Valentine’s Dot. Scandinavian Popshop. Valentine’s Pass.

It certainly seems that the last collection released from Dot was donkey’s ago. I always look forward to make-up releases on Stardoll. The Beauty Parlor can be a very restricting place where one can only do so much before the limits occur or your doll ends up looking like a dog’s dinner. There is not that much freedom involved, unlike in real life. If you want to apply vine-like eyeliner from the corner of your eye down to your cheek there is nothing stopping you – on Stardoll there is.

The colours are very striking, almost flashy without verging on the step of neon. I have had a little taster with the shadows and I have to say they blend extremely well. I usually don’t allow my doll to wear such bright colours but I am finding it pretty simple to just add a thin layer of the bright/dark shadows with a White overlapping as to tone it down. The applicators, in comparison to ordinary Dot products, are stubby and small in size. Perhaps it is down to the fact that I have not had a proper Beauty Parlor session for a while, although I do feel that this new collection’s shadows glide a lot easier than say to Sephora or any other shadows on Stardoll. I prefer the applicators with a smaller stem as I feel like I am in more control of the brush itself.

The packaging of the Valentine’s collection is similar to the colour palette in a sense that it is eye-catching and colourful. I think we tend to associate Valentine’s with dull pinks and rosy reds, so I like the fact that Stardoll went for something a little alternative and adding some energy back into Dot. My favourites are the brow pencils and mascaras. This is mainly due to the fact that Stardoll is adding a different range of colours rather than re-introducing the usual norms.

This collection doesn’t deserve the “Dark-shadow-on-the-outer-corners-main-colour-swamps-the-rest-of-the-entire-eyelid” treatment, however I am tired. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves when folks create tutorials where they use this exact same format over and over again. Add some funky liner – mix it up!

My first play-around. One of the great qualities of this collection is that it isn’t just solely for Valentine’s day. It isn’t all pink fluff. You can actually make some really unique looks using the variety of bold reds and pinks, as well as the darker tones of blue and purple.


It’s sleek, classic and simplistic. These are the kind of items you are most likely to find in your own home. It’s not outlandish and the prices aren’t over the top.

Stardoll are stealing our money again! The greedy $?%*#@!!!

Seriously I couldn’t care. Every time a pass or something that basically “benefits” paying members is released we, as a whole community, start verbally attacking our doll’s makers. I personally do not believe that offering a good deal to members is greedy. You do not need to buy it. It is just there if you want it. What I would call greedy: If I paid Stardoll £5 for 1 month membership and they only decided to give me two weeks (even if that is unlawful) or even charging far more than £5.

These passes are good for overall deals. My membership was running out and I felt like my Stardollar count was broken so I thought I may as well. As I am (hopefully) attempting to gradually separate from the five year long attachment between Stardoll and myself, I haven’t made things easier.


I am completely in the dark when a new Youtube video will be made. Teachers speak of up and coming assessments, however there are no specific dates so I cannot plan ahead. To make things up I may just post another Make-up In Real Life entry. I also have circle lenses arriving tomorrow so it would be lovely to review them at some point in time.

Tatty byes!



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8 responses to “Valentine’s Dot. Scandinavian Popshop. Valentine’s Pass.

  1. I love the way it all blends together (The makeup o.o) but I thought they’d go for a more ‘Rosy posy lovey dovey’ sort of colours. I made a Starblog post on these colours. I hope you check it out! Jasmine x

  2. I love the first look on the blog you did with the dark shadow and the starpoint hair when you said it didn’t deserve dark please make a tutorial about that look!

  3. @Jasmine

    I just logged out of Stardoll, but I’ll be sure to check it next time I log in x). I’m glad they didn’t because I think the L’Occitane make-up does that.

  4. @Gleekazoid

    I meant it is a very standard and unoriginal procedure that doesn’t really require a tutorial because it’s simple (unless one is creating a simplistic tutorial), but thanks very much. I’ll see what I can come up with for the tutorial when I get time.

  5. sweetsugar289 stardoll

    i really liked this collection – it was nice to see bright colors . I thought that I could onnly use some of these products, but as i tested them i thought they were great! I have most of it I like the mascara and dyes the best! and the bright pink eyeliner!

  6. Thanks!
    BTW Thanks for visiting my suite!

  7. I Payed Via Paypal For A Constantly Renewing Superstar Membership And Didnt Give Me Superstar Or Stardollars So I Checked To See If I Had Money In My Paypal Account, I Did But They Charged Me TWICE. I Tried Again And They Charged Me Again But Nothing happened to my account :L
    Also My Username Is -_-Shawn-_-

  8. @-_-shawn-_-

    Same thing has happened to me but I’ve never been charged. They decline my order and somehow cancel it themselves – even though the paypal account has money it. It sounds more like a technically fault that an act out of pure greed x) If they’ve charged you twice you should (or probably have) gotten in contact with staff themselves.

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