New Winter Film Theory Released.

You ask for something more festive, then suddenly Stardoll slaps you in the face with this new Film Theory floor.

The greatest feature of these three outfits is that it is built up. There’s probably one item currently within your wardrobe that you think “It could do with being a bit shorter/longer” and so forth. I adore the White Pearlized Long Skirt, as soon as I seen it, it was already in my shopping cart. There is just something about long lengthened skirts that are not in the traditional style, such as a Pencil skirt or Mini-skirt, that has a slight variation or something modern to it – that being a split leg or has the face of Gizmo attached to it.

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The decor items actually make me want to create a seasonal room or at least spruce my dolly house up a tiny wee bit more. I remember last year there was an incredibly overpriced Golden Christmas Tree, however this year they have provided us with two. A more modern blue tree at only 90 Starcoins and the traditional Christmas Tree at 10 Stardollars.  The great thing about these items is that you can easily use them (not all) within rooms that are not even associated with the seasonal time of year.

So we’ve had everything from Sunny Bunny to Doree – is there a Dot on the horizon?


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