Stardoll Stylist Studio & New Glow.

This week has been hectic with constant revision and assessments. The sad thing is that it’s only just the beginning.

Well I’ve hopped onto Stardoll and this appeared in my mail box. I was gaining my Starcoins earlier and I couldn’t help but notice all those little contact card icons on various Royalty’s avatars. So I presume it has something to do with this little thing?

I haven’t bought it myself, having absolutely nil coins since Antidote, but I guess the main factor of purchasing quite an expensive “product” is the fact that you can earn commission. I like the sound of this “career centre” and I only hope and make-up one arrives soon. However, it is only for royalty members. I haven’t scanned through the Official Royalty Club’s discussions, but there was quite a lot of talk a while ago about perks for those who have paid x amount of money to Stardoll. Whether or not you personally think it is fair, nevertheless Stardoll have done it.  I suppose this won’t help the never-ending barrier between those who have membership and those who choose not to buy it.

I expect a lot of spam on Stardoll in the next few days. I wonder what is next to appear in this career centre.  Although thinking about it, it may take a while.

It’s nice. I’m waiting to see if anyone has actually made a Star Wars-themed room with lightsabers.




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17 responses to “Stardoll Stylist Studio & New Glow.

  1. how much does it cost???

  2. It is 149 Stardollars.

  3. Same for me ….ppl have been hacking my account and thats haves to be deal with from a speacialized owner of the website…..

  4. Visit my suite please callie….i want to show you that ppl have been trying to blame me for hacking accounts….witch i havent …….i been contacting you for the longest but you had said there is nothing you can do about it….unless i fallowed the rules.and i did……all am asking is can you make stardoll a beter place for us .superstars have more cooler stuff then us there shouldnt be no membership it should be treated the same equal…write me back plz

  5. @Guemie475

    Callie doesn’t read this blog and probably doesn’t reply to personal messages. This is my own personal Stardoll blog – if you want to contact Stardoll staff themselves:

  6. I bought it for the fun of it, though I could’ve gotten some more antidote, oh well 😀

  7. Milzagal

    Hey Lel, I know that your guestbook isn’t open on stardoll, and I’m sure that you get 100’s of friend requests everyday, so I thought I could ask you this here. Would I be able to use your medoll in my album for a makeup tutorial? I did a Hunger Games inspired ‘Girl who was on fire’ tutorial, but I didn’t have the right make-up, so I used your medoll. Would you mind me putting it in my album?

  8. Hello,
    Yes that’s okay with me 🙂 Thanks for letting me know in advance, it is very considerate.

  9. @Jasmine

    I think it depends on how much you think you’ll actually use the stylist studio and/or if you’re ever going to wear the Antidote items. Seems like a hefty price to pay and I heard people “cheat” by looking at what the stylist’s have done and copying it for themselves without paying – a bit of a hassle if you ask me x).

  10. This is so odd but I just noticed this. I logged into Stardoll and was changing my Medoll’s outfit when I noticed the Career button all the way at the end. I have the option to buy the Stylist Studio. The funny thing is that I’m no longer a Superstar though I might get the Valentine’s Day pass) and I’m not Royalty. I decided to check my friends profiles as well as my other Stardoll account and lo and behold they didn’t have the option to buy the Stylist Studio. I’m a little confused since Stardoll says that it’s only for Royalty. Do you think it’s because of the fact that I used to be a Superstar? I apologize for the long post. 🙂

  11. Haha it’s fine xD
    If you check on “My Account” and see how many days you have left until Royalty then you may find out how this has appeared. I am a little unsure, but it could be some sort of glitch or your account might just be lucky! I haven’t seen a Superstar member with one of those contact cards so you might just be very close to getting 365 days of Superstar membership (means you qualify for Royalty).

  12. Anonymous

    I need it free, I am no superstar, and its expensive tome..any idea how to get it free inform me on stardoll – JewelTaina

  13. Jenelia

    Hello! I had a question. You said only Royalty members have the option of buying a Stylist Studio, but my friend who invited me to Stardoll has 137 days left until Royalty, yet she bought a Stylist Studio herself & I just created my account two days ago & I am an SS b/c my friend (TheeKidd is her username) told me I should get it & I have 323 days left b/c it’s my first time as an SS , but I see the option of buying a Stylist Studio. What do you thinks going on? That Stardoll let’s anyone who’s a SS buy that Studio now? Even if they just became a SS for the first time?

  14. @Jenelia

    I wrote this post at a time when the Studio was first released, but because I haven’t logged into Stardoll for a good month or two I’m a little unsure if they have changed the requirements recently.
    However when it was first released Superstars did say that they had the option of buying the studio, like yourself, without reaching 365 days. It could just be a blimp in the system or they’ve just updated the rules for everyone (:

  15. Anonymous

    Hi, this is kind of irrelevant but i wanted to ask abuot the makeup studios that appeared in most of your ‘Celeb Make-up’ videos on youtube- 2010, eg. the Amy Lee from Evanescence video. The ameup studio is really different from what there is now. Is that because they’ve updated it or is it for specil royalty or something? 🙂

  16. Anonymous

    the makeup studio*

  17. @Anon

    It’s just been updated over the years 🙂
    I think a ton of members would go berserk if royalties were given such fancy features :L

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