2012 January Antidote Spoilers.

It has certainly been a while since the last Antidote collection was released. Stardoll stated themselves that until the collection sold out, there would be no new collection on the works. I presume they got tired of waiting? The last collection was not the most versatile and only a few items shone out for me.

Antidote has always been the little sister (or brother) to LE. To express this in K-pop terms: I see LE as more of a SNSD kind of thing, and Antidote as more something suited to 2NE1. It isn’t as well refined and is more about colour, abstract design and something alternative. This time round they’ve gone with something of a funfair/amusement park theme. When I saw the gigantic elephant I immediately thought of Banksy.

Picture source: didntyouhear.com

I would probably have to see the clothes up and proper in Starplaza before I could say I would definitely buy a piece. I am unsure on what date this will be released, but I’m guessing on a weekday. Maybe as earliest as Monday?




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5 responses to “2012 January Antidote Spoilers.

  1. Well, well. It looks like the Stardoll team rushed with the LE and took time on Antidote. One child is getting more attention that the other!! LOL

    Jasmine xx

  2. Anonymous

    You false reported my account your mean

  3. @Anon

    I don’t have a mean, neither do I report any random member.

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