Limited Edition Holidays/Winter Collection 2011 Released.

I do not wish to fully say that this collection was a massive disappointment as it seemed like a rushed job, because it sounds very spiteful, but to compare this collection to those from the past – this one fails in my eyes. I got there very late due to school, and almost all the items have sold out bar the disappointing ones. I think there is a reason for that. That Cerulean Faux Feather Dress looks far more suited to a store like Rio at the price of 14+ Stardollars and yet it appears that it has just managed to slip on a LE tag at the price of 225.

I am not the sort who buys items only for their brand, so I wouldn’t even dare think of buying – what I see as – the horrendous leftovers. A lot of the items shined, especially the accessories, but I did not see any continuity within the floors or the collection as whole. The graphics were well done on most, but it fairly slipped on others – Gold Karat Sequin Boots I am talking to you.

I am a little disappointed in missing the Bunny Ears, Moto Jacket and Fur Cardigan but when you’ve just came out of Sociology class after finishing Marxism and beginning to go more in-depth over Feminism, it honestly puts everything in perspective. Plus I have a stack of Stardollars that were unused, so I’ve saved some to actually attempt to decorate my suite – whenever that is. I think, since the first collection, this is the only other time I have spent under 120.

Three interiors have also been released at 75 Stardollars a pop in the Suiteshop. The previous LE interiors have been priced as 100 Stardollars, so I’m a little unsure what caused the reduction.

I hope everyone else got there in time and got what they wanted! Have a nice day.

Also thank you to those who notified me of the releases six/seven hours ago. It was very sweet of you’s  to do so.



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6 responses to “Limited Edition Holidays/Winter Collection 2011 Released.

  1. I have to agree with you, I am not a fan of the L.E either. I think this is a wonderful blog post! I also have a question do you always buy star dollars? Or do you save them? Anyway, love the blog post! Super duper good!!

  2. Perhaps it’s just the rush over all the “Holiday” stores being rushed at once and another graphic designer joining the LE time. Who knows. Thank you!
    Definitely not, if one purchases too many then you either don’t end up buying anything or I spend it all in one go xD It’s a mixture between both I suppose – especially the exchange between SC & SD.

  3. That’s exactly what I thought. Though, I am upset of how it turned out! At first, I was really upset on how the Sunny Bunny Holiday collection came out because I am a fan of Sunny Bunny,but this time I did not want to buy anything from the newest collection! Now, I am kinda of upset the L.E was an epic fail too! LOL!

  4. Sabrina

    I liked and hated a lot of this collection. There were a few things that I was absolutely in love with, and others I would have guessed came out the wrong end of the horse.

  5. Izzy

    There were a few amazing pieces in this collection that I wanted but they were sold out when I got there. Other than the few I love, the rest is a disappointment for me.

  6. Marthamay...

    OH, I forgot to add…
    I nicked one of your pics(LE Winter Collection one) because my print screen wasnt working ]x

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