I Will See You Soon-ish.

Update: I understand this is the wrong medium to speak about all this, but I can hardly control my Youtube account as it is. Thanks to everyone for helping the channel reach over 2,000 subscribers! It really means an awful lot, especially since I’ve been inactive since the beginning of the year. Whenever I properly on the internet (and if it’s a school holiday) I promise I will make a new bunch of tutorials. For those leaving comments (on videos) I’m having a hard time trying to reply because Youtube Mobile on Blackberry is complete rubbish and I have to revert to the Desktop version – which is always a nuisance. Thanks for your time!

Greetings! It’s been an awful long time since I’ve logged into Stardoll and updated this place. I should have made this post a few weeks ago, but laziness always likes to kick in.

I have a habit of rambling – as if you’s haven’t noticed yet – so I’m going to chop this up into bite size pieces. Bon appΓ©tit!

1. My laptop’s broke. Hence why this is coming straight to you from my mobile. It’s dead after possibly overheating which was about 2/3 weeks ago. I tried making time to go to the repair store but it was closed today *sniff* *sniff*. A part of me understands it can’t be fixed so who knows when I’ll get a new one. My birthday is in four months.. A girl can dream.

To be honest I wouldn’t have ever thought I could “survive” without my laptop but I haven’t really noticed any difference. It’s harder to write up English essays and I have to deal with watching K-pop MV’s through my blurred mobile screen, but I’m not too fussed. Plus it’s a great break for my eyes.

2. My exams are over! I have to wait quite a while until I get my results from the exam board, however I know I’ve tried my best so there’s no point in worrying if I’ve failed or gotten an A, B, etc.

3. I’m bombarded with homework and essays now that I am officially in the senior ranks of school. Even if my laptop wasn’t dead I don’t think you’d be hearing from me. I feel sick thinking about what I’ll be doing this time next year such as completing university applications and all that jazz so I’m determined just to focus on the present rather than getting caught up in hoping to meet uni entry requirements and grades.

I’m pretty happy with my subject choices and the teachers I have so (thankfully)there’s no worries!

I’ve attempted to try and find out what’s been happening lately on Stardoll though I realised I forgot most – if not all – of the various Stardoll blogs url’s. Kinda scary, but I blame all my revision and short memory span. I saw on the Official Starblog the Starpoint system has been ditched or upgraded which seems quite exciting. I don’t have have flash player or java script (it’s either of them) on my phone so Stardoll’s basically like a big white screen, but if I do ever have the opportunity I will log in.

I would like to continue blogging, however because of the situation I’m currently within I can’t honestly do much since my tools are limited. Perhaps I might blog about real life issues or something like that. I haven’t spoken to people for a while and would like to catch up with everyone!

I said bite sized pieces and now I’m all out of ramble.

Anyhow I shall see you sometime soon..whenever that might be. I hope you’re all in good form and did well in your exams!



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8 responses to “I Will See You Soon-ish.

  1. Congratulations on finishing your exams ^-^

    I didn’t actually have any major exams this year, as I just completed a year called Transition Year here in Ireland. It’s like a year when you get to do more entrepreneurial type work, and in the year we had two weeks of work experience which is really awesome ^-^ Although I was asked to supervise the major exams and make tea for the examiners and I could tell they were clearly nervous. It’s hard to imagine it was me this time last year xD

    I am now too entering the senior ranks of school and have two years before university, which is really quite scary.

    Don’t worry Lel, we love your rambles!

  2. @Naitsirhc_101

    Haha thanks :3
    Ohh so do you finish high school at 18/19? Since you have two years left as well – I’ve always thought you were a year older than myself πŸ™‚
    This Transition Year sounds really great – I wish we had something like that. We had a week of work experience last year, but it was just basically a skive for school and we learnt nothing of importance.
    The examiners are always a crazy bunch xD I feel pretty sorry for them sometimes. They have to walk around the special examination hall for hours a day while we’re writing our hats off. It’s a scary period when it gets to exam time, but I’m sure everyone is glad it’s over. Although we didn’t get to relax and catch our breath after being chucked into senior school and having to sit mock exams straight after our official ones :/

    It’s lovely hearing from you! Must be months since we last spoke ^-^

  3. Well Transition Year is optional, so after third year you can choose whether you want to go onto fourth year, or take Transition Year, where you have the year to do awesome new things. Typically, you would finish high school at 17, although for me it’ll be 18 as I’m 16 now ^-^

    Our work experience was very structured, we had an employer feedback form and we had a diary to fill out outlining the different tasks we accomplished on a particular day. I was fortunate though to have two good installments of work experience. I did graphic design for both, but in two different places and I had a lot of input into what I did, which was great πŸ™‚

    Yeah, here in Ireland the examiners aren’t even allowed to have a newspaper or book to read in the different centers, as the front page/cover apparently could “provoke” an answer to a question on the paper. It’s taken very seriously xD

    Do you have any idea on what you would like to go onto study at uni?

    I know, I think Christmas was the last time we spoke actually! Hopefully if you get your computer fixed it’ll be more frequent πŸ™‚

  4. dordaw

    What GCSE’s did you take? sorry I’m very nosy, but I sometimes wonder if all stardollers think alike. Naive I know πŸ™‚

  5. @Dordaw

    I took the equivalent of GCSE’s last year (I think they are) which included; Music, Art, History, Maths, English, Modern Studies and Chemistry.
    Oh no it’s not being nosy at all x) This is just a observation – and hardly accurate at the one – but for the past few years a lot of Stardoll folks I’ve spoken to I’ve noted that the majority have taken or have favoured Creative subjects and languages.

  6. Ahh I see πŸ™‚ Do most of the students take on transition year or do they just not bother and skip straight ahead? Your education system sounds awesome! Work experience and vocational skills are pretty essential for after you leave school/uni/college so you’s must have a lot to your advantage. Over here there are a lot of drop outs in senior school since the system just puts the entire focus on academic subjects with hardly any variety or choice.

    Is graphic design what you want to pursue in the future? All the good placements go really fast as it’s a first-come-first-serve basis and since where I live is tiny there’s not much choice. I want to study Medicine or Pharmacy at university – although it is highly competitive – and ended up with work at an Antique store. It was lovely and I learnt a lot about pottery and silver, but nothing that gave an insight into work. You get try get your own placement, however local surgeries and pharmacies don’t take students in.

    Oh my goodness that’s crazy! Perhaps a book during an English exam might spark something, but a newspaper?! I feel sorry for them as they have to escort students to the toilet and are made to stand directly outside the cubicle to clarify that they aren’t cheating o_o They are paid for it, so they do get something out of it at the end of their misery.

    Deary me that was some time ago! The year goes by way too fast for my liking. Indeed ^-^ I’m going to visit the again repair store soon so fingers crossed!

  7. Well in my year we had 48 people taking Transition Year which was definitely up on numbers from previous years. We were split into two classes – TY1 & TY2 (TY being Transition Year). Our education system is not that great if I’m honest. Depending on what school you go to, TY can be a complete nightmare. Due to lack of funding in some schools, students could just waste the year by sitting around and doing nothing. Luckily we have a good programme.

    Graphics is definitely something I would consider. I would also think about taking a Fine Arts course – but ah, there’s just so much choice! Definitely something on the creative spectrum. Medicine sounds awesome. Here in Ireland it is one of the most difficult courses to get into and you would need pretty much straight A’s, as well as passing your Ph.d. Is that the same in the UK? The Antique store sounds epic ^-^ There is one in my town and it’s really breathtaking seeing all of the aged typewriters, phones and ornaments.

    For the State Examinations, a teacher in my school asked a few students including myself that weren’t taking any major exams this year to be an assistant of sorts to the examiners. We were each assigned our own examiner and we made them tea and notified the principal if there was anything wrong, such as students not turning up to exams (it does happen xD) etc. And we are the ones made to escort the students to the toilets, although I never actually go into the restroom. I just wait outside and if they are taking suspiciously long, I could probably assume that they are cheating. Thankfully that hasn’t happened! πŸ™‚

    I’m not very familiar with the education system in the UK. Does that mean that you are now going onto do your A-levels?

  8. PS: Excuse me for commenting so late at night xD I’m just back from a trip to New York and my body clock is seriously messed up!