New Sunny Bunny Holidays Collection Released.

There are various ways in which you can describe this store, but “kawaii” isn’t one of them.

Sunny Bunny is always going to be one of those stores where you either hate or love it – or in between. Some may say that it is a little “out there”, but I think that is what’s so refreshing about Sunny Bunny. Okay, so not all of us would go walking down the street in such gear, but at least you can appreciate the unique-ness of it.

The headset isn’t as great as Killah’s as to me it appears to be very fake and plastic. From the shark to the doll, the bags are just adorable. It is possible just to use the Bouquet as a suite decoration, instead of an item you would usually place together with an outfit. The shoes are pretty funky, yet in contrast with all the other items they probably seem the most wearable of them all. I think it’s hilarious that we al might have a giant squirrel attached onto our doll’s heads.

This time round, the SUnny Bunny wig is actually placed in our Beauty Parlor. Therefore, the hairstyle will actually appear on our avatar for a change and not just in our suite.

My bad attempt.

The sad thing about it is the exact placement of the wig. It does not quite snag onto the face-shape properly and you do not want to end up facing a doll with a balloon shaped head. We’ll be seeing a lot of interesting hairstyles, as I’m sure people are already out there creating extensions in StarDesign.

The Eye Makeuo is something quite unusual and I foresee it being a little challenging incorporating into several kinds of make-up looks.

The green stripe really adds something to a blended look.

As members are becoming frustrated with the release of LE, I doubt a lot of purchases will be made throughout the day. However, the entire collection has not appeared in the spoilers so assuming that it will be released today is a little much. Until the all the spoilers have been released by Stardoll then we can all speculate, but by now I think it’s a little too premature. Unless this collection is going to be only two floors.

Is that an LE? Miss Sporty motorcycle and a re-vamp of an old Avril Lavigne dress.


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  1. Hey i’m on stardoll my name is kasaine

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