New Otherworld Floor Released.

Short post. 

A darker theme than the previous floors, but nevertheless the Stardoll crew still managed to reinvent the store. After the Galactic theme they have almost toned down it a notch and brought us a handful of items that would be far more wearable.

I would not go as far as to say this has been my favourite floor so far, as it does seem “empty” for me personally. The definite stand outs are the Headdress, Dark Lace Wings and shoes. The Hot Lava Hermes Sandals are my favourites due to the bold colour and wing. It slightly reminds me of the Vivienne Westwood pair that I used to drool over, but these pair are more in your face. I usually see members on the Catwalk who stick wings on with any outfit – that doesn”t quite glue together – and so with the gigantic Lace Wings I would have to say you’d need a pretty extravagant outfit to balance it out – or additionally with some heavy accessories.

The decor is as lovely as always. One day until Christmas and they’ve added a few creepy yet seasonal tagged items. Prices range from 8 to 14 Stardollars which isn’t too drastic.

Other than that Merry Christmas Eve! And also Merry Christmas for the folks a few hours ahead.


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