Stardoll DIY StarDesign Jewellery Hair – Quick Fringe/Bangs Tutorial

Title – What we call “fringes” in the UK, people across the Atlantic pond may call them “bangs”.

I was just looking around the Official Royalty Club tutorial, and I noticed a significant amount of users had hairstyles that I had never seen before. On closer inspection they had all creatively made their own hairstyles from the Charms in StarDesign. I thought I would have a quick experiment, so here’s a very quick and simple way of having a fringe on your Medoll (Without the use of Sunny Bunny’s Wig – It wouldn’t appear on your avatar).

You can actually choose any type of jewellery, but I prefer the plain hairband as it gives a nice foundation to the actual fringe. Almost like a template. It is possible to use any colour, but today I am going to use Black – which will be explained in the next step.

To create the fringe I am using the feathers highlighted above. Now, these feathers have a black tinge at the end. If I were to use another colour, like say red, it would not seem “hair-like” as it would be multi-coloured. Unless that is the look you are going for. In this case we’re going to try to make this look as “natural” and simple as possible.

Drag your feathers around to the hairband and colour in your chosen shade.

Tip: To save yourself some time, keep the feather highlighted in your chosen colour (click your mouse on it until the pink box appears) and then click on a new feather. It’s just like StarDesign – it will automatically appear in the same colour and size as the original feather.

Keep repeating this process until your hairband is full with feather. I tried this several times and it came to around 10-15 Stardollars. It depends on how well you place your feathers and what size you use, in order to fill the space.

To create a more textured fringe

If you think your plain black fringe lacks something, then it’s a simple process of shading.

Build your fringe up into layers. One of your chosen colour, then one of the second-lightest shade from your chosen colour. So in this case I chose Black and in the second layer I coloured the feathers grey. You can see within the colour circle – just click the one above your chosen colour. When using these feathers try not to make the gap between the two layers too large or too small – there is a black tinge to the end. This may not work well with other colours beside black.

Cheaper Alternative

If you are not prepared to spend quite a large amount on a fringe or are strapped for coins, just make the feathers larger in size, so that they will fill up more space individually.

You can experiment around in StarDesign and create an entire hairstyle out of charms. It’s quite simple and easy to get to grips with, but if you are deciding on creating an extravagant style it maybe quite costly at the check-out.

Have fun and I hope you enjoyed reading this short tutorial.

Hopefully today a Youtube video will be posted – still in the works.



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11 responses to “Stardoll DIY StarDesign Jewellery Hair – Quick Fringe/Bangs Tutorial

  1. It doesn’t even look realistic to be honest…
    I can still create better extensions then that
    Maybe take your time? just thinking….

  2. Okay… And good for you…? Maybe you should post it on your own blog for others to view.
    There’s no need to add “thinking” and “to be honest” – if you want to brutally honest then just say so. Goodness sake.

  3. Clary

    I like them

    I cant do them at alll, so this is a good help!

  4. Lauren Smith

    they’re brilliant I had no clue at all how to do do them so thanks!

  5. @Clary

    Good luck with your Stardesigning! I found a lot of difficulties just with one fringe, I cannot imagine what creating an entire hairstyle would be like.

  6. @Lauren

    Thanks Lauren, glad to hear you took something from this 🙂

  7. seasonalhotbuys

    If I was too I’d probably actually teach stardollian’s how too make successful jewelry design and not some sloppy tutorial that they made in less then 2. I didn’t wanna be “brutally honest” because its the same exact thing as “To be honest” Lol…

  8. You honestly lack manners. Well at least I have done something with my sloppy tutorials, I doubt you could say the same. I wouldn’t comment on someone’s work if you don’t even know a single thing about it.
    I don’t know what’s your problem, but it appears to be you need some form of attitude revamp. That was totally uncalled for. If you want to bring people down and go around making yourself as the superior, then go and well make your own blog and do something more useful with your time. You say that, but honestly I don’t see you having any guts to actually go and do it. All talk… Lol.

    Tutorial in 2 hours? I wish. I don’t even see why you’re here commenting on my blog which is full to the brim of “sloppy” tutorials and posts. There was no need for the …. And “thinking” – usually you say it straight out. You missed the point … Lol. I wouldn’t even bother replying to this.

  9. @Seasonalhotbuy

    Nevermind that I thought you were referring to make-up tutorials. This was a one off thing. If it’s sloppy then so be it. I’m sure you have better things to do with your time.

  10. aliceizzy454

    I made the 6000starpoint hair and the starpoint hair you have at the moment Lel. That is currently not bought yet though.

  11. Hi 🙂 Unfortunately my ss ran out a few days ago. I dont think ill get superstar till next year – which is unlucky 😦 Has anybody got any guides to like.. creating designs on SJ?