1 Stardollar Grey Linen Skirt.

Before I was going to sign out for the night, I thought I might pay a trip to Starplaza. I know free item and glitch blogs update daily, but here’s just something found a few minutes ago. Whether or not this is old I clearly have no idea – as I’m out with the times. If someone would be willing to correct me then that would be splendid.  UPDATE: Thank you to Faith. Previously the skirt was 10 Starcoins a short time ago, however it has now been fixed to 1 Stardollar.

It’s just one single stardollar, so I thought “Why not?”. Sadly it is not available for non-superstars.

It can be found in the first page of the Stardoll store within Starplaza.



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4 responses to “1 Stardollar Grey Linen Skirt.

  1. yeah at first the glitch was only 10 starcoins but they later changed it to 1 stardollar! it’s a good thing I got to it before my superstar membership ran out or else i wouldn’t have gotten it! Thanks!

  2. Thank you very much for the info Faith! Once I get back on the laptop I’ll correct the post. It’s okay xD Happens all the time – I deleted your re-post for you 🙂

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