Chanel Holiday Tribute Store Released.

After being released without a store to hold them, disappearing from Starplaza altogether and an accessory glitch we finally have our Chanel Holiday Tribute Store.

The designs were taken from the Chanel Fall-Winter Collection 2011/12. If you are interested in viewing the real life versions then visit the Official Chanel website here:,59

(Numbers 5, 23, 30, 37, 62, 59, 43,33, 47, 42, 71, 73 and 15)

Last night I was looking through club discussions, observing people’s reactions to the Chanel Tribute. I came across a few comments upon “lazy”/”messy” graphics. They were referring to the Cloud Crossover Minidress, in which if you look closely you can see slashes of various shades of grey. However, I believe that Stardoll intended to do so.

Image of the right is from No. 55

I think that some outfits within the store are lacking, in comparison to other stand-outs. Normally we tend to view the dresses or long skirts as the biggest showstoppers in the majority of Tribute Stores, however I feel myself being drawn more towards the accessories. The handbags are gorgeous. They’re not so big that they’ll take up your entire outfit, but small enough that they’ll add a slight ounce of character to your doll.

On the first floor to the farthest right – that outfit does not seem to combine together with the remaining mannequins. It’s not terrible, but I don’t feel it fits in with the theme. The cardigans were a bit of a let down, but I bet with a little layering or addition of some killer accessories it could turn things the other way round.

My favourite items are the White Perforated Belt (10 Stardollars), White Tulle Ruffle Skirt (24 Stardollars), White Collared Blouse (20 Stardollars) and Gold Cuff Bracelets. It’s a Holiday Tribute, so I don’t think the prices were doing to be dropped or raised significantly, but the majority of items are very versatile so I would think of it as an investment in your dolly’s wardrobe.


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