New Youtube Video: Stardoll Scarlett Johansson & Taylor Swift Inspired Make-up

My original intention was to create something along the lines of The Three Blonde Bombshells – including the legendary Marilyn Monroe. I think there should be more to her inspired looks on Stardoll than just to a fake mole near the lips, red lips and peroxide blond hair. I’ve got another tutorial planned and it didn’t help that with Miss Swift’s look I coloured her hair brown.

As we step away from the Halloween tutorials, I thought it was best we try something a lot simpler and down to earth. Both of their looks are very simple, close to the lash line and require only a small amount of skill to complete. I have explained my dislike of creating celebrity inspired tutorials as on occasions the “inspired” part of the tutorial is lost and soon you are faced with frantic fan girls swearing at you “DAT LUKS NUFFING LYK TAYLOR!!11!!! UUU BISHHHH” and so forth. You provide a face that serves the basis of the tutorial so people can recognise that it’s based on a celebrity, not to exactly replicate the look of the particular celebrity.

It’s been a hard day’s work. I hope you have enjoyed the tutorials and posts of today. Thanks a bunch for hitting the 1,500 subscriber mark on Youtube! One girl is very thankful for all your wonderful support, lovely comments and constructive criticism.

Night night!



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9 responses to “New Youtube Video: Stardoll Scarlett Johansson & Taylor Swift Inspired Make-up

  1. Hello, Thank you! I’m glad you like it.

  2. sweetsugar289 stardoll

    i love it but maby taylor’s hair could be lighet brown or ashy blonde if it didnt go with the look will try this!

  3. @Sweetsugar289

    I didn’t have the right dye for it – which really annoyed me during recordings – so I had to resort into highlighting it. Glad you like it (:

  4. laserminlonnor

    It looks really good and on BBC News, there was a section about two panda’s who were being sent from China to Scotland; They were soo cute! However, it is so expensive, £700,000 per year EACH!!! They are keeping them in Scotland for 10 years. That would be fourteen million pounds altogether! :0 Sorry – Off topic a bit!

  5. sweetsugar289 stardoll

    ohhhhhh but she had that colour hair in her music video for mean and if i added burgundy and not gold i could make it that 🙂

  6. @laserminlonnor

    Yay I’ve been keeping newspaper clippings ever since the news was released in January. They’ve been putting off the arrival of the two for ages – although there was a scandal this summer at Edinburgh Zoo. They’re bamboo digesting machines! I read somewhere it takes £10,000 worth to feed a panda per (perhaps week). I’ve visited the zoo before. I’m going to travel there with my friends – the enclosure and merchandise will be awesome. I’m finally going to live in a country that holds a Giant Panda xD It won’t be the same as seeing them in China, and their enclosure doesn’t seem so welcoming, but it’s better than no pandas at all. They’re names translate into Sunny and Sweetie (sweetheart) – It’s so adorable I could scream :3

  7. LaserminLonnor

    I think it was £70,000 for a year just for bamboo; they have some serious eating habits! You live in Scotland? Sorry but I thought you lived somewhere in England, I was a bit judgemental; I apologise. Either way it is good having a panda, I love pandas too, as well as polar bears and rabbits! 🙂

  8. adrianna

    Wow, girl, good job you’ve done here 😉

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