A Failed Tutorial: Brown Eyed Girls.

Last week I was determined to produce a tutorial because I realised that within a week’s time I would be caught up in English essays and mock exams. It didn’t happen as the results were just drab and mediocre.

Backing up here – Brown Eyed Girls is a Korean girl band.

Image source: mtvk.com

The make-up looks are simple so if this were ever to be made into a video tutorial you would need to get the colours bang on straight. Sadly this is Stardoll and we’re only open to such a limited range of colours. Blending can only do so little.

The Medoll face was hard enough, but overall it was just a pain in the neck. I consider myself to have quite a range of colours in my Beauty Parlor, however none of them matched. Top two looks were the most difficult and so I gave up halfway.

I tried. This will never be placed within a video because I honestly I think it’s pretty shit. Sadly I haven’t been on Stardoll this week so it could be in chaos for all I know. I shall see you some other time.



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11 responses to “A Failed Tutorial: Brown Eyed Girls.

  1. Liz

    It was a decent attempt Lelly ;3; With Stardoll’s limitations it’d be really hard to replicate those looks perfectly.
    If you make another tutorial, you should do a 2NE1 inspired one. Aww yee ^w^

  2. SparklyStar15

    Wow. That is great, considering about the stupid Stardoll makeup limit!

  3. sweetsugar289 stardoll

    i thik they look nice, i agree with sparklystar15 but may i ask which eyesdid you use on the first person?

  4. Freakthechiks

    Too bad…you did a great job, though

  5. Bree x

    They still look amazing lelly! ❤

  6. Belle

    Its not as bad as you think. Better than I would ever do:)

  7. Aw thanks everyone ^-~
    You’re all too very kind. Hopefully I can work on it again sometime during the holidays because it’s not quite there yet.


    A 2NE1 tutorial wouldn’t be too bad actually . . . Hmmm ;D


    Don’t get me started on that limit! I think it keeps decreasing every time I visit the parlor :L


    Go to Beauty Parlor – Face – Eyes –
    Page three, third row and then second along.

  8. k d

    If you log onto stardoll now. There are much more colors.

  9. k d

    Never mind i get your point now.

  10. i think the girls look nice nice is like nice but the girls show off but i don’t show off because everyone would shout at me something like that that’s why

  11. @Maryam-sara

    I’m not quite sure what you mean, but yes the make-up is very bold and show-wy? I don’t think other users would shout at you for wearing such make-up, perhaps at the least express their distaste if they didn’t like the style.

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