Limited Edition Spring Spoilers 2012


Hello there! Here are the spoilers all jammed together.

*One pink waist band belt is missing from this picture*

Whilst categorising all the items together, I never really noticed the underwater theme until I reached the interior. I suppose the seashell purse was a bit of a give-away, but other than that it just appears to be any other Limited Edition collection. Compared to the previous LE collections we’ve seen within the past year, this stands out as a more fitted and pieced together work of Stardoll’s. Although not everything will suit various member’s tastes, there’s still something for everyone. I don’t think it’s the best LE we’ve seen, but I don’t think it’s damn ugly.

Previously I could not care less about LE shoes. Perhaps one or two, but this collection’s are something a little special. The belts all stood out for me as well. The clothes are okay this time round. I can definitely see some items that will sell out first, however I only spot a handful of items that I wouldn’t mind buying for my doll. Although it ever so slightly resembles the Paperbag Waist Skirt from Spring 2010’s collection, I still wouldn’t mind buying the  Black and Pink Skirt for my little dolly.

The LE store – currently as I am writing – still appears and is not in the works. However this collection could possibly be out by tomorrow morning/afternoon. Prices (usually) range from 25 Stardollars up to 250 Stardollars, but I don’t need to tell you that. It’s LE.




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7 responses to “Limited Edition Spring Spoilers 2012

  1. Kim

    The picture at the end made me chuckle!
    I like a lot of stuff, but am I the only one who is more inclined to buy things when the stores look nice and the mannequins have the posed arms like in old collections.

  2. Jessica

    When is it going to drop? Thanks for the pics! 🙂

  3. @Jessica

    People say it is out right now. However, I’m currently on my phone so I can’t verify it :s

  4. @Kim

    I just had to put it in xD
    Yeah definitely. The clothes that looked decent within the spoilers didn’t turn out to be too great once they were on a doll.

  5. skittleskiss


  6. emma

    i was wondering if you could send me the spoiler link my username is Qqeenemily365

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