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First and foremost I am not currently an owner of an Iphone or an Android. It’s best to get that out of the way before I start writing this up, however I would say that the Iphone is the most easiest piece of tech to navigate.

I was very surprised to learn about this new app mainly because it is a gigantic leap from the Cut It seasonal games. I had an overall average experience with the app. Nothing to blow my mind, but it does what it says on the tin; access Stardoll without being tied to a computer. The members who reviewed the app didn’t think so. I was pleasantly surprised as more than a handful were those who wanted to alter their entire Medolls and visit their suite – and not to shock with 1/5 star ratings. It honestly didn’t give me an insight to the app itself, to be honest it just made me realise how much this place hasn’t changed. Stardoll provide with a good attempt at handing out something new and we’re still not happy and begging for far more than they could possibly ever achieve. Imagine trying to apply your doll’s make-up on the Iphone with your finger as the pointer. This does not create any amount of accuracy. You’ll be lucky if that eye-shadow doesn’t end up somewhere where it should be.

Moving on the app is pretty simple. You are able to Chat with friends, send and receive messages, find out about the latest Stardoll updates, access your friend requests and guestbook. I can understand why others were left disappointed, although Stardoll never said otherwise that you would be able to access other – more engaging – features. It’s definitely not an app where you’ll be engrossed and addicted to. I see it just being more of an extension of the site itself. We’re not glued to our computer screens 24/7 and probably when we are away we’re tap tapping away on our mobiles. Therefore what better way to keep you active on Stardoll than by bringing out an app.

I only experienced one slight technical issue, but other than that everything ran smoothly. Thankfully to your delight I’ll only have a whinge about two things.

1. Friend Requests – I don’t believe there is a way to expand the message, however I find it quite irritating where you are only able to view half a sentence of a request, eg “Hey! 5/5 lovely! I have a…..”. This is even less than what we can already view on the full site. After attempting to control my requests via the internet on my mobile I do however find that Stardoll’s app is far more pleasant to use mainly due to the speed at which you can accept/decline requests without having to cross out pop-ups and wait for the queue to form itself again. There is still a limit – possibly between 80 and 100 – on how many requests you can view.

2. Messaging – This is an update I would also like to see on the full site. It’s a pain in the backside when you’re replying – from a length conversation – and you suddenly forget what the person on the other end said, ending up exiting your message which is still in construction and losing everything altogether. It would be good to see (above or below) an empty message the other person’s reply so that you can type away quite happily without having to copy & paste or always having to lose your text. I mean clearly – not faded and hidden in the muted background.

I was expecting Chat to be extremely slow, but it was extremely efficient and pretty much easy to use. Such a simple app didn’t need a length review.

It’s free and if you want to keep active on the go I would suggest to give it a shot. It’s honestly not that bad, nor is it amazing. Good work from Stardoll!

Edit: You will also receive 10 Stardollars for downloading the app.

I would like to apologise to everyone. After being struck by fear that Stardoll would deactivate by account I checked my account and holey smokes was I surprised. I’ve been trying to catch up on my messages – some dating from April – that have yet to be answered! I’m working through 900 odd requests – right now somewhere in the 400 region. So to those who have sent a request; I will get to it soon. I’m kind of shocked at the amount of requests the account has accumulated and in addition the amount of members who have pin pointed to the loss of the diamond from my avatar haha.

After deciding to take a break from Stardoll I was frightened that friends would forget who I was next time we “met”, however I was delighted to see that folks remember me after not speaking for months on end.

If anyone is in need of a chat or just that bored send me a message 🙂 I’d love to catch up with everyone and I promise I don’t bite. Thinking about it I may re-open my guestbook soon..

Well that’s enough for now. I hope to speak to you’s soon.



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7 responses to “Stardoll Access App

  1. Really happy you are back!! 🙂


  2. marla

    So I downloaded the stardoll access app . I was pleased until I could not find the chat button . I do not know if it does not work for me because I have an Android phone . But please answer back . Add me on stardoll Iamfashionista . Thanks,

  3. Yeah it’s the same for my android phone too. When I was on the Iphone I could chat so I presume it’s only for Iphone’s currently. Thanks for commenting – it reminded me that I need to update this post.

  4. Anonymous

    what are you doing with my ipad you better bring to my house

  5. Anonymous

    men you better shutup

  6. Anonymous

    bye bye ungly
    shut up men

  7. I also can’t figure out how the android version works :/

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