Well . . . Hello!

I have been meaning to create this post for some time now, however my serious lack of motivation has cut me off from anything in relation to the term “Stardoll” – pardon my Youtube account. I think it has become very clear, just by reading my old posts, that I no longer feel very passionate about Stardoll or my projects. This is merely down to the fact that I have been finding Stardoll very repetitive. Perhaps it is because I have grown a lot older. I started interacting with the site when I was around ten/eleven and now I’m turning sixteen this coming Halloween. Of course it isn’t going to be the same site that I once loved, things are inevitably going to change over time.

I miss blogging and all that other jazz, but exam dates are looming over my head and they aren’t going to shove off any time soon. I dislike “leaving posts” and writing them up because once you return you end up irritating everyone and looking like a fool, so I’m just going to say this for the time being. I will not be posting or logging onto my Stardoll account until my exams are over – which is around early June time. Hopefully once I return Stardoll will have updated the site with a variation of fancy features (*cough* preferably a career in the make-up field would be nice *cough*) that will regain my dithering interests.

It is not only the fact that I grown up and lost touch with the site itself, but also the community. I think I stated before that age doesn’t matter between groups on Stardoll – or something along the same lines – but maturity gaps appear eventually. I don’t want to be at that stage where I’m continuously posting all ten languages I can speak fluently up in club discussions just to impress my fellow peers and just show how multi-lingual I truly am, neither do I want to type my name with my elbow for some cheap laughs. I don’t know. I hope people took that as a joke.

Blogging and Youtube-ing  (if that is ever a word) brings more depth into the dolly-world and sometimes I think I prefer those two than to actually playing on the Stardoll site itself. Thanks everyone for being patient and understanding. I hope you all do well in your exams! Mines aren’t even that significant this year, but I’m still trying to place a lot of effort into this just in case things don’t go to plan. Next year is my big worry. I don’t know what will happen to this blog after the summer because that will be the time where I am sitting my most crucial courses… and I get senior badge! Woop!

So it is  goodbye for now. I will be posting again sometime after the exams (or perhaps between them), but if you hadn’t already noticed the lack of activity then here you go. I haven’t logged onto my Stardoll account for a considerable amount of time. I hope the place isn’t in some chaotic mess.

*Forgot to mention – the channel reached 1 million overall views on Youtube. THAT’S INSANE! thankyouthankyouthankyou*



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8 responses to “Well . . . Hello!

  1. Wow,im kinda sad that u dont really have passion for stardoll… 😦 But it’s your choice!! Belive me,i know how it is not having time to log on,because of school :/

  2. Aw, we’re gonna miss you, but hope to see you again real soon. (P.S. Congrats on the 1 million views – that’s AWESOME!!)

  3. Bye for now Lelly, when you come back I will have ‘hopefully’ finished the front cover of the magazine, with your gorgeous dolly on.

    Good luck for your exams, you don’t need it though, your a lovely girl whos gunna go far!

  4. @Kate

    Aww :/ Don’t worry though! Playing for 2 years straight can get a little boring, so this break will most likely reignite my interest.
    Yeah and it’s pretty hard dealing with addictive online games when you know for a fact you should be meeting deadlines or revising for exams.

  5. @Stardoll

    Thank you very much! ^-^ And for sparing a moment of your time here.
    Wow I never expected this, though I can say that I will be back in a month or two (:

  6. @Soph

    Aw thanks deary ;3 Fingers crossed all goes to plan!
    I can’t wait to see all your hard work paying off at the time of its release!

  7. I did notice that you have not been on Stardoll in awhile because your diamond (or star??? lol, idk) was missing next to your name when I was searching a friend and I happened to notice that. Thanks for adding me btw! I didn’t expect that, just wanted to tell you thanks really because I pretty much learned makeup from you 🙂 I so hear you on the maturity thing… I’m older too and took about a month off myself but came back. Sometimes I wonder if there is something weird going on with contest winners and stuff… it’s always the same people too. I hate high school (the popularity b.s.) and Stardoll seems to be a virtual high school. You have a great blog and have done amazing YouTube tutorials so you’ll definitely be missed! I hope you come back at least to simply be creative 🙂 Good luck on your exams!
    ~~~ Stardoll name: Supergirl331

  8. @Kryptochick01

    My membership must’ve ran out xD No point in topping up when the account is not in use.
    No problem at all! Thanks so much ;3
    Do you mean for Covergirl or winners for the Design and Catwalk contests?
    Exactly! It’s pretty much the same. You have your new youngs ones, the popular kids, the bullies, the ones caught in the middle, the group who are so desperate to be popular etc. Sometimes it’s not so apparent, but it can certainly feel that way.
    I’ve really missed the place if I have to be truthfully honest. Sadly my laptop is dead so who knows what’s going happen. It might take a while to get back on if it’s going to be fixed or if I have to get a new one. Sad times.
    It was lovely speaking to you ^-^ And thanks again! One more exam left to go. Pheww!

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