Your Views Updated.

The Your Views section has been updated. Apologies for the small selection, but I seriously do not think I’ve been creating a wide range of posts lately for those who wish to freely express their own views enough. Plus I have a new feature I would like to add to the page.

So for every time I will attempt to update the Your Views page I will post up a poll, with the previous poll’s results being posted on the page within charts. Just so we can see a general view of updates and what not on Stardoll and so that people do not feel that in order to participate in this blog they are obliged to comment. So here are two polls in which you can anonymously vote.

Second poll. I think this one needs a little explaining.

So after the LE collection had been released I went to see the impact it had on us members. I took a short journey to the official Royalty club. Some of the members said something along the lines of “Even if you don’t like an item, you can still buy it and get a profit from it after a few months!”. Considering that LE is very limited and many do not have the chance to purchase what they want, is it fair that disadvantaged users have to end up paying an even larger amount of money for an item that was bought out of the thought of only profit?



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2 responses to “Your Views Updated.

  1. Sabrina

    I think it is absolutely fair to sell LE at inflated prices. No one is making you buy it. If you want a piece of pixel clothing that bad, then you can pay for it. What’s unfair are those going off whining about it. No one can charge more than 500sd for the clothes anyways. If they are offering trades, or bids (Over 500sd) etc, thats fine go ahead and whine, because thats against Stardoll’s rules.
    The only thing that bugs me is when people sell normal pixels for 500sd, and say they’re having a 2sd sale. That is false advertising and it is annoying.

    Honestly I’m one of those people who buys some just to sell later. It is great insurance for when you ‘need’ it.

  2. Ericka

    About the Second Poll, I believe it is not fair as sometimes some “limited” or “highly wanted” are quite fabulous and pretty…but, just because of that label, those items that you actually like are not monetarily available. Plus, if those items are ugly, sometimes you feel obliged to buy them because of their label.

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