Limited Edition Spring 2012 Released!

I am contradicting myself here, however I take my statement back. This collection is a bit of a mix-and-match and from how the store is arranged it does not seem, as I said before, “well pieced together”. Looking at the snapshot I posted above I hardly think the last outfit works with the rest – besides the black trim. Altogether the collection – on some levels – doesn’t suit the overall theme. It’s not so bad that it looks like a blindfolded person scrambled the store together, but I think there could have been a better selection of items. Perhaps Stardoll were trying to find something to suit a variety of tastes, I just think it could have been executed a little better. However each individual item is neat and nice on its own.

While I was creating the spoilers I counted seventy-two items altogether. I thought because this was perhaps the most expansive collection we have seen for a while that it would be the cheapest. I think pricing 85 Stardollars for one tiny top is a little much, but with more people buying membership and such, Stardoll need to find a way to make sure the entire store doesn’t sell-out within three hours of opening. The shoes and accessories were priced decently, as well as the skirts, however I think the tops and dresses could have had a little switch up here and there.

Items that have appeared in this year’s spring collection are nothing new to be honest. We’ve seen Stardoll create similar items. Not identical but I can still see some similarities between past collections and what we are supposed to buy at present. Still it is an overall neat bundle of items and no doubt will sell out by the end of the week.

Currently as I am writing three items have sold out. As always with LE if you have  seen something within the spoilers that you really want it’s best if you get there as soon as you can. The logo within Starplaza hasn’t been updated and the bags appear to be that of the previous collection’s.

I hope those who intended to buy some LE got what they wanted in the end. If you didn’t then it’s not problem as there will another LE collection within the next three months. No use virtually crying over spilt pixels.



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Limited Edition Spring Spoilers 2012


Hello there! Here are the spoilers all jammed together.

*One pink waist band belt is missing from this picture*

Whilst categorising all the items together, I never really noticed the underwater theme until I reached the interior. I suppose the seashell purse was a bit of a give-away, but other than that it just appears to be any other Limited Edition collection. Compared to the previous LE collections we’ve seen within the past year, this stands out as a more fitted and pieced together work of Stardoll’s. Although not everything will suit various member’s tastes, there’s still something for everyone. I don’t think it’s the best LE we’ve seen, but I don’t think it’s damn ugly.

Previously I could not care less about LE shoes. Perhaps one or two, but this collection’s are something a little special. The belts all stood out for me as well. The clothes are okay this time round. I can definitely see some items that will sell out first, however I only spot a handful of items that I wouldn’t mind buying for my doll. Although it ever so slightly resembles the Paperbag Waist Skirt from Spring 2010’s collection, I still wouldn’t mind buying the  Black and Pink Skirt for my little dolly.

The LE store – currently as I am writing – still appears and is not in the works. However this collection could possibly be out by tomorrow morning/afternoon. Prices (usually) range from 25 Stardollars up to 250 Stardollars, but I don’t need to tell you that. It’s LE.



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A Failed Tutorial: Brown Eyed Girls.

Last week I was determined to produce a tutorial because I realised that within a week’s time I would be caught up in English essays and mock exams. It didn’t happen as the results were just drab and mediocre.

Backing up here – Brown Eyed Girls is a Korean girl band.

Image source:

The make-up looks are simple so if this were ever to be made into a video tutorial you would need to get the colours bang on straight. Sadly this is Stardoll and we’re only open to such a limited range of colours. Blending can only do so little.

The Medoll face was hard enough, but overall it was just a pain in the neck. I consider myself to have quite a range of colours in my Beauty Parlor, however none of them matched. Top two looks were the most difficult and so I gave up halfway.

I tried. This will never be placed within a video because I honestly I think it’s pretty shit. Sadly I haven’t been on Stardoll this week so it could be in chaos for all I know. I shall see you some other time.


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Things & Other Happenings.

You may spot a slight decline in activity here and on my Stardoll account. As much as I like Stardoll, I no longer feel obliged to log in every single day of the week to earn my Starcoins. Homework is sadly taking up my spare time and to be honest, I just don’t feel like switching the screen recorder on or writing a post.

I missed Valentine’s Day. I was looking forward to a tutorial despite a few impolite requests to get a bloody move on, however I will put my hands up and say: I couldn’t be bothered.  There is no  new tutorial. Not now. Don’t know when. End of. My life does not revolve around video editors and the Beauty Parlor.

I made one look a while back to save for Valentine’s Day. It’ll probably crop up in some other tutorial in the future – whenever that might be.

Stardoll has popped up with all sorts of updates, but I haven’t been active enough to catch up with all of them and I can assure myself that you lovely folks won’t want to read through  paragraphs of some short ramblings over stores I barely have an opinion of. I am working on a new banner. In the past I have stated “Oh people aren’t here to gaze at banners”, but I hate my old doll staring intently at me, as if to say, “You could do so much better.”.

A short post for once, but I just want people to know I am online – although caught up in school work – and maybe sometime soon something worthwhile will pop up here.

My favourite video. Ever.


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The Starblog.

There has been numerous Staroll blogs and members criticising the Starblog and its writers. Many have described it as a lack luster of poor use of the English language and shabby posts with no real content. While being a Starblog writer myself, you can probably guess where this post is going.

Now I have been asked and seen many topics around a handful of clubs full of the same single question: “How do I become a Starblog writer?” Now you may ask what is such the big fuss? Due to most of our fame hungry nature, anything that gives our visitor list a boost sounds like music to the ears. Many others and myself have won NCG trophies because of it. And then I have to hear some _____ about wanting to “help” others. Do not try and fool everyone. As much as bringing awareness to talented members of the community, projects, bullying, charities and good causes – who is honestly benefiting from it in the end? Members spent years gaining a notoriety and then to have something active like the Starblog to come in and give writers a big airlift is almost like a dream come true. Whether your writing quality is up to scratch is debated by others.

I am classified as a “writer”, but I just post the tutorials. My writing is honestly not suitable for the young and impressionable audience of Stardoll – and neither is the majority Stardoll blog material out there. One thing people may not know if that whilst being a writer, you do not have the freedom or say on whether or not your post is uploaded. This being Stardoll, they need to have a double check that nobody isn’t going to post something like porn, an episode of Skins with a big potty mouth or create a post dedicated to bringing shame to an individual member. It makes sense and so Stardoll shouldn’t be judged for doing so.

UPDATE: I have forgotten to add that Stardoll has the authority to edit the pending posts. Articles might be cut down in length (I recall Liz stating that in the past to her posts) and bits can be added. So those who thought that I made up Callie’s introduction within my first post, I doubt Stardoll would ever let me get away with that.

What we post on our own personal Stardoll blogs is highly unsuitable for the Starblog. Do you want to see some gossip blog’s derogatory post within the Starlog? If so, Stardoll would be blamed for encouraging cyberbullying or for even victimising an individual themselves as they had deemed it acceptable it in the first place.

I can agree that the entirety of the Starblog’s posts aren’t much so entertaining than our own-made blogs, however we need that authority so that none of the obscenity we just love to flush outside the website reaches the pure and innocent members who are currently oblivious – as well as not to ruin Stardoll’s friendly image.

The posts are simply, well, simplistic as well as there for some light entertain and guidance. Sure, for you there might not be much there to bite on, but for that reason is it then acceptable for you to go cut the writers down a notch? A demeaning insult and constructive criticism are two different things. One has words full of poison – there to damage and inflict pain on the receiving end – while the other is there merely to help aid the receiver into doing an improved job the following time. I doubt the many members who purposely scream “UGLY.UGLY. i can do sooo much better” at the writers have had much experience in the field. In the end it is your choice to read it. If you don’t like what you’re seeing then you make the change (don’t depend on others to do it for you) or ignore it completely.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but to further push your own and make some stranger on the internet feel like they’re under a microscope to be judged and ridiculed is just not morally correct. Those who choose to do this, I pity you. Please spend your time doing something far more productive.

To those who do criticise writers: try doing a better job under such a heavy spotlight. The Starblog isn’t and shouldn’t be treated like another Stardoll blog on blogspot or wordpress. It needs to be kept friendly and if that resides into tutorials, recipes and what you deem as “boring” updates then what is there to be done? It’s a matter of harmless fun and unlike Blogspot and WordPress, if we make a tiny minute spelling error we cannot edit it one minute later. Those members who target those “ugly” and “hideous” outfits, I would like to see what others would say about yours. Those who think their make-up/nails is “tonnes better” why aren’t you making exceptional tutorials yourself? Those who think it’s unfair that “unpopular” members aren’t featured, are you just asking for an invitation? And those who pick up on the infinteismal errors, I doubt your spell-check is in full gear either. May I remind you that grammatical errors are not a symbol of a lack of effort and dedication. Read through a bunch of my posts and tell me that because I didn’t add an apostrophe or spell “incompitent” correctly means that I didn’t work my ass off to feed you words. Some writers are not fluent in English and therefore, personally, they should not be watched by your correcting glare and zoom scroll.


If anyone didn’t read the post and just wants to ask how to become a writer click below.

You do not gain any membership, stardollars or any rewards in return for your efforts. Instead you are provided, by the community with; harsh words, kind words, spam, visitors, spam, bucket-load of notifications and a bit more spam. This sounds like a paradise for those aspiring “elites” of Stardoll. Oh wait, my apologies, the amazing and helpful elves of Stardoll out there for the greater good of us all. Why I think I might shed a tear.

Being a writer does not make you “popular” or better than anyone else within the community. Having a hundred or so visitors, in my personal opinion, does not make you “famous”. Try name ten different writers. Can’t? There you go.


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I wouldn’t say I have outgrown Stardoll. It’s more of a case of: I’m tired of people’s behaviour and the pure repetitive nature of it all. You make an outfit, get a few nice comments, chat to a few folk, post a couple of discussions on some random club, earn your Starcoins and perhaps have a wee shop about. My routine hasn’t changed one bit in comparison to two years ago.

The so-called “gossip” blogs seem to be always on about how there is literally no “gossip” to post about, there always seems to be at least one anonymous blogger attempting to break the mould and dish out cold hard honesty in every way possible, there’s always a hacking/scamming scandal on the loose and the possibility of two well-known members being the same person. Oh the absolute shock of it all – And sometimes I think we just all pretend that we haven’t heard it before.

There’s always something to drone on about and yet as much as we all write in various ways of how we wish Stardoll would be so much fairer and “EQUALITY FOR ALL” it just doesn’t work out that way. Stardoll isn’t and has never labelled itself as a Utopia. So they use holidays for creating membership packages? Big whoop. I’ve done it in the past, but it gets very tiring hearing about these labelled “money grabbers” at every post I read.

I am only bitter about this entire situation because I’ve taken a couple of days off at a time. It puts things into perspective. I don’t want to do the, “Oh I’ve left Stardoll and my life is SOOOO much better. It’s like I can actually buy clothes in REAL shops now!”, but it honestly does some good to clear your head. Every time I log into Stardoll I get pissed off and want to punch either a massive group of people or some bunch of idiots who have nothing better to do than victimise someone they’ve never met or barely spoke to.

I’ve distanced myself from people because I honestly don’t have anything to add to any conversation. I find that people are either constantly trying to gain something from you are trying to “big” themselves up like a bunch of baboons flashing their asses. People think that because you’ve received the tiniest amount of recognition from doing the most menial tasks online makes you somehow superior to them or somewhat “special”. Pshh. All in all it just attracts to a whole hoard of spam, unnecessary attention and a lot of ass-kissing. You think “Oh this will give me a lot of opportunities to meet new people” etc. There did come a point where at least one conversation a day, just a normal convo suddenly turned and I was asked “Hey, could you possibly advertise me?” Or something along the same lines. Makes me feel so good y’know. Not that people just honestly want to talk to me because they think we could have a nice, normal, casual interaction with one another. Once you close your Guestbook you finally realise who is there because they want to be there and who will only speak to you to spread the “5/5” love in hopes it might gain a few visitors or to just casually say, “Hey! You do know that this person and I are TOTATLLY BFFS!!” – in which case they probably aren’t.

I have never had that many friends on Stardoll. Sure I have 23 pages, but do I even speak to a quarter of these strangers? Oh and there you have your trophy friends – well known members who you may or may not place in your Best Friend list just because you know other visitors will recognise them and say to themselves “Oh they’re Best friends with this dude – ergo they must be cool too”. I have “friends” who like to spam my inbox and chat with current copy & pasted updates upon their bazaars, campaign for some award/project. And to those who I actually like to talk to prefer to hurt me on a frequent basis by creating vindictive fake accounts for attention or create anonymous accounts/comments because they’re too timid to speak the truth. Welcome to Stardoll!

People think that by gaining attention and recognition for something is a positive thing. There’s the nice supportive comments and the hopes that one day you might be able to meet people who won’t stab you in the back, but from my experience it just makes you feel lonely. I know that sounds stupid – especially because we’re talking about the internet – but it’s true. However it has made me appreciate my real life friends so much more.

People create these anonymous blogs and accounts to create a mask. Some times I write full-length posts and then decide to delete the entire thing because I know readers won’t be expecting hear some foul-mouthed rant. I create make-up tutorials but I don’t publish them because in my eyes they are shit and then I make up some excuse to say “Oh hey I’m busy so there’s no tutorial for the next few weeks”. You can use these hidden aids to calm your stress levels or to say what you really feel, but I just somehow think you are left with only a gut trenching feeling in the pit of your stomach – guilt. It is helpful to be as honest as you can because at least you know where everyone stands. I would have posted a nice little review of my circle lenses but to be honest I have to write another English essay and writing these posts and fuelling my anger actually helps me in motivating myself to do something.

You write things and then you instantly regret saying it, although there is that lovely feeling of being able to relax for once. We drape our dolls head to toe in the latest or rarest LE, post our achievements on blogs, have our statistics on full view and hope to one day own a successful project in order to impress others. That’s why we tweet about our latest “bargain” and post our favourite holiday pictures on Facebook. Everyone who owns an account on some social networking site does it. Knowing something that other people don’t makes you feel superior. Striking someone down online and trolling makes you feel superior. Having the pride in liking a band no-one has heard of makes you feel superior. Owning a pair of limited designer shoes and posting them up on Tumblr for everyone to see makes you feel distinguished.

There are those who even go out of their way to make a “Non-elite view on Stardoll” project, but if their project kicks off and into the stratosphere isn’t their purpose then suddenly gone? As much as the Starblog is now up and whizzing, people have been complaining that not much attention has been spared on those who are not very well known. I seriously wonder sometimes if it is because a) They’re bitter and/or envious of people’s/friend’s projects being exploited or b) because they genuinely care.

As much as I would like to say that projects were started up for a good cause (i.e helping others) – they just aren’t. Sure you might be helping those who cannot attain free items on their own or place make-up on their dolls, but who is really benefiting from it all in the end?

I could point at others and myself for being so selfish. I could point at everyone. You might read this and agree. You might be shaking your head right now. The matter of the fact is that tomorrow, in an hour, in a second, in a minute or next week we’ll all go back to our old ways like we always do. Pretty pointless really. We all know we are hypocrites. At least this post served the purpose of updating the blog. Yay.


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Stardoll February Hotbuys 2012.

Months just fly by.

I wouldn’t go as far ahead and say it is the best. Although in comparison to January it does honestly seem like it. This month has some sort of “theme” where the majority of the individual items combine together some way. Stardoll have definitely produced far better sunglasses, I am not too keen on the very thin frames. I have expressed my dislike towards leopard print so that coat and suitcase is out the window for me. The item that I look forward to is the Polka Dot Romper – which I probably will not purchase. The rest, for me, are so-so but I am not so enthusiastic about Hotbuys. With ten items being constantly released every month – and sometimes are ridiculous prices – it can get very repetitive. I hope this year Stardoll up their game and produce far more collective months with spontaneous themes. No matter how ridiculous, people will always buy it.


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