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I Will See You Soon-ish.

Update: I understand this is the wrong medium to speak about all this, but I can hardly control my Youtube account as it is. Thanks to everyone for helping the channel reach over 2,000 subscribers! It really means an awful lot, especially since I’ve been inactive since the beginning of the year. Whenever I properly on the internet (and if it’s a school holiday) I promise I will make a new bunch of tutorials. For those leaving comments (on videos) I’m having a hard time trying to reply because Youtube Mobile on Blackberry is complete rubbish and I have to revert to the Desktop version – which is always a nuisance. Thanks for your time!

Greetings! It’s been an awful long time since I’ve logged into Stardoll and updated this place. I should have made this post a few weeks ago, but laziness always likes to kick in.

I have a habit of rambling – as if you’s haven’t noticed yet – so I’m going to chop this up into bite size pieces. Bon appétit!

1. My laptop’s broke. Hence why this is coming straight to you from my mobile. It’s dead after possibly overheating which was about 2/3 weeks ago. I tried making time to go to the repair store but it was closed today *sniff* *sniff*. A part of me understands it can’t be fixed so who knows when I’ll get a new one. My birthday is in four months.. A girl can dream.

To be honest I wouldn’t have ever thought I could “survive” without my laptop but I haven’t really noticed any difference. It’s harder to write up English essays and I have to deal with watching K-pop MV’s through my blurred mobile screen, but I’m not too fussed. Plus it’s a great break for my eyes.

2. My exams are over! I have to wait quite a while until I get my results from the exam board, however I know I’ve tried my best so there’s no point in worrying if I’ve failed or gotten an A, B, etc.

3. I’m bombarded with homework and essays now that I am officially in the senior ranks of school. Even if my laptop wasn’t dead I don’t think you’d be hearing from me. I feel sick thinking about what I’ll be doing this time next year such as completing university applications and all that jazz so I’m determined just to focus on the present rather than getting caught up in hoping to meet uni entry requirements and grades.

I’m pretty happy with my subject choices and the teachers I have so (thankfully)there’s no worries!

I’ve attempted to try and find out what’s been happening lately on Stardoll though I realised I forgot most – if not all – of the various Stardoll blogs url’s. Kinda scary, but I blame all my revision and short memory span. I saw on the Official Starblog the Starpoint system has been ditched or upgraded which seems quite exciting. I don’t have have flash player or java script (it’s either of them) on my phone so Stardoll’s basically like a big white screen, but if I do ever have the opportunity I will log in.

I would like to continue blogging, however because of the situation I’m currently within I can’t honestly do much since my tools are limited. Perhaps I might blog about real life issues or something like that. I haven’t spoken to people for a while and would like to catch up with everyone!

I said bite sized pieces and now I’m all out of ramble.

Anyhow I shall see you sometime soon..whenever that might be. I hope you’re all in good form and did well in your exams!



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Well . . . Hello!

I have been meaning to create this post for some time now, however my serious lack of motivation has cut me off from anything in relation to the term “Stardoll” – pardon my Youtube account. I think it has become very clear, just by reading my old posts, that I no longer feel very passionate about Stardoll or my projects. This is merely down to the fact that I have been finding Stardoll very repetitive. Perhaps it is because I have grown a lot older. I started interacting with the site when I was around ten/eleven and now I’m turning sixteen this coming Halloween. Of course it isn’t going to be the same site that I once loved, things are inevitably going to change over time.

I miss blogging and all that other jazz, but exam dates are looming over my head and they aren’t going to shove off any time soon. I dislike “leaving posts” and writing them up because once you return you end up irritating everyone and looking like a fool, so I’m just going to say this for the time being. I will not be posting or logging onto my Stardoll account until my exams are over – which is around early June time. Hopefully once I return Stardoll will have updated the site with a variation of fancy features (*cough* preferably a career in the make-up field would be nice *cough*) that will regain my dithering interests.

It is not only the fact that I grown up and lost touch with the site itself, but also the community. I think I stated before that age doesn’t matter between groups on Stardoll – or something along the same lines – but maturity gaps appear eventually. I don’t want to be at that stage where I’m continuously posting all ten languages I can speak fluently up in club discussions just to impress my fellow peers and just show how multi-lingual I truly am, neither do I want to type my name with my elbow for some cheap laughs. I don’t know. I hope people took that as a joke.

Blogging and Youtube-ing  (if that is ever a word) brings more depth into the dolly-world and sometimes I think I prefer those two than to actually playing on the Stardoll site itself. Thanks everyone for being patient and understanding. I hope you all do well in your exams! Mines aren’t even that significant this year, but I’m still trying to place a lot of effort into this just in case things don’t go to plan. Next year is my big worry. I don’t know what will happen to this blog after the summer because that will be the time where I am sitting my most crucial courses… and I get senior badge! Woop!

So it is  goodbye for now. I will be posting again sometime after the exams (or perhaps between them), but if you hadn’t already noticed the lack of activity then here you go. I haven’t logged onto my Stardoll account for a considerable amount of time. I hope the place isn’t in some chaotic mess.

*Forgot to mention – the channel reached 1 million overall views on Youtube. THAT’S INSANE! thankyouthankyouthankyou*


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Things & Other Happenings.

You may spot a slight decline in activity here and on my Stardoll account. As much as I like Stardoll, I no longer feel obliged to log in every single day of the week to earn my Starcoins. Homework is sadly taking up my spare time and to be honest, I just don’t feel like switching the screen recorder on or writing a post.

I missed Valentine’s Day. I was looking forward to a tutorial despite a few impolite requests to get a bloody move on, however I will put my hands up and say: I couldn’t be bothered.  There is no  new tutorial. Not now. Don’t know when. End of. My life does not revolve around video editors and the Beauty Parlor.

I made one look a while back to save for Valentine’s Day. It’ll probably crop up in some other tutorial in the future – whenever that might be.

Stardoll has popped up with all sorts of updates, but I haven’t been active enough to catch up with all of them and I can assure myself that you lovely folks won’t want to read through  paragraphs of some short ramblings over stores I barely have an opinion of. I am working on a new banner. In the past I have stated “Oh people aren’t here to gaze at banners”, but I hate my old doll staring intently at me, as if to say, “You could do so much better.”.

A short post for once, but I just want people to know I am online – although caught up in school work – and maybe sometime soon something worthwhile will pop up here.

My favourite video. Ever.


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9000 Starpoint Rewards & Announcement.

The hairstyle.

A nice up-do. Just one more hairstyle to gain and that’s it over. Unsure whether it will ever feature within a tutorial. To be honest, I don’t feel like there will be another video made at the rate of my interest declining with Stardoll.

It’s just that point where almost your entire life without Stardoll merges with the internet. It isn’t healthy and I’m still only a teenager. I’m tired with all the spite and hurt that this site is filled with. You work hard and then what do you get in return? I don’t want recognition, “fame” or eternal praise. People will use and hurt you as if you’re just some stepping stone. Members commanding you to; change your outfit, change your Medoll, update your blog or post another video – I am not a puppet. Those who replicate who you are or your work which you’ve worked three hard years for. Where has originality gone? Do we just want to sit on our laptops and bitch about people who we’ll never meet/hardly know?

I don’t want to make one of those messages with something along the lines of “I’m quitting Stardoll. I will never return ever again!”, because I am one of those folks who’ll probably return in under a week. I don’t know. I guess I’m just tired of everyone and everything. Y’know I actually miss the days where I had just started out the blog. Where I could work at my own pace and practically talk to myself, it’s the same with Youtube. A simple screen recorder and Windows Movie Maker. Now look at it, I’m using a whole bunch of editors and spending all these hours making a single four-minute video. It’s important to be honest – especially those who have undoubtedly supported you for all this time – so here’s how I’m feeling right now.

Have a nice day.


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Things I Would Like To See On Stardoll – 2012.

I thought we’d do something different here. Within the Official Stardoll Royalty Club, there is one gigantic topic for suggestions. Stardoll have used many of these – nails and StarBazaar for accessories just off the top of my head. We indulge in seeing items and fashion lines that we see in real life being brought into the pixels of Stardoll so here is my little list.

New Hairstyles

We all love new hairstyles. However with more being made using StarDesign I honestly wonder whether Stardoll may actively produce more hairstyles over the next year. The next batch of hairstyles will mostly be that of those that we see within the Hotbuys posts within the Starblog.

Two tone hair/dip-dye. Also seen through F(x)’s music video NU ABO.

Picture source:

Japanese Model and Singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Picture source:

I know the 600 Starpoint hairstyle caters to this, although I would love to see the use of Doree Highlights being used as something much more that painting on streaks of colour.

Horn Hairstyle/Extensions.

Picture source: http://galaxy–

Fringe wig – one without a bow.

Hair Fringes - Straight

Picture source:


Japanese Bow Ties.


Picture source:

Eyeball bows.

Picture source:

More wearable contact lenses.

Picture source:

VW Armour rings.

Picture source:

Picture source:

Paper lashes.

Picture source:

This amazing eyeliner.

Image 1 of Eye Rock Designer Liner - Trends

Picture source:

Make-up brushes.

I know this is a strange request, however I feel the need to explain. When applying eye-shadow or eyeliner it is mainly the same strokes with the same opacity. It is very difficult to vary your strokes. I real life people use make-up brushes to solve that. By introducing a new thinner applicant (or a new make-up product with this) it would be easier creating intricate make-up. Like this:

Picture source:

A short post and there was a lot of other things I would like to have added, but these are just a couple of things that I like.  I thought we needed a break from the update posts so I randomly made this up. Highly unlikely these will ever occur on Stardoll and many can be made using StarDesign.

Have a nice day!


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Merry Christmas – (& A New Tutorial)!

And with the new tutorial . .

Just for laughs, here’s the last year’s. Looking back I think the Winter Wonderland look has been one of my favourites.

This year instead of waiting up until midnight for Father Christmas I’m working. Oh how time flies by. I really wanted to get five looks nailed into one video, but because of the strict deadline  I couldn’t finish the tutorial the way I wanted to. All three looks are incredibly simple – and I think they can be easily worn in different seasons.

I am not that kind of person who really goes all out for Christmas. To be honest, I hate turkey. As my family is not religious, when I was younger I just used to see the festive period of the year as a way of getting any toy I wanted. Although as I have gotten older and siblings have left the nest and there’s only me around, I see it as a lovely time of year to stuff yourself full of food and enjoy each other’s company for one night. I know once I am in my twenties I won’t have that comfort around me. It is a sad thought as it’s not great to think of yourself growing some distance between your family and yourself, but it’s the horrible truth – actually some teenagers might be grateful to leave their parents.

I also look forward to the Doctor Who Christmas specials. They are always a delightful treat at 7pm.

Have a great day folks!


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Your Views Updated.

The Your Views section has been updated. Apologies for the small selection, but I seriously do not think I’ve been creating a wide range of posts lately for those who wish to freely express their own views enough. Plus I have a new feature I would like to add to the page.

So for every time I will attempt to update the Your Views page I will post up a poll, with the previous poll’s results being posted on the page within charts. Just so we can see a general view of updates and what not on Stardoll and so that people do not feel that in order to participate in this blog they are obliged to comment. So here are two polls in which you can anonymously vote.

Second poll. I think this one needs a little explaining.

So after the LE collection had been released I went to see the impact it had on us members. I took a short journey to the official Royalty club. Some of the members said something along the lines of “Even if you don’t like an item, you can still buy it and get a profit from it after a few months!”. Considering that LE is very limited and many do not have the chance to purchase what they want, is it fair that disadvantaged users have to end up paying an even larger amount of money for an item that was bought out of the thought of only profit?


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