New Chanel Holiday Tribute 2011 Released in Starplaza

UPDATE: Store has now been released.

I placed 2011 within the title as there has been a previous Chanel tribute. I believe it was actually the first ever tribute.

A store has not yet appeared and the clothes can only be viewed from the New section within Starplaza. I hope there is more to be revealed soon.

If you have purchased any items, you can see that it will arrive in your Suite within Holiday Tribute bags.

Have a good day folks!



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3 responses to “New Chanel Holiday Tribute 2011 Released in Starplaza

  1. You know what’s weird. I purchased a belt from this collection, the Mroon one. And it never arrived in my suite. I think it may be a glitch since the store hasn’t been released yet….

  2. Yeah there was a glitch with the accessories, but I was told that it was fixed right now. However they say the items have been removed from Starplaza, I think that’s probably down to fixing the glitch.

  3. HayleyB**

    I could see the items before, but now they have gone. One girl had multiple items of each in her suite! Hope it opens soon, I am bursting to buy 🙂