Voile Holiday Boutique 2011 Released.

I had assumed that Stardoll had abandoned all seasonal stores, from the likes of Tingeling Halloween Couture. The quantity of the store has declined. If I remember correctly, last year we had the store filled with mannequins with an equal amount of floors.

There’s not a lot of candy displayed, but there are a few toffees amongst the hard-boiled sweets. I don’t know about you but I think the Purple Organza Structural Gown is so pleasing to the eyes. However I think we’ll see many dolls alike wearing this dress with heels and a silver clutch in the left hand – it would be a challenge in attempting to layer. So some of the items may look drab and a little lacking, but they are great items for layering. The Black Severe Cut Gown reminds me of Hilary from the Dragons’ Den.

I always remember the fantastic accessories that accompanied the long gowns and sparkly skirts. This year it is noticeable that the store is quite bare. The shoes and berets are favourable but there’s nothing there to really feast upon.



Unsure whether or not I will attempt to write Stardoll Through The Years – 2011. Last year’s post nearly chewed my fingers. I will however do a 2011 Picture post, as one of my new years resolutions is to kick this blog up the backside and start discussing things in real life I am actually interested in. Stardoll is still there but sometimes there is just nothing  left to say.


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  1. I think that they should have some Alexander McQueen dresses like they did last year, what about you?

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