I’ve won National Covergirl.

I noticed all the notification when I logged in this evening – eventually realising the Guestbook numbers over triple figures. Almost like magic the Covergirl and National Covergirl slideshow suddenly appeared.

Okay I’m using exaggeration. I wasn’t even going to switch on my laptop this evening due to an English assignment. Thank you to all those who voted yesterday, and my deepest apologies to any British member who spent money on broadcast yesterday or was campaigning – who probably deserved this more than I ever will. I have expressed my views on “Once is enough”, however writing a post on the Starblog does bring in quite a hefty load of visitors. Both unfair and if ever, that’s what makes it appealing to others.

My ideal of returning votes is not working in my favour and so to those who I was having a lovely conversation with the previous night, apologies it may take a little longer.



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6 responses to “I’ve won National Covergirl.

  1. Lexi

    OMG! I am very happy for you.

  2. Sabrina

    Congratulations Lel!

  3. Oh Lelly bug! I am so happy for you! I wish to be National cover girl! Hehe. I just want to say that you are awesome and you are so creative thats why you one! You are awesome lel! 🙂
    -Dreamy.pink (stardoll username.!)

  4. Skittleskiss

    Congrats, Lel. I would have posted that in your guestbook, but ‘ya know, I’m not British :]

  5. @Skittlekiss

    Thank you haha xD May I ask what happened to your Medoll and presentation – it’s suddenly all vanished!

  6. skittleksiss

    Oh, I got hacked by my little sister. She was mad at me.

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