with these items, but I’m sure those talented members out there will figure out to do some jazzy things.


Yes I am still alive. Regarding the recent posts and messages I have been receiving: I am not leaving. I’ve just recently become tired of the entire entity that is Stardoll – and all magical things that it contains. Beforehand I used to treat Stardoll as a daily commitment, but now I will just decide to log in whenever I can or want to.



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