New Tutorial..Perhaps?

I was inspired by Sabra4390’s post on the official Starblog. If it can be done using eye-shadow, then why not with liquid liner?



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5 responses to “New Tutorial..Perhaps?

  1. Amazing! I loved the tutorial! I want to do it so bad!

  2. Liz

    With the multicoloured liquid liner in the outer corners, it kind of reminds me of Emma Watson’s gold leaf makeup x)

    Lol, but maybe you could do like a mini-series of looks inspired by animals or something. That’d be really cool :3


    Thank you very much xD I really hope you enjoy the tutorial when it is out!

  4. @Liz

    It’s been tried – and failed miserable, scrapped in the bin and left to rot. Never to return again!
    I already have a Scorpion and Snow Leopard on the cards :3 Ooh good idea – it’s going on my list har har har!

  5. Sabrina

    Wow Lel! This is cool! It’s much better than mine! Lol, you don’t need to put that it was inspired by my makeup look. Your’s is so much cooler and very different.

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