The Difference Between Who You Are & Who You Want To Be.

Look at your doll – or even just picture it. Is it a reflection of who you truly are or is it something you wish you could be? Now this is not only appearance wise, but what you also project yourself as to the community.

Hand on heart, I look nothing or dress like my doll. Nor would I ever wish to be. Looking at the ratio between her waist and legs, I would literally cry and gorge myself in M&S Victoria Sponge whilst dunking my head into my Häagen-Dazs  tub.  Within the media women are projected to look a certain way, be a certain dress size and just have it all. It is said time and time again that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, yet prepubescent teens still seem to idolise the Disney stars who are plastered on those 99p Magazines. I do feel that my generation has grown up far too fast, majority of my year have already said goodbye to their first alcoholic drink, first smoke, first attempt at other drugs and their virginity. It just has to be said – there’s no use pretending it doesn’t happen and hiding behind the curtains.

On the worldwide web we are presented with the idea of “You can be anyone who you want to be”. It isn’t true because on Stardoll everyone will dig deep and it’s easy to lose track of your web of lies. Don’t believe me? When you have been through that period of your Stardoll journey, you will have read into the gossip blogs and club discussions – people just don’t learn from their predecessors.

I have a personal value in which I believe one should be as honest as they can. What is the point in lying about your life outside the site? Are you ashamed of who you are? Do want to attain something in real life that you believe can only be achieved online? Of course there is the line of stepping into the danger zone of revealing too much, but I am just talking about basics here. It is easier to get a grips with it if you have your own personal blog. One lie will easily fall within one post. You say you’re from Los Angeles and are twenty years old, when in actual fact it’s just a fourteen year old from County Durham – it’s a district in North England, UK. Why I chose those specific places? I have no idea.

I do not reveal my name or my exact location because I feel that there is clearly no need and it’s overstepping the line for me personally. This isn’t a persona or a mask, it’s just who I am. Does everyone need to know one’s name in order to relate to them? A name is an identifier and so is a location. Heck, I live in a place where even if you reach 160 view on a single Youtube video you’ll be promoted in the local newspaper. Blogs are personal spaces, and for people that you socialise with know what you do is almost intrusive. Strangers? Yes. People we know in real life? No. The internet is truly a strange world.

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We all hide behind fake identifies online because we’re scared of being found out or showing our true colours. Males are pressured on Stardoll to fake their true self and pretend to be females. Not all the time but we’ve seen it before. With a quick Google search we’re suddenly knowledgeable about everything X-box or with a skim through a Wikipedia article we’ve read all the classic Dickens novels. It easy to pick out those who are pretending to be something they are not, but it just goes to show that even online we’ll do anything to project ourselves as almost the “superior” or more knowledgeable. We’re mostly all name droppers and so-and-so likes this band or this genre because it is seen as something exclusive or “cool” within a social group or club. I think it is sweet that certain people may pretend to have the same interests as you do because they want to be your friend or ally, but when it occurs on a constant basis and people blatantly lie and hide their true personality it becomes so agitating. It’s okay to say that you don’t want to reveal personal information, just say so rather than making a false identity.

 I have never felt the need to lie about myself online. Perhaps I have just grown around a secure social group and been set with a strict set of values and beliefs. Learn from other’s mistakes. It is probably not the best way to learn, but it just builds that wall of prevention. Do not use the internet as a way to hide a certain aspect of yourself because you are pressured by everyone else’s expectations.

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Short one I know, but a few things just had to be said.



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3 responses to “The Difference Between Who You Are & Who You Want To Be.

  1. Anonymous

    This is certainly true. People today, do treat the internet as thier playground. Making up fake identies, creating fake lives for themselves. It’s craziness.

  2. Seth

    Actually, the thing you need to compare the waist to is the head. If it’s bigger, then the waist is ‘natural’. The legs of our medolls are also alright. My legs are 2x the length of my torso, from shoulder to hip. Measuring Hip-knee, knee-ankle) The medolls’ legs are the same.
    Only 9% of the earth’s population has that body type though. While possible, it’s still unrealistic.

    ~power of statistics~

  3. Clary

    Most girls I know, use the internet as a way to escape. You can lie about who you are, but that dosent change who you are. I know that most of you know me as Clary, but on my presentation its says Im Katt. Thats because I change my name, and for security reasons because of my family issues, I have an alias of Clary/Katt.
    If you want to be fake, go join a role-play club like Windsor_Prep or Aledale.Academy. [A little free advertising there X) ] you can be someone who your not, but dont like pretend your someone your not.

    I am very close with certain people on Stardoll, and they know who I am, what I look like and where I live. But I know the same about them and we video chat. I know its them.

    Yes, sometimes I do lie about who I am. But thats for security measures. Im not going to cut myselft off from the world just because I have family issues. So I change my name.

    Im still me. Im 13 year old me. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I live in Australia. Im Katt/Clary. Thats who I am, all I change is my name.

    I know this post is a bit contadictory, but I have a reason for changing. I can understand people changing their names to something else online. I think thats a good thing for security, but when your changing your age, and your looks, thats wrong.

    We all need to understand that people have reasons, mine for security, but the people your talking about Lel, they just want fame.

    Its a virtual website.

    But I think we should all be a bit more understanding.\

    Sorry for the rant.

    — Clary/ popcornDaisy

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