New Year 2012 Popshop Floors Released.

In the UK we use the New Year as an excuse to consume intolerable amounts of poison down our bellies. On Stardoll we open up a decor store. Only joking.

 There are a lot of items within the two floors that can be easily placed within floors with no association with the new year. I think that’s lovely. I really like the interior, perhaps not enough to buy it, but nevertheless I tried searching for it within the Suiteshop to no avail. We’re a big fan of windows on Stardoll, I have to admit, and these are a slightly variation from that of the New York floors. That being the window is slightly open. The Bowler Lamps are adorable, if they came with portable moustaches too.

Altogether I do not honestly think it blends well together as an entity together. However, counting each item individually, I am sure they will brighten many suite rooms. I try my hardest to write these decor posts, but being extremely non-enthusiastic over my suite decorations I cannot say much.


Thanks for the NCG today, and once again, apologies to those who were campaigning on the day. One more thing, I think someone has bloody well cracked it! Thank goodness, I never thought we’d get there after numerous posts on the Starblog.



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2 responses to “New Year 2012 Popshop Floors Released.

  1. Skittleskiss

    9 year olds love pinks

  2. Ahahaha xD
    Everyone has their own perspective of things. I myself do not see any pinks in famous Christmas sceneries.

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