New Antidote Collection Released.

If this was ever branded as Limited Edition – no matter what the designs were – at least one third of the collection would be close to selling out by now. It is true that almost every member identifies LE as the more desired brand. Surprisingly enough, this Antidote collection seems reasonably priced – in comparison to previous collections and other limited edition stores. None of the items reach over 100 Stardollars. So I wouldn’t be afraid to say that almost all Superstars could afford one piece of Antidote – if they save their Starcoins.

When it comes down to limited edition tagged stores, the cheapest items – most likely sunglasses- sell out the fastest. I did not reach the laptop that early, but by the time I had arrived only one item had sold out. This was the Banded Black Pleather Boots. They wouldn’t be something I would personally buy, but it’s understandable. A “cheap” versatile pair of Antidote boots for 35 Stardollars isn’t too bad at all. The sunglasses have been left practically untouched. Another popular item was the Blue Long Extensions. It has just sold out as I am writing. I bought them myself, mainly because they do remind me of a certain Vocaloid. Side-tracking here.. I did create a make-up tutorial which was unreleased. I should really find the clip and get it edited.

I think Stardoll has hit a mark by producing the store’s background as purchasable interior – as they have done with LE in the past. I was tempted to buy the carousel, however I know nothing will ever become of it. My favourite item has to be the Kitty Cat Purse. So adorable! Overall it isn’t such a bad job. Graphics-wise I think some of the items could have been produced a little better, but I think the main shocker was the price tags. I have to say, some of these items are being sold for Tribute prices. Perhaps Stardoll learnt their lesson? Selling a pair of drawers for 100 Stardollars will not guarantee anything. Lets just hope this one sells out in time . .





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5 responses to “New Antidote Collection Released.

  1. I am sooooo shocked that more than half the store is already sold out. I’m also really sad I wanted the black pear of shoes the reminded me of the Philosophy ones.
    xoxo, Mitchie

  2. @ Mitchie

    IKR! I soo wanted the blue hair pieces. And these black shoes. But I am happy with what I bought 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    well i wan to become a superstar

  4. Jake

    does anybody know when the next, or how often new LE shops or antidote shops open??

  5. @Jake

    It’s usually a 3 month circuit.

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